NEW RELEASE: Empyrean by Kyle Marquis

Our latest release, Empyrean, will be out later this week. Check out the author interview with Kyle Marquis and the trailer!


Welp looks like I’m disappearing on Thursday


Holy shit. Might as well make the “Missing” poster for myself right now…


Looks like Christmas came early this year…

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Um, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its “skies” not “sky’s” …
Runs away to her well-used corner

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@moonwalkerdragon, uh no. Its sky’s in that context. Its saying the sky as a whole is the limit. It is another way of saying the sky is the limit. That’s why there is an apostrophe.



So many good things coming out on my birthday…

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oh neat :slight_smile: might grab it when it drops then :slight_smile: We’ve had a lot of surprise releases this year, so it’s nice to see one with an expected date, rather than “we anticipated this to be released in three months, but apple and google just posted them so here!” LOL

I…don’t think they can control that.

duuuude you should really be careful not to word things in a way that might come off as passive aggressive. That’s the second time in this thread you’ve almost-rudely corrected someone. I know they can’t control it. All I said was it was a nice change to be able to anticipate something instead of having it be released at random, due to how google/apple works.

I know full well it’s not COG’s fault if things get released early or late. It’s just nice to see google/apple working better for once.

Passive aggressive? I was completely joking in that first reply. Hence why I got a like on it.

And the second one was just an honest, but not completely confident, statement. I was literally just saying that I don’t think they have power over that. I never once questioned your knowledge on the subject. It was more of an unsure statement, is all.

Chill, mate. We’re all having fun. :smile:


Yup. I’m gonna be a hot-shot fighter ace this week, that’s for sure! :smiley:

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I understand. But intent doesn’t always come across in text format, so you should be careful. That’s all :slight_smile: No harm, no foul. Pretty sure @moonwalkerdragon isn’t a native speaker, if I remember correctly, so it might have seemed embarrassing to be corrected :slight_smile:

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Okay. I understand. Please excuse me, I’m a noob to these forums. Thank you for the kindly responding. It is appreciated.

Let’s not derail a pre-release thread, though. Back on topic, I really enjoy the concept of inheriting our wealth and becoming a pilot in the future to stop a revolution.

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Yes, I greatly look forward to the chance to play this. I’ll be checking at midnight my time to see if it’s released yet :laughing:


Sometimes the games end up on the appstore a few hours early so I’m checking hourly.


Nice interview, perhaps you could pick the brain of a few more CoG authors?


We have two more of these interviews for upcoming releases, so, yes!


Do you do these interviews only for official Choice Games :tm: or will we (eventually) see some done for Hosted Games as well?
In any case since Choice of Rebels seems to use the official label, as far as I can tell anyway, I hope you’ll interview @Havenstone.

We’ll see. I don’t know right now.