Last Chance Quarterback—Make the most of your last chance at glory

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After a career where you’ve achieved everything but a championship, you have one last chance. However, the strongest team ever is led by your biggest rival, who is also great greatest player of all time. Can you finally overcome the biggest hurdle in your career?

Last Chance Quarterback is a 115,000-word interactive novel by Chris Viola, author of Super Star Soccer Striker. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Choose your play style, your personality, and even your team.

  • Play as male like the rest of the league or be the sport’s first female or nonbinary star.
  • Romance a partner of your choice.
  • Choose how you present yourself to your family, the media, and your teammates, developing a full personality.
  • Feel the highs and lows of having to rival the greatest player of all time.
  • Choose between being a team-first player to increase your chances of victory or boosting your own reputation by increasing your career stats.
  • Choose between playing as a powerhouse who can make the big throw, a precise and consistent player, a quick-thinking leader, a shifty fast-on-your-feet scrambler, and more.

The team’s fate rests on your shoulders. Can you handle the pressure?

Last Chance Quarterback is 40% off until August 10th!

Chris developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


No way, impossible.



^^^ I’m so confused! :rofl: Are those good reactions or naw??

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So what am I missing? Was the Soccer game bad or something??

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Okay. Nobody else is going to say it, so I guess I will. What a mess. But hear me out bc this is constructive criticism. For starters, this game appears to have not been tested by anybody before its release. And I’m truly disappointed with that. Surely there are people at HG and COG who are responsible for beta-testing games before they are released for purchase. But this one somehow seems to have fallen through the cracks.

Let’s start with the positives. Honestly, I really enjoyed playing the football games. I found the game mechanics to be very exciting. However, there’s a lot going on here that really took away from the experience. The first is just that there appear to be a lot of coding errors happening throughout. For example, the opposing team would sometimes receive a penalty, and then my team would lose yardage. Also, the stats appear to have very little impact on what happens. It feels more like a roll of the dice. My biggest pet peeve would be when the running back would just go running off with the ball and lose yardage for our team when we are in the middle of a play. That’s just not even realistic. And this happens A LOT. Even in the championship game, both teams were tied. And I was like, “Okay. We are going into OT!” But we didn’t. There were just 2 more mins put on the clock, and my team got to keep playing the rest of the quarter, even tho we had just scored. It was very odd.

Now, for the negatives of this game. There is no story here. And that is extremely unfortunate because there could be. Instead, what you end up with is several mini-subplots that genuinely go nowhere. The biggest one is the MC’s drug addiction. At the start of the story, this is really built up. But there is no meter to measure “how addicted” you are becoming to the pills. My character’s story got pulled into a huge presser and accused of addiction, denied it, and got caught lying. But there wasn’t any significant negative consequence to this action. In fact, after that scene, the addiction is never mentioned again.

Then, there was this argument that you walk in on between your RO and your family. It seems to be pretty intense. But where did this argument come from? There was no tension over dinner in previous scenes. And then again, this story is dropped, and you never hear about this again. Additionally, there is very little to no interaction between the MC and the coach or your teammates. Even tho there are stat bars for these relationships.

And again, I’m going to call out coding errors here. Because when you go to half-time during games, there are cutaways locker room scenes. However, these appear to be just randomly generated text. Throughout my story, our coach had five heart attacks during half-time – all with the same dialogue. And then, after almost every football game, there is a random text box about a blog that pops up. This does appear in the story, but it appears before you know what it is talking about and multiple times after this event occurs.

Overall, this HG genuinely had a lot of potential. I wish that the creator had worked with an author to create a real story here. Because I can see that there are elements of one, but this is not it. Football is a game of soul and passion. There are diehard fans for almost every team that exists. Speaking of, don’t get me started on the team names in this game. Cats vs. Dogs?! Really?!

Anyhow, this game would be greatly improved just by correcting the coding errors in it. But I do wish that someone would work with this creator to create a real story here. Again, the ideas are there. I can see them. There’s a lot of true potential. But ultimately, this is just a dice-rolling game where you play football games attempting to win.


There aren’t. For CoG and Heart’s Choice games, the managing editor and other staff coordinate the beta, but the testers are volunteers from this forum. For HG games, all that’s required is that they be made available on this forum to be played and commented on by people here before being submitted for publication. As long as a game meets the minimum word count, is in passably readable English, doesn’t violate anyone else’s intellectual property rights, and is free of grossly offensive content and game-breaking bugs, they will publish it. Last Chance Quarterback actually has two beta testers named in the credits. I don’t know what their feedback was like. I don’t know how well the author applied what feedback he was given. It’s true that the more popular games regularly get dozens of credited testers, while games like this fall through the cracks, as you say. But it fell through the cracks here. CoG and HG staff put it through the same publication process as every other HG release.


I see. Good to know. I get emails about beta-testing, but I just always assume I’d never get selected to do it. I know the team here works hard to give us good stuff, and usually, I’m really happy with my purchases. This was just a disappointment because it actually could have been very good. The ideas are there, but the execution was poor. But shout out to everyone who works so hard on everything in the community. It does keep me entertained. And I still was entertained by this. Minus the huge glaring coding mistakes. :sweat_smile:


Just to provide some clarity, I played the demo many times throughout development (you’ll see a lot of feedback from me in the WIP thread), and noticed and reported a great deal of bugs, though was not an “official” beta tester on the finished product. There were so many situations and random events that a lot of bugs, even once discovered, were difficult to recreate. It’s entirely possible that beta testers played through once, didn’t encounter the specific combinations that created errors, and they slipped through. Games like this are harder to bug hunt for than the more narrative driven ones.

I found this game underwhelming, but I do want to say that while his work needs work, he is slowly improving. I enjoyed this more than the soccer game, even if just a little.


Someone replied to my post above asking if I was mentioned in the credits, which I was. I don’t know who asked me, as the reply was deleted, but I figured I’d answer it anyways. I was offered this mention for my feedback in the WIP thread, even though I never played the finished product.

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You mean your coaches don’t normally suffer heart attacks every two minutes? Man, your country must have excellent healthcare.

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It would’ve been really funny if he called this one like football star or something ambiguous like that and then just made another soccer game

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