Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


Blond Leon will forever live in our hearts :cry:

But on the plus side — he has messy brown hair. And oh god, I love messy brown hair. I’m still conflicted — should I imagine him with blond or brown hair? :sob: Guess it’ll be a mix of the two lol.

I sometimes imagine her as Seraphina from Unordinary so I sometimes subconsciously imagine her with pink/purple hair with green streaks in it and then I have to mentally correct myself “oh wait, wrong seraphina.”

And I actually did imagine her with blood red hair/dark red hair because of the “McDonald’s McDonald’s!”-ask. In that ask the author included pictures of the ROs she had made on an online avatar maker so they were inaccurate. But Leon appeared to be blond in that pic, and Sera had dark red hair/blood red hair.

Who knew a single meme could alter my perception of the characters so much…

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Holy cow, I think that’s what it was. Or at least that’s a part of it. Yikes.

I kinda totally agree with blond!Leon (dirty blond?) but messy brown hair + blue eyes? I mean Leon is just gorg no matter how you imagine him.

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Yuuup. But that ask got removed and I asked the author about it. Apparently she had no idea that it had been removed. I think it happened during the tumblr purge session when posts randomly got flagged by bots.

Guys with messy brown hair and eyes are so cute :two_hearts:

You’re absolutely right

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Thanks for the catch!

Isabella’s meant to say “my surname.” She’s referring to her last name (the same as MC’s), which Lysander recognized.


Just this. :smiley:

Truth to be told, I imagined Leon like Rufus Shinra even though the game explicit states that he has light brown hair. I can’t imagine him otherwise. :joy:


As opposed to guys with messy brown hair and no eyes? Because imo that’s so vogue this year.

But seriously, I’m surprised the MC doesn’t have to deal with Leon’s fan club at any point on the games.


Omg, guys with messy brown hair and no eyes are so hot :heart_eyes:

Haha, I just forgot to add in the word “blue”. Oh well, it’s too late now. And boys with no eyes deserve some love too!

I think they’re a little threatened by the fact that MC is Leon’s girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But I think it was just a little joke that won’t have any impact on the plot or be mentioned again or will it? :eyes:


Especially with the MC being a keeper. Actually, now that I think about, where is our fan club? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly that’s more what I’ve been imagining Yakov to look like.

EDIT: @resuri08 Didn’t we used to be fellow Yakov fans??? My memory is skewed but I swear we agreed on some RO being the bestest bestest.

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Are you sure it was me? XD I’m pretty sure I was a Leon fan since I found Keepers but I can’t seem to remember much and I have to admit I’m not active in the Keepers thread.

It might be someone else? :joy:

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Ahhh yes! Leon lovers unite :two_hearts: I’ve been sticking with Leon since day one!

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Just played through the most recent update. I think the messages are slightly buggy. There’s no notification when you receive a new message (i.e. you don’t see ‘(New message!)’ in the tab name) and none of the message titles are in bold, which is suppose to indicate whether you read the message or not. The game also isn’t checking the read/unread message properly–I got the following as a result even when I did read the appropriate message.

I also noticed the game no longer checks the number of unread messages we have in Ch.3 (pity, since I lost that coveted +1 intelligence). I’m guessing this is intentional?

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I mean I know @lokidemon007 has always been a fan of Yakov so that may be what I’m mixing up, but I swear we had to have agreed on something in some WIP because yours is one of those usernames that I just kind of know and recognize. :sweat_smile:

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The new message and message title bolding was cut because it wouldn’t work consistently if the player didn’t return to the main stat screen (despite the code ostensibly working properly) and was leading to complaints I couldn’t address. It was disappointing, because I was pretty fond of the feature, but I’ll see if I can figure out a workaround for the second book.

Thanks for pointing out the Chapter 4 message issue, though—I forgot about that check!


Yes, I’ve always been a fan of Yakov.


Finally bought the game! Loving it!

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Help. I’m trying to romance Altair but I can’t seem to raise his relationship up and it’s irritating


Love this game!


When will the save feature be added?


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :blush:

Altair can have his relationship raised enough by staying with Astrid in Chapter 1 and saying hi (+5), and taking potions and quizzing each other in Chapter 4 (+5).

After finding Astrid and Altair in Chapter 5 and choosing “I was looking for you, actually,” you should then have the option to pick “So…are you dating anyone?”

I hope that helps!

A save feature probably won’t be added until closer to the sequel’s release, sorry! This was recommended so that saves don’t get messed up if permanent variables change in the sequel.


Does any one know how to get 100 across all the finals?