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In the new story will the MC always be the damsel in distress?


Gonna call it now for Astrid and Leon. Thanks to everyone who participated, I’ll be posting other characters’ thoughts on each of them tomorrow!

It’s also Thalia’s nickname for Leon :joy:

I’m somewhat confused by “in the new story”—there have been very few changes to the eight chapters that were present in the final open beta, aside from to the first chapter. In the additional chapters added since the final open beta, I would also disagree that MC is a damsel in distress.

Off of the top of my head, MC is able to fight and win against hellhounds, a manticore, a hydra, a drake, a gryphon, a gorgon, a vampire, a shadow dragon, and a literal demon. They can also beat Leon and even Thalia in fights.

Is MC sometimes saved by other characters? Yes. Does MC also save other characters? Yes. There’s one scene late in the game that comes to mind where MC is rescued by their suitemates —but in that same scene they’re also able to fight off a demon and rescue another character.

MC has multiple opportunities to demonstrate their ability to fight for themselves throughout the game. While I respect that others might disagree, I don’t think they’re a perpetual damsel in distress by any means.


Asdfghjk Leon is just a huge cat walking around in the school halls. Thanks, now I can’t un-picture this.

I mean, at least you’re not directly calling him a Lion.

Aww… It’s such a cute nickname. @daydreamsincolor Petition to let the player have an option to nickname Leon “Kitty-cat”.

The re-written version of the game or the sequel? Everyone is so tense about the MC being weak, which I can understand because it might feel like the player is practically useless. But for me the game will still be fun and as enjoyable as before because of the ROs. In my opinion, good ROs can redeem a game. Some people have changed their opinions about the ROs after the re-write but I’m still a sucker for the ROs (Leon is so cute ugh).

But the 2nd book will give the MC a chance to develop their abilities and come off as somewhat useful as a keeper if the author do plan on doing that.


Regarding general speculation about MC’s power level, I would recommend waiting until the full game is released to make a determination for yourself.

In any case, MC’s actions in the first game have major effects on the world—especially regarding their possible research into the Delacroix Massacre, their possible investigation of the artifact thefts, and what they choose to happen to Reyna.

Petition request granted :grin:


Yes! Thank youimage


There were at the end of the demo still some balance issues with most of those, from what I recall off-hand. More so for certain builds. From my old beta notes, the only path where the mc is virtually sure to prevail against all of them is to focus on willpower and not be a Nephilim, Cambion or Kitsune, because the more heavily magical species get overloaded schedules.
. which, ironically makes will heavy punch mages or magician feel more powerful then some of the magical species everybody claims are powerful. From the Manticore/Hydra fight, in particular, my Nephilim mc does not feel powerful there because he always goes down in the second round, due to telekinesis or martial arts skill failure. In particular the telekinesis requirement for beating the field trip monster can only be reached by playing along with the simulator at the very beginning, which is harder to envision many characters doing with the new mind-rape opening and being in the last place they want to be now. Lacking a colossal amount of willpower the mc is also sure to be compelled by both the demon, and if playing Nephilim Secretary Monroe. Thus while willpower is the stat most likely to save the mc from being a perpetual damsel in distress it is one of the least fun to build up at present. But if it is not built up, everybody from Astrid to Reyna is able to easily mind-control the mc, except for officer Conti, it seems. :unamused: As for the demon at the end you need either very high elemental powers, which are not obtainable for a non-elemental mc or, once again willpower, or not to rescue Kol, because if the mc does rescue Kol they fight injured and cannot fly, which means they have to be “saved” by Leon and don’t contribute much to the final battle besides muttering some phrases they don’t even understand.

Only in the old opening, in the new one the mc’s powers refuse to even manifest to save their own life and Astrid does everything herself and then takes the mc, who she presumes to be powerless (in stark contrast to the old opening where the mc’s powers did manifest themselves) to be mind-raped.
The fact that in the new opening the mc’s supposed “powers” choose to “manifest” exactly at the moment they were least welcome to do so does make my mc hate and distrust them right from the start. :unamused:

In any case the new opening does let the magical world make a far worse first impression on the mc and vice-versa. Turning them from somebody with potential into a pathetic political charity case and materially also making them lose out on some of the old scholarship money, so the mc is even more materially deprived and will own nothing except for one bloody and torn set of clothes/rags they came in with, unless they befriend Astrid, which the new opening makes harder to do too. Can’t see how wearing those stinking rags for days or even weeks helps make any sort of favourable impression, particularly at the early party, where the mc’s reason for being there has now gone from being the “hero” who inadvertently saved Astrid with wild magic, to being a charity case for the young magical elite to gawp at in bloody and torn rags.

Please, add little kitty-cat then, particularly if Thalia already uses kitty-cat.

Problem is that even with the old opening my mc already didn’t like the whole Keeper thing very much on account of being scared of and absolutely not wanting to use “celestial” magic and turn into a strung-out, burned out addict. In addition being a keeper doesn’t seem to be a paying, let alone well-paying job. In fact it might be like Buffy’s vampire slaying gig where she still had to slave at “doublemeat palace” in a minimum wage job, complete with ridiculous uniform just to pay the bills. :unamused:
The new opening and being Patil’s pathetic little political charity case make my mc less, not more favourably inclined towards the whole keeper thing.
He’s not the reincarnation of Brant Delacroix and most especially does not come from wealth. Although the magical mc’s paternal or maternal families are hinted to be very wealthy the mc has never seen a dime of that wealth, due to magical dad being a complete and utter deadbeat and magical mom forgetting to include either mc or their father in her will, prior to her dying.


That’s pretty much what I was asking. Thank you for the answer. :grinning:


Keep in mind that with many character builds you cannot in fact do or “win” most of those things unless you cheat or metagame it. It is, again, most of the potential mc species the others would consider most powerful who are the most useless at doing or winning any or all of those things. Unless some things have changed in the copyedit, many paths could at least still use some balance tweaks. Because while it may be technically doable to avoid those damsel in distress situations I would venture that for most casual and first time players they won’t be and for certain character builds they won’t be either.
The new charity case and mind-rape opening also makes the mc feel less powerful and useful and in both openings the fact that the mc is completely and utterly useless and inept at everyday useful spells/magic (such as the clothes-resizing or casual drink chilling at the party) further reinforces that. And yeah, that latter part was always due to the mc not growing up in the magical world and the complete and utter negligence of their magical relatives, but it still stings. It is also the area where it is most likely going to take forever to catch-up to any of the others, so the mc will likely remain utterly useless and completely inept at “everyday useful magic” for a long, long time to come. :unamused:


Even though an hour and half late, just to wish the people on this thread a Happy New Year ( I’m a tad earlier where I’m at).


You are depressing me more and more with each of your post…


I would say that I don’t think there’s that much of a problem with us starting out weak, assuming we can grow into our full power over the next games.

That said, I do think the new start does paint Astrid (and to a lesser extent, everyone else) in a far more negative light. Instead of being introduced as “Hey, you’re awesome! I’m going to take you to an awesome place where we can be awesome together!” her first impression is now “Oh God, a witness. Welp, better dispose of them.” and this applies to the whole magical world, too. Now, this needn’t necessarily be a bad thing. There could be themes about the secrecy and whether it’s justified (due to hunters, for example) or too overenthusiastic (mind-wiping literally everyone they can), and it could certainly give the MC an actual reason to hate the magical world and want to join the hunters (although I don’t recall if this was ever actually given as a potential reason).


That’s going a bit far in the opposite direction. My mc still wouldn’t turn into someone who’d hunt innocent kids to get his jollies off. :unamused: The only exception to that might his deadbeat of a magical dad, as he really hates that guy now! :rage: Given the whole Altair arc at the end and how much hay is made of even attempting to mind-wipe a person, it would be nice if anybody at least apologised to the mc. At the moment they don’t. Unlike the old opening we also don’t get a decent scholarship and get turned into a pathetic political charity case, again possibly against our will, instead. :unamused:

Also, like somebody else said during the beta, even if the mc does hate the magical world, joining the hunters makes little sense. As in that case we’d presumably want to get the heck out of the magical world. Not be dragged deeper into it anyway by those violent hunter lunatics.

And she only does this because in the new opening the mc’s magical powers don’t even bother to “manifest” themselves to literally save our own lives. They don’t even have to end up defeating the Gorgon with wild magic for us, like in the old opening. But them at least manifesting when the mc’s life was actually in danger would have been nice and would presumably still have stopped Astrid from taking the mc to get mind-raped.
In any case, my mc in the new opening starts out hating his own feeble powers. I mean if they couldn’t bother to manifest to literally save our lives or any time before the exact moment they were least welcome to show up. “I mean how worthwhile could they possibly be, right?”

Not receiving that extra bit of scholarship money also does make the mc more deprived as will the fact that Astrid can apparently quite easily compel an mc she doesn’t like to give her back her monetary advance.
Astrid not liking the mc also means you cannot borrow clothes from Leon (as the fact that my mc could probably manage without the resizing spell is not accounted for in the code). Which leads neatly into the fact that my mc is not going to a posh party in bloody and torn rags, I mean the first impression that sends…:unamused: Especially when the reason for the mc being there has changed from being “you’ve defeated your first gorgon and saved Astrid, cool” to “You were the muggle damsel in distress Astrid had to save from a gorgon and the whole young magical elite wants to gawp at you”. :unamused:
Really hope there is an option to skip that whole party in the release version now.

I didn’t get further playing than that with the new prologue during the beta, but it does indeed make nearly everything potentially much worse for the mc. Particularly in the early game. But then you only get to make first impressions once. With the way they are going after the new demo my mc really doesn’t want to be a part of that whole keeper mess. As even with the old opening he was already very wary of celestial magic and didn’t want to turn into a strung-out addict. Needless to say the new opening and our much lesser status in the magical world only amplify those sentiments.


Happy New Year, everyone! :partying_face:

What other characters have to say about Astrid

Altair - “She’s my sister, and I love her…But she can be a bit much.”
Cressida - “Asta’s great. Most of the time.”
Cyrus - “She definitely has a temper.”
Katia - “I haven’t met her, but she seems really sweet!”
Kol - “Astrid’s heart is in the right place.”
Leon - “She likes to argue. It’s both entertaining and annoying.”
Seraphina - “She needs to learn how to control herself.”
Thalia - “Blondie’s fun to be around. She keeps things exciting.”
Yakov - “She tries to be kind to people, even if her attempts don’t always work out.”

What other characters have to say about Leon

Altair - “He’s nice enough, although his and Astrid’s constant arguments can get annoying."
Astrid - “He’s incredibly arrogant and always looking to pick a fight.”
Cressida - “Leon can be very entertaining.”
Cyrus - “He’s good to hang out with and complain about other people with.”
Katia - “I’ve never met him, but he seems nice.”
Kol - “Leon is definitely…something. If he could learn to stop talking, our in-dorm peace would benefit from it.”
Seraphina - “He usually has good intentions…no matter how misdirected its attempts.”
Thalia - “He’s a spoiled brat, and easy to bother—but overall a great guy to be around.”
Yakov - ”He’s a good person, albeit overly proud.”


Thalia: Not yet, but give me time… :smirk::hocho:

Katia: Who are these people you keep asking me about?! :sob:

Leon: I am not secretly in love with her! :angry:

Astrid: I am not secretly in love with him! :angry:


My MC in the background:Hoping that it is not true. MC’s heart tear a little.

It is true that they bicker a lot. T-T


Katia is so sweet and pure. She always assumes the best.

Pfft, funny how Leon is more amused while Astrid is straight-on annoyed.

So basically they talk shit about other people together?

Cyrus and Leon, spilling the tea behind everyone’s backs.

Translation: “I wish that he would shut up.”

o m i n o u s

G O O D. Because I won’t let you get the chance.

Great! Back off from my man :—)


Couple Tumblr shorts for fans of the Monroe twins below!

Cressida angst short

“Does it hurt to do that?”

“To do what?” She laughs, a sound that rings pleasant to the ears, as she slips on her second heel. “Smile?”

“To lie.” You stare at her hard but she just smiles, amused. “What is it, Cressy? Just—just tell me what’s wrong.”

You try very hard not to sound pleading—this is a demand, not a request. An ultimatum, if it should come to that.

“Nothing’s wrong, MC.” She brushes her fingers through your hair, and maybe in another place it could be a gesture of comfort, but you know she just wants it to lie flat.

You laugh, but it’s not full like hers. You’re done pretending. “You lie so easily. It’s like it means nothing to you.”

Cressida rolls her eyes. “Oh, don’t be like that.”

“Like what?”

She ignores you, touching up her lipstick before shoving the tube in her clutch. “The car will be here in five minutes. If you’re not going to smile, don’t come at all.”

You scoff. “You’ll find other arm candy, I’m sure.”

Cressida doesn’t look back. “You said it, not me.”

Cressida fluff short

Cressida smashes her hand on her phone until the ringing stops, and thinks it’s gone to voicemail until she hears them say her name.

“MC?” Her voice is bleary. “Why are you calling me? It’s the middle of the night.”

“I know what time it is,” they whine. “That’s the problem!”

Well, it’s good they realize that.

She would roll her eyes if she had the force of will required to. “Goodnight, MC.”

“No—Wait. It’s New Year’s.”

So they can manage to read a calendar as well as a clock. Good for them.

“I’m hanging up if you don’t tell me why you called.” Or maybe she’d go back to sleep before she could bother hanging up.

MC doesn’t say anything, and she thinks for a minute that they’ve hung up. “…I didn’t give you a midnight kiss.”


“I forgot to!”

She has to laugh, because it’s so silly but so MC. “Just kiss me tomorrow, stupid.”

“Mm. Okay.” They yawn. “Love you, Cressy.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She’s glad they can’t see her expression right now. “Go to sleep.”

Cyrus angst short

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” you confess, quietly, as if the louder they’re spoken the truer the words will ring.

“You don’t have to,” he says, with more tenderness than you would have thought him capable.

“Yes, I do,” you say shakily. You try to steady your breathing, to match it to his. “They’re—they’re all expecting me to—“

“Screw what they’re expecting you to do.” He says it harshly, but it’s as good as a declaration of love.

You give a pale attempt at laughter. “You know I can’t do that. They’ll never let me.”

“Say the word.”


He speaks very clearly then, despite how quiet his tone is. “Say the word and I’ll take you away from here and you won’t have to deal with what they think.”

“They’d kill you for that.”

You can see your gaze reflected back in his dark eyes—does he recognize the love and pity both?

There’s no humor to his laugh. It rings even hollower than your own. “They’ll kill me anyway. The same way they’ve killed the rest of my family.”

Cyrus fluff short

You don’t know that your crush volunteers his weekends at the animal shelter until you show up with Kol one Saturday and find Cyrus covered in phantom cat kittens.

He’s trying to bottle-feed a kitten that’s small enough to fit inside his palm, and three others have taken to climbing all over him. One has sunken its claws into his leather jacket and is perched contentedly on his shoulder. Another kneads at his jean-covered leg, and the third is trying to steal his attention away from the littlest cat.

The other volunteer clears her throat so Cyrus can be the one to help you find the rescue animal Kol is looking for on behalf of Magi Academy, before Kol has the chance to demure that he can find it himself.

In any case, the other volunteer leaves and Kol goes off to find the rescue phoenix and you are left in a room with Cyrus and four devious phantom cat kittens desperate for attention.

You say the first thing that comes to mind, “You didn’t mention you worked here.”

“It didn’t come up,” he says shortly, setting down the littlest one and detaching the other cats from himself before standing. “Did you need something?”

“No, I was just helping Kol.” You hear a soft meow come from by your feet, but you don’t look away from him.



You hear another meow, and then one of the kittens digs its claws into the skin of your ankle, sending you hurtling forward. Cyrus has to stop you from falling on your face.

“Very sharp claws for something so small,” you mumble, unable to stop your cheeks from heating.

He laughs, and the sound is pleasant. “They’re worse than Cressida and Astrid combined.”

“Ah, so you choose to surround yourself with small, evil creatures?”

“More incidental than by design.”

“Well, I don’t consider myself evil, and you seem to like my company.”

“…I’m not opposed to it.”

He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s still holding onto you, but then Kol comes back into the room and the moment’s broken, and you back away from each other hurriedly.

You go to walk out with Kol, but find yourself turning when Cyrus calls after you, “I’ll see you around.”

He’s looking anywhere but at you, deliberately making a show of trying to collect the adorable demon kittens, but you know him well enough to know what he means.

You smile softly. “Yeah. See you around.”

(I’ll be posting some extras every day until Keeper is published. Feel free to mention any characters you want extras for, ROs or otherwise!)


I definitely want a fluffy Yakov extra.


Aww…Cyrus, so cute. :hugs: :heart_eyes_cat:

Since you’ve said Alty and Cy have known each other since they were basically toddlers, how about a short scene of a younger Alty and Cy (around 16 years old, not too young) in magical highschool?



Sorry, Altair; Cyrus is my second choice now! :heart_eyes: (Kol is still the best. :hugs:)