Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Well I’m getting it to work now. I don’t know if it was a glitch or what.

Thanks anyway.


Not at all! I’ll make a thread asking for testers once the game is closer to finished.

Minor MC family spoilers: MC’s mom has already been mentioned by name. Celosia knew her well. Mystery will be drawn out by MC not being able to get in contact with Celosia for justified plot reasons.

Or MC’s dad is just a bad liar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There are two options for Cressy romance. Nephilim can do flight training with her in Chapter 6 with relationship >= 60 and pick #“But I haven’t even asked you out yet!” And I wanted to, too…
Non-nephilim can talk to her during the social scene in Chapter 5 with relationship >= 60 and pick “So, do you happen to be dating anyone at the moment?” And if you’re not, would you like to be?
(You’re probably picking the #“We should hang out more! You’re fun to be around.” option which doesn’t lead to her romance)


Well, for me it’s obvious that,


MC (and his missing parent) is a keeper. This would explain why he can use controll magic, and this political stuff around.

I have just, one question - are you planning (at some point) to introduce pureblood deamons/angels? (And yes, I know it might be a big spoiler)

Also in my playthrough with high int celosia always denies.


I wonder if the magical mc mom fills a different potential plot role then the magical mc dad. Mom died during the Dragon Massacre while I cannot shake the feeling that “dad” may have been (one of) the instigator(s) of it. :worried: And of course that Alty, given the huge secrets that boy holds or is at least privy to, may actually know the mc’s dad. :thinking:


Well, If magi mom has been named and was a victim of the dragon massacre, that narrows down the list significantly on who she could have been. (potentially pretty major family spoilers) She probably wasn’t a Delacroix, so that leaves the three nymphs listed in the commisioners report: Roxana Castella, Kai Durant, and Letitia Martell. I don’t recall any others being mentioned dying there, although I could have missed some. Of the three, Roxana has been mentioned the most, as she apparently invented some sort of artifact that forces people to tell the truth. Also, the mom’s name is “Ana” which is literally the last three letters of Roxana. I’m not 100% certain yet, but it seems that Roxana is the likeliest candidate for mom. Plus as a nymph it would be pretty likely for Roxana to be close with Celosia


Leon is my roommate so whose bed is he laying on in Yakov’s room?


Reading it now and love it … Definitely going to purchase it when it is ready :smile:

I am curious on one of the event …

It might sound foolish, but i bought the Wishing Candle for $1000… curiously wondering whether it has any actual effect on the “Wish” that we made, i am hoping at least it will give some boast to the stats on the event we wish for, example : I wish for Love and Happiness, so maybe it can give a boast on the relationship of my choice of Romance? Even though high possibility that i had been cheated for $1000, but the chance of getting a wish come true in a super natural world, where everything is possible…is just so tempting

and i also love the multiple choices test, which i believe came from general knowledge of science/physic in our real world as well as from the knowledge of previous conversation about the monster lore such as Hellhounds are household companion of Cambion, where these Hellhounds can portal while the wild ones couldn’t, i got these answers with conversation with Astrid

I am also intrigue by the fact that i am a Nephilim who study Light Magic, and my Romance Option is Astrid who study Dark Magic … I am glad that Astrid 's feeling for me overcame her annoyance towards Nephilim and i am actually touched when seraphina told me Astrid value me too much that she won’t throw a fist at me…lol

and i am also wondering , should me and Astrid got married, won’t our children be a hybrid with both Nephilim and Cambion power with Light and Dark magic together ?


Because there wasn’t an option to ask her if she was dating anyone and if she’d like to. Even with the Cressy relationship at 60.

I started checking the relationship score because I failed to get the relationship three different times- kitsune play through, cambion play through, elemental play through.

That’s when I asked if there was a trick to it, because it certainly didn’t take me four tries to succeed in dating her before the update.

But now I’ve gotten it as three different races just to make sure there wasn’t still a problem.


So I’m pretty sure that Roxana Castella is the MC’s mom. If you choose to do the Dragon Massacure investigation subplot with Seraphina and she takes you to Nova Labs, you meet with the director, a man also with the last name Castella. He has the same color eyes as you, and the text says he looks vaguely familiar. This only shows up if your missing parent is your mom. It would make sense that he might be your uncle. You really don’t remember your mom that well, so if your uncle bore a decent resemblance to her, it would only be vague to you.


I think a cool stat that could have been added is Stealth.
You would be able to raise it by sneaking or in Kitsune training (since foxes are supposed to be sneaky).
You could sneak into places undetected (such as learning forbidden magic, investigating etc), reduce noise and listen to secrets other students have, or even go invisible in battle and attack from the shadows.
Not sure how viable it is to add stats at that point though


And the mom’s name was Roxy in an old version of the demo.


It seems my character is the only human here:


Name: Alex Wilson
Species: Human
Appearance: You have light skin and hazel eyes. Your hair is short and black.
Health: As good as can be
Money: $1295
Job: Intern for Nephilim Secretary


Cunning: 22
Fighting: 32
Intelligence: 27
Potions: 1
Willpower: 22

Kind: 60% Cruel: 40%
Logical: 68% Emotional: 32%
Lawful: 65% Chaotic: 35%
Resistance: 59% Acceptance: 41%


Are you playing hunter?


Yep, being a Hunter gives you a lot of stat boosts.


So I’ve only played through the first 2 chapters and I like it so far, I just feel like its missing something to keep me engaged. There was no clear antagonist character. I would like to see the personalities of the characters be shown a little more. At the moment they all sound pretty similar. Other than that, great job! I love academy type settings. Gives it an FF8 feel.


It’s similar to Harry Potter - true enemy reveal himself at the end :slight_smile: . For now we have nephilims/nymphs working on secret project, sealed angels/deamons, terrorists, hunters, cambions talking about destroying the city and many “pawns” even between your teachers/friends.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but does anyone know how to get Katia’s route? I’m lost right now as to how to get it


In chapter 5, if your relationship with her is above 60 you can ask her out if you go see what she and Thalia are doing in the library


Like the joke about getting to Carnegie Hall, the secret is practice practice practice.

So if you’re not getting the chance to ask her out, the most likely culprit is that your playthroughs are missing opportunities to talk to her. So mix up your routine to make sure you are maximizing face time with her.

Apparently no one in the supernatural world believes in getting to know someone over coffee.


Oh wow, I’m an idiot. I read Gisela in place of Katia at that choice and avoided it every time. Thanks for the help, friend, and god am I blind.