Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



With Sera I can see her going one of two ways.

Number one, she’s a perfectionist. So she can try to be useful and give us a book to boost a skill that isn’t quite there yet. As a perfectionist though, it would make sense to make it a skill that actually has some points in it. When we have combat 1, a book on jeet kune do or whatever would only make the MC only slightly less useless after all.

Number two, ritual magic seems to be a passion of Sera’s. If she wanted to share her interest with the MC, she might give the MC a book on ritual magic hoping they’d become interested. That being said, if the MC isn’t any good at ritual magic, Sera could offer to tutor us. If we are good at ritual magic, then it could be an overture to become study buddies.

Possibly make it tied to our Sera relationship score if she just sees us as someone who needs help or someone she’d like to spend more time with/be better friends.


Is it too late to sign up for beta testing?


How can you hug and kiss her? When I went to the cemetery my stat dropped some and she ran off. I had her up to 70 the dropped to 67. I’m confused lol.


Either you said the wrong thing and made her upset, or idk.


There’s a hidden stat called seraphinaemotions that can change what happens during that scene, you need the stat to be above 50 for the hug scene to play out. You typically need to do/say things that encourage her to be more open and emotional (such as asking how she feels or what she likes) I’ll go through the code and see what choices make the most impact
Edit: so it looks like most choices add 5 emotion, but if you choose your dad to be your human family and if you have above 15 intelligence you can come to the realization your mom was a victim of the dragon massacre, and if you investigate the massacre in the library and tell Sera your mom was killed, you gain seven, and then telling her you’re going to contine the investigaton gives you five more.


Ok sweet, thank you so much.


No problem, I’m a big fan of Seraphina so I’m more than happy to help


I’d say Sera and Astrid’s storylines are the most interesting I’ve seen yet.

One thing I love about this story is that each main character’s ‘personal’ storyline ties in to the overarching one very well. (Their storylines are actually part of the main story)


If your mother is the magi parent and Seraphina sees the photo of her, she says that Celosia is the one in the picture with mother dearest. However, Celosia doesn’t seem to recognize the mothers name when a Dragonborn MC asks ( although it’s possible Ana wasn’t her real name to begin with), but could we be able to show her the picture? I assume that would jumpstart her memory. Of course it may be too early to have that mystery solved, but it still feels kinda odd.


Well, I dont like, astrid romance. It’s basicly save the girl, and make her your girlfrien (and yea, I know she is only a pawn in somethink) But yea, thalia and, seraphia are great. By the way, It’s only me or is mc controlled by someone? You know this gift, from cressida, nightmares, fox spirit vision for kitsune etc.


I cant quite remember what her gift was. Was it a silver liquid lie detector? Or am I losing it lol.

I’m also curious about everyone’s theory regarding MC/the parent because everyone seems to be after them.


It was an anit-compulsion potion, if I remember correctly.


Okay, for the life of me, I Can’t date Cressy since the update.

I know I did it before, is there a trick to it I forgot?


In order to be able to date Cressida, you need at least a 60% relationship with her.

After the M&R exam, go hang out with Leon, Cressida and Cyrus. Pick the “So, how have you been Cressida?” and “Better now that I’ve found a friendly face” for some last minute boosts. If you have enough relationship, a choice to ask her out will appear at the end of the convo.


Something like this + some letter about helping mc regain his free will.

By the way

So… your mother have friends on NMC, but not really?


Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing, she says she’ll see if she can fit you into her schedule and no romance.

I get a solstice gift from her, but that’s it.

The fortune teller says I don’t have a love life, nor does the cambion/nephilim politician mention it.


Can you fix the error about the state save? when i clicked load, it showed the state screen not the story.


Sounds like you saved on the stat screen. Don’t do that.


Well I had no problem as nephelim/cambion.


The bug also occurs if you check the stat screen, return to the game, and then save without having made a choice or gone to the next page.

It’s tricky. :sweat_smile: