Legacies - A Human/Vampire Life Simulation WIP (announcement)

Welcome to Legacies!
“Inspired by other life simulation games, Legacies pulls you into an intriguing mechanic game play experience not previously seen in ChoiceScript history.
Vampires and humans are learning to co-exist, some more than others. While hate crimes still terrorize America, you must find your place amidst the chaos. Will you be human with the knowledge that monsters live in this dangerous world of folklore and you are their prey?
Will you be vampire, whether turned or pure-blooded? Or will you be born a Halfling, forever condemned to live between the human world and the vampire, scolded by your undead kindred?
Might you find love or lust on your journey? Perhaps you will find a fulfilling career that consumes your time.
More importantly, who will continue your legacy after you’re gone? Or will you roam this world eternally, forever in debt to the vampire Counsel that granted you favor?”

Our merry band of three is ecstatic to announce the WIP of our life simulation! @Zenesy, @Nahim_Kerman, and I cannot wait for you to try it out! This is the unfinished version. We have many more additions to come! Please keep in mind that this is a life simulation and not a novel.

This is our announcement post! Our game is located in the adult section due to some of its mildly mature nature. It does not contain explicit descriptions but does allude to some suggestive themes. Please check us out! There’s a lot more info on our official page!

You can find us by using the search engine. You may be asked if you want to view adult content, so just say yes or whatever prompts you get. I don’t know if I am allowed to link the actual game in this area, outside of the adult section. In order to access the game, you must join the Adult Readers group.


Well done announcement post.


Join the Adult Category and you’ll see it in the thread list then.

Edit 2: I show you are – so you have access to the category.


Can you post a link I can’t find it

co-exist with vampires sounds terrifying i don’t think i could ever trust vampires.


I don’t think I am allowed to post the link here if it contains mature content.


Haha…that’s a wise thought. Perhaps you’d have to be a vampire yourself in order to not be someone else’s prey.


I would be just a normal guy who has barricaded his house up and hiding in the corner with a shotgun.


Haha! That’s fantastic. The option is available to you to be human. You might even be able to participate in vampire hate crimes in later updates. :wink:


I always love having the option to be evil adds so much replay value.


Sounds interesting I can’t wait to play :grin:


I like the sound of this!

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I’m unable to find the demo in the adult section

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Me too, I wasn’t able to find it in the Adult section. I found it with the search engine though.


I cant find it

Oh, thanks for the information

Here is the link to the adult section. I don’t think I’m allowed to link the game… https://forum.choiceofgames.com/c/adult-content/user-games/61

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It dosent exist or it is private

Can you try searching for it? Are you able to see other adult content?

I can see it, if that helps

In order to access the game, you must join the Adult Readers group.