(Keyboard shortcut) Alt+Shift+number only works in Firefox

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I recently found out that ChoiceScript has inbuilt keyboard controls, at least for the Next button and for choice prompts.

So, I went and tested the shortcuts on Chrome, Steam, and Firefox. Alt+Shift+N works fine on all three, but for some reason, only Firefox responds to Alt+Shift+number and highlights the option as it should. It also doesn’t work with numpad keys regardless of platform, only numerals above letters.

Is the feature no longer supported on Chrome/Steam, or is this just a bug on my end?

Edit: I use Windows, so I don’t know if this is the case for Linux/Mac.

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I think that Alt+Shift+number is FF only, Alt+number works on Chrome and I use it often while replaying. I haven’t tested Steam versions yet.

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That’s good to know, thank you! I tested it on Steam/Chrome and it works as you said. Very handy for testing branches and replaying. These shortcuts are also usable on Dashingdon and CSIDE if anyone’s wondering.

In those platforms Alt+N works as an alternative to Alt+Shift+N. Firefox is the exception as neither work with just Alt. Seems like the Alt+Shift thing is unique to that browser.

Thanks once again!

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