Knights Templar

Let me guess, the game with the female MC in disguise is Liberty vs. Union, right? And the one you’ve stopped playing was Path of Light?

The one I was referring to was Your One Moment(still a work in progress). And yes, Path of Light was one of the ones I couldn’t get into. I’m not even sure why its so important to me in CoG, but it is.

well, if i can ever figure out coding im planning on including a option for a disguised female character… although i will not have one for a un-disguised female character, or rather i dont think it would be very historically accurate unless the character was a nurse or something of the like…which is not the kind of story im planning on writing

Cool. And just to be clear, I can play a male gender-locked game if it is well made enough. I just prefer to play as a female.


What would make the disguised-as-male character’s choices or experiences or interactions any different than if it was genderlocked, outside any possibility of being discovered?

Romance options, response s from certain historical figures , etc

@jason_king, I was about to call you out as being a savage beast of a necromancer before I realized you were the holy blacksmith who forged this topic in the fires of… of Mustafar

Yeah…I would to do this, and possibly extend it up to around when the.order was backstabbed …but the only web connection I have is from a phone and I dont think choicescript works on here.

Wow, a year a long dead thread revived…

You can use your phone, Poison Mara can help with that.

Because, I got the actual ability for internet that