Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



I did notice you say that earlier. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be those subjects (engineering and computer science). It could biology, chemistry, physics. Hell, my older brother once suggested I do Actuarial Science for uni.


I had found my Astrid :-):grin:


Maybe Medicine? It will combine both healing magic and potions and the scientific studies we have here (since potions and magic might not work in some cases). You will also study the anatomy of different species and how to treat their specific problems and diseases.


Magical healing could prove interesting.


Tell me about it. :unamused: Math was the bane of my school life (well apart from gym/pe/sports, but that turned out to be due to undiagnosed celiac’s). :sweat:
Fortunately, my mc’s in this game do not share that particular, real-life weakness of mine.

Yeah, but it’s a worthless one, “magic technology development”. Alty can afford to pursue that because he’s already wealthy. Trying to be an inventor seems like a poor option for my mc, as even of the geniuses among them more end up as destitute as Tesla than as wealthy as Edison. :unamused:
So for my mc I’d like a bit more non-magical and less fanciful STEM option, that may not potentially make us as wealthy as Edison, but one that guarantees good pay for good work and a decent work/life balance and allows us to work (mostly) outside of the magical world is all my mc really wants or hopes for at this point.

Again, with the old prologue my mc’s first choice would have been law or politics, but after that new and much worse opening I don’t think my mc has the enthusiasm for magi law or politics anymore nor would anyone in those fields ever respect him, seeing as we now enter the magical world as somewhat of a laughingstock and a pathetic charity case.

Also true, I just mentioned the subjects among it that I think would speak most to my mc. If he was at all inclined towards the biological track then medicine and magical healing would also be viable (apart from the fact that, magical healers seem to be more on a nurse’s payscale then a doctor’s or surgeon’s :unamused: )
But the biological tracks are a poor fit for my main mc.

Sure, but it probably pays dink and maybe it even requires intern and traineeships, like the more advanced medical fields that’ll mean the mc will earn basically nothing and pile on debt until their mid 30’s. :unamused:
Again, it could be a viable choice but not for my mc, as he would like to be able to live at least a little while he’s still young.

Sure, for mine I’d just like a decent choice that is not going to lead to horrible and underpaid jobs or further ridicule.


Ohhh, the poll closes today! And then the author will pick a winning Male RO and Female RO :sparkles:


Astrid is still the most popular, can’t imagine why after that new opening. :confused:
However, seems like you might get your wish, as little kitty-cat appears to be the most popular male ro and the runner-up in the poll, beating out Sera.


Astrid is always the innocent… misunderstood haunting soul ascend from Hell :wink:


People like MIB?


I’m sorry what do you mean by MIB? I mean my dirty mind makes it men in bondage, but Astrid doesn’t actually physically tie the mc up and the mc is not necessarily male either? So maybe this is just another sign of me turning into an ossified fossil but what do you mean by MIB? :confused:


You know just by that line I suspect you know what MIB stands for but wanted to joke around.

Men in Black

Alien movie, they go around erasing the memories of retirees and people who see aliens and replacing them with false memories?


That doesn’t sound so bad actually…

Team Leon won!



Never seen that movie, sorry.

Nope but it takes trust with someone you actually like to act on kinks like that. My main mc probably isn’t much of a bondage fan, though Witch-boy wouldn’t mind experimenting with Cy in the sequel.
Astrid doing it is not any of my mc’s cup of tea and her doing it to the mc in the prologue would make that one even worse than it already is.

Yep, I guess now we get to see what the others actually think of little kitty-cat.


Uncultured swine.


Burn the heretic


It’s funny how you came up with that nickname when he’s so… tall


That pic is now an official canon depiction of Leon.


But who is the man holding him? :thinking:


True, he’s all of 2cm taller than my main mc (185cm for Leon versus 183cm for mc). However, the little for my mc more likely refers to the fact that Leon is one of the few characters who is just slightly younger than he is. :grin:

The kitty-cat very obviously comes from the pun on his name, Leon=lion, Lion made diminutive and domesticated is kitty-cat. So little kitty-cat. Is indeed the nickname my mc would use for Leon.

In-game my mc comes up with it just after meeting Leon, when he hasn’t quite yet gotten over the kid’s (initial) arrogance.


Leon is 18 meanwhile everyone is like 19 at the end of the game. Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. He is younger than my MC too.