Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



I have a human character who isn’t a Hunter, but that’s because I enjoy my own suffering.


I dont like katia. Just when she ask you about the strongest feelings chose hope/love, meet with her and thalia (library) Stay with the nymphs and try to help them. Be optimistic, don’t you even dare to talk bad about celosia/nymphs/politics.


Nah, I got it don’t worry. And I also found that Loyalty works for her too, so any light magic


I think most people already realise that Astrid and Seraphina has the exact polar opposite of their characters , and siding with one of them is likely to antagonise the other…

However , i had just realise that we can actually Romance with Astrid while still has high approval rating with Seraphina (at least 60) … here are the guideline ;-

after i had learn that i am a Nephilim , i chose to talk to Seraphina and Yakob about it… tell them i am excited about the classes , surprisingly i gain a +5 rating with Seraphina

this one is tricky, because i and Seraphina were in Combat class together, now if i didn’t go to library to study about control Magic, i won’t have this option… happen to be that, i learn about Control Magic and knew that Seraphina can read my mind, and i still chose to attack her… gaining another approval from her… apparently Seraphina respect those who study hard and competence

this one is even trickier , next we are going for Field trip to hunt some Midas Lilies, make sure that we are successful in killing the Hydra and get the Midas Lilies … if you get knock out, you will instantly lost lots of respect from Seraphina, i think it was -10 … since we were successful, we got to confront Professor Ebner about it , and i chose the option of trying to reason with both Astrid and Leon, earning another +2 approval from Seraphina, apparently Seraphina respect those who are calm and can reason with

to the next class, history about the Dragon Massacre against the Nymph … here i chose i heard about it, then i chose i felt sympathetic about Seraphina , earning another +2 approval… and i notice that if you didn’t chose you heard about it but sympathetic on Serahina, you won’t earn her approval… i believe that she value those who are knowledgeable and truly sincere about her suffering … but not those who knew nothing and merely gave lips service about how sorry they were , kudos to the author for dwelling deep on true character emotion…we won’t simply gain approval from Seraphina by agreeing everything with her

next on the carnival, by now my approval with Seraphina is 60 and she was willingly accept me as friend… here be careful of your choices, some will reduce her approval on you, one which i can find is if you think the duelist are deadly…i suspect the dragon riding show will upset her too…but i haven’t tried yet… i just think it is common sense that she won’t like you to consider dragon riding is fun

with high enough approval, after the 2nd test when i met Seraphina in our common room, gain another approval from her when i want to play with her dragon…and then Gesila and Kaila came visit her, she will allow me to join their discussion of the Nymph Test and help them do the simulation…well just make sure don’t disappoint them and we will gain further approval from all three of them

Hence, i realise that even though i have strong Romance with Astrid (around 85), i can still gain high relationship rating with Seraphina (above 60) before the completion of the whole story… and it all based on the “choices” we made and the type of “character” we are… Seraphina seems like a very sensible, professional and “Neutral” person , who doesn’t simply “dislike” a person based on perception, it is all about the intelligent, compassionate and competence of the person she deal with . Having say that, i suspect we may have further choice of interaction with Seraphina in the complete novel … and there might be option for a Love-Triangle where we ultimately need to make a Final Choice.

After reading all the free chapters few times, i strongly disagree that the companions in the story have similar characters … If we read it carefully, each and every one of them are unique in their own “persona” and we can only gain positive approval from them if we make choices based on their “persona”… like my given examples in the case of Seraphina.

Thus far, it looks like this is going to be a deep and epic adventure… looking forward for the whole complete journey in this world


I’ve been regularly getting high relationship with both Astrid and Sera at the same time, I didn’t realise it was a hard thing to do! :rofl:


Not to mention that some of the stuff in this ‘guide’ is just false…

You don’t get a relationship boost with Sera if you say you enjoy your classes. The actual boost is when Sera reads your mind and asks you if something is troubling you.
If your relationship with her is 50 or greater, you get a 4% boost with both her and Yakov. If not, you lose relationship with Sera/

You don’t get a boost to her relationship if you’re sympathetic to her after Ebner’s DM speech. It doesn’t matter whether you heard about it or not, there’s no boost to begin with.

There’s no risk to her relationship with the choices at the duelist arena in the street festival. Saying that you don’t care for fighting raises your Resistant stat, and saying that it’s all just for show and you doubt they can hold their own in a fight gives you a relationship boost with her The other two are just fake choices; there’s no changes to them. Also, going to the dragon ride doesn’t decrease your relationship with her. As far as I know, the only thing that decreases your relationship with her at the carnival is buying a wish candle.

You don’t get a relationship boost when petting Briseis. It’s simply there because it’s a cute scene that shows the MC that they have a good standing with them, since she’s willing to let them pet her dragon. But no, there’s no boost from it.


But i did check the relationship stat , like i mention, if i simply sympathetic towards her without choosing i heard about it… i won’t get the raise, then when i go back and chose i had heard of it… it raise by 2

for the duelist, i get -1 when i chose they are deadly

i will try the petting of dragon again, maybe you are right, i thought i have a +1 for doing it


Looking at the code, I see neither a relationship boost for being sympathetic with her (All you get is a +5% to your Kind stat), nor a relationship decrease when you say the duelists are deadly (There’s a small tidbit where she shows disdain, yes, but no actual relationship change).


My apology, i think it was some inconsistency of the link… because i play through few times and monitor the stats… for no obvious reason Seraphina’s stat increase just like that, i reload the game i last save, and the stats increase for non-related choice, such as when i request Reyna to go away…
from 58 after the scene when we kill the hydra, it will somehow increase to 60 to 61 for some of the choice i made…

maybe it is problem with the link ? as it stand, Seraphina stat is 61 after i learnt about Astrid relationship with Reyna… weird…

Now i can confirm after few re-load… after i finish the choice where i show sympathetic to Seraphina, i press next…and next one more time (to the page before Astrid came visit me) and when i check again , Seraphina’s stat has gone +2 …that’s why i was assuming it will raise with that choice…
Now i realise it will +2 no matter what was our choice…LOL


If you stop everyone from yelling at the teacher then you get a boost.


If demons/angels were to be introduced, it would be in a potential sequel :smile:

…Stupid mistake :joy: Thanks!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it! :blush:

I’m not sure yet what the wish candle will do. Currently they do nothing, but they’ll do something in the future.

Any children would generally take after one parent (e.g. there would be a 50% chance of a cambion, 50% chance of a nephilim kid).

Huh. :thinking: I’m sorry it’s not working… The code for that option is just:

  She considers you for a moment. "I suppose. Is there anything you wanted to talk about?"
   *if ((likesgirls) and (cressidarelationship >= 60)) and (RO = "")
    #"So, do you happen to be dating anyone at the moment?" And if you're not, would you like to be?

So as long as you fulfill all of those requirements, it should show up. Anyone with more coding experience have an idea what the problem could be?

Stealth was actually initially a stat in an earlier version of the game :joy: It wasn’t used often enough to justify keeping it though. Thanks for the idea though!

…I actually didn’t realize that the main antagonist hadn’t appeared in a while. Thanks for pointing it out :sweat_smile: I’ll make sure to add more scenes for him/her/them in the existing chapters. (I do like keeping some of the ambiguity there, but the reveal can’t just happen out of nowhere!)



I know that Yakov’s powers are typical for his species, but what are they?


Healing powers are mentioned at one point.

I’m guessing he’s got a super stealth power like intangibility, invisibility, or teleportation, since Wraith is a synonym for ghost, and he has the Batman trick of disappearing.j

The MC ought to have the option of calling him a ninja.


Physical resistance, telekinesis, super strength, healing, etc. Definitely the strongest students, equal to seraphia. He have weird dreams tho…

Edit. He can use dark magic too.



Also: Lia Kravitz (no relation), a very, very smart girl who decided that the rule of the day was “adapt, or die”.


Name: Lia Kravitz
Species: Magician
Appearance: You have dark skin and brown eyes. Your hair is medium length and black.
Health: As good as can be
Money: $1395
Job: Intern for Nephilim Secretary


Cunning: 6

Fighting: 18

Intelligence: 27

Ritual Magic and Potions: 26

Willpower: 0


Kind: 60%Cruel: 40%

Logical: 70%Emotional: 30%

Lawful: 70%Chaotic: 30%

Resistance: 30%Acceptance: 70%


Is the MC able to win the tournament at all?



They can win the first three fights, but that’s about it.


Life force manipulation, I think.


What does that Cambion use on us?


Cambions can control darkness. If you’re referring to Astrid healing the MC in chapter 1, she uses a magical first aid kit.