Last Chance Quarterback

The extra clock decision after every play is too much, just slows the game down. Maybe only do that in the 2nd/4th quarters? Aside from that, I love the new archetypes, and thanks for the skip option on training

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@AgentV would you please consider adding a save feature to this game? While I do like the game, progress is painful given the fact that you have to go through entire games of football. The farthest I came, was the third game before I had to close my tabs. I would appreciate a save feature very much, especially if we will have to go through an entire season.


I’ll see what I can do as far as that goes.

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Tried adding one similar to what I did with Super Star Soccer Striker. The game should save between games now.

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Played 7 weeks, went 7-0, then got caught in a loop where I kept having pain issues and choosing to sit out a week. Happened 3 times in a row.

Rushing TDs aren’t being counted

I had a 2nd and 12, the RB ran it, and suddenly we were 3rd and 53.

I also had a 2nd and 53, where I was sacked for 5 yards on a first and 10, no clue where the extra 38 yards of penalties came from.

I later had a clipping penalty put me 2nd and goal from the 31 after what had been a successful play.

I suspect penalty yards aren’t being applied correctly.

The Monsters were the “Mosters” in game logs.

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Thanks for pointing those out. Gonna have to check the code over the next couple of day.

Great story, but 2 problems, you got to add a save file, because this a long demo, I had it on during my college classes, and when i had to text my ride, i was off for less than 10 seconds, it refeshed and my 11 win undefeated season is gone, also their was a problem where when you got the problem from withindrawl, i went through it wothout getting anymore, talked to the Team Doctor, but it restarted it, so i had to take pills to progress to the next game


Really outta clean up the text with useage of He/She/They etc.

Typos 2

Not to mention, playing as a she, yet being called he/him.

I’m gonna do a second proofread of my use of pronouns.

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Should have stuff more undated at this point.

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This game will be released tomorrow! The demo is now available to play here: Last Chance Quarterback