Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


This is a weird coincidence, but I suppose I could try to explain," she says, drawing you nearer to her, "but I take it from your thoughts you would rather skip the talking altogether I literally got this in the last half hour. I had to hold back a squee. I love straightforward girls. So amusing.

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How did you get that scene with her?


I didn’t date her but I did ask her to the nymph ball. I ask her what she likes during nymph ball. My relationship is 68 and I went with her prior to dueling tournament. I also gave her cupcakes for solstice.

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Was this Thalia?


No seraphina. Thats why I said it was a weird coincidence that I finally achieve a romance with her just after a bunch of people discuss her romamce in chat.


Oh okay, I thought that was someone else, I got that scene when dating her.


What gift should I give sera for the winter solstice?


I think toy for Briesis (or is it Brisies ?) gives +1 hidden relationship stat


Small typo I found in the first book



Actually, “dully” is probably fine. Duly means something else.

Dully: lack of enthusiasm
Duly: dutifully


Or proper, as expected.
I mean this is a fun date if we weren’t excited or at least curious why bother asking Altair anything there?

But reading this again you are probably right.

This is still an actual bug though:

“He just came by to talk to me about what’s been going on in New Magi City,” she continues, “and he’d heard your name on the news.” She corrects herself, “Well, my surname, and he thought we looked alike.”

Something is going wrong in the code and it’s not retrieving the variable properly there, as far as I can tell.

Which reminds me I really hope we do get the opportunity to actually punch our deadbeat dad in the sequel, instead of merely thinking about it.


Does anyone happen to know the options to raise intelligence or cunning? And apologies if its been discussed, but is there any way to be well rounded in combat as a magi or should I focus on only elemental?


You can try choosing different stuff in combat situations from start like using telekinesis, fighting and elemental powers alternatively in combat situations, each time you choose them (and succeed in landing a blow in most cases) increases that stat.

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Quotes from the blog:

Cunning can most easily be raised by choosing the charismatic option when MC’s advisor talks to them about their high school experience (“You were obviously very charismatic. I couldn’t find one administrator or teacher who had something bad to say about you.”) This gives +10.

In Chapter 1, there’s also a +3 boost for trying to distract the gorgon on the first choice, and a +3 boost for saying that MC hates Astrid for kidnapping them but will play nice for now (without any relationship loss with Astrid). If MC has a >= 50 relationship with Thalia and Kol in Chapter 5, choosing “I think there’s value to be found in both ideas.“ also gives a +3 boost.

Cunning in general has a lot of +1 boosts for choosing the cleverer or more persuasive option in different situations e.g. lying that MC is Seraphina’s assistant in Chapter 7 if they’re researching the Massacre.

And if you want to raise your intelligence choose “You were quite the scholar” option when talking to your advisor. If you want to further improve your intelligence go to the library (chapter 3) and read about the topics that are relevant to what you chose to study this semester. In monsters and rogues class, choose the option to ignore everyone else around you and take notes (chapter 4).


Y’all are fantastic, thank you so much :star_struck:

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Does anyone have a guide?


You can check out first post for RO guides, achievement guide and endgame tips. And stat gain mechanics are explained above your post.

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How do we avoid passing out or getting trounced by the Hydra/Manticore?


According to the author lightning manipulation is the most effective way to fight the hydra and fire is more effective on the manticore. So my suggestion is to have a high elemental manipulation stats.


Just saw on tumblr that someone addressed Leon not being blond and I was so relieved because I remember him explicitly having light brown hair and everyone just went nuts… :sweat_smile:

On that topic, does anyone else imagine Seraphina with more burgundy/blood red hair than copper? I guess they’re similar enough, but my mind thinks auburn all the time.