Land of 3 classes?


I tried playing it several times, but its so confusing. Seems like a good game that tests your knowledge, but im pretty much lost.


Yeah I saw the word puzzle & I said no ._. The only puzzles I’m good at are Zelda…


i agree i think all the other games from choice are much more entertaining.


They aren’t from choice! They are published by them but were not created internally! The three most recent games are user-created games, so if it wasn’t what you’ve come to expect then that explains why!


Is Land of the 3 classes or class as it said when you first started the game, i’m not sure if that was a typo or the accual name, err was it made with choicescript because there were plenty of pictures in there…


I personally didn’t like this game. For one, there were too many typos. It’s like the creator went through it once after he finished only to make sure the choices worked— not that the typos were fixed. Now, i didn’t get very far in this game, andi dont really remember the storyline too well, but i know it was a bit confusing.


@Death yes, it was made with ChoiceScript, all of those are made with it. There’s a command in ChoiceScript (*image) to add images to your game.


Alex, notice that this was made BEFORE the *image update. If it existed, it was only known by the choicescript developers.
Am I correct about this?


@Daisuke, nevermind then, I don’t know the history of ChoiceScript; I didn’t really think of that.


@CommunistSam and @GoldenFantom You may enjoy one of the newer hosted games :3 It’s called Way Walkers: University (here’s the forum: It’s a great fantasy adventure, with a complex plot and a number of amazing characters. Plus, there’s a bunch of beautiful illustrations :slight_smile: