Anybody thinking of any new Choice of Games?


Hello everyone,

Anyone thinking of any new Choice of Games? I am curious to see if there would be any new Choice of Games that has some sort of sport theme. I imagine something like “A Football Legend.” Becoming a football legend, you need to go through the rigorous path of both on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch. You can play as a forward, a midfielder, a defender, or a goalkeeper. Also, there will be different styles such as a poacher, a playmaker, a winger, a sweeper, a goal stopper, etc. Now, that would interesting; however, I am not confident enough since I am not that knowledgable about football, and I am working on making an original VN and creating an indie RPG. Though, I do know more about wrestling (Folkstyle mind you). Simply, it is something I have been thinking about. I am curious as to what other choice of games everyone is thinking about.

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Well Choice Of “Something” is a copyright of “Choice of Games.” I mean, you can’t just make a game yourself and submit it as “Choice of Awesome” unless they ask you to, or decide that it’s good enough to go under their “label.”

But maybe your question is actually towards established writers working for CoG? In that case I have no idea beyond their “upcoming projects” threads.

If I could name my Tavern game I would call it “Choice of the Tavernkeeper” or something like that :slight_smile:


I see thanks,

I am still rather new to this, and I have seen some other engines that says you can use it but not sell it. Perhaps I should have put this discussion on the off-topic tread lol. I was only curious. Thank you for reply.

~The Domino that Ripples~


I’m hoping that someone makes a game where you can be a super villain with a generic powerset (super strength, speed, flight etc) so it’s much easier to write but also give you freedom to use different powers. I’d make it myself but I’m honestly a terrible writer and wouldn’t know where to start.


Well, it all actually depends on your personal taste of games. I personally play a new great MOBA game called Wind of Luck. I enjoy dynamic ship battles on the sea, pirates and fighting with cannons there, quite an amazing experience for me. If you like anything related you might try it :slight_smile: