Kyle Marquis' sale

I received an email that Kyle Marquis’ books were on sale but when I pull them up I’m still getting normal prices. The one I’m especially interested in is Silverwood. Does anyone else get the sale price?

What platform?

I snooped around and the only platform that’s having a sale of Mr. Marquis’ entire library (rather than simply Pon Para) is Steam:


There was an issue with our update to the omnibus, but it’s fixed now…and it should be on sale on Google Play.


To someone who hasn’t read any of mr. Marquis’ work yet, what are the must-haves?

Unfortunately it still doesn’t appear to be fixed for Google Play. When I launch the app, the “buy it now” price is still set at $4.99. I reinstalled the app but that didn’t fix it either. A paid version doesn’t appear in the store, so the only way to buy the game is within the game, and that’s where the sale price may not be updated.

The current sale prices I have on Google Play, looking on the developer console are

Empyrean: 3.99 USD (Usually 5.99)
Silverworld: 4.99 USD (Usually 6.99)
Tower Behind the Moon: 4.99 USD (Usually 6.99)

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Oh ok, I didn’t realize they were so expensive normally. Most of the books you have are $4-5 so I figured that was the normal price for these books and not the sale price