Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


I’m dating Leon and never got that option. And it was actually the scene I was most looking forward to ever since the author posted a snippet of it. It’s a shame that I can’t find it, but I’m replaying the demo like a madwoman so I might have a chance lol.


It should show up when MC and Sera talk about suitemates

Also, we should probably move this discussion to the new thread.


Thank you!! That’s all I wanted to know, so we don’t need to move our discussion. Thanks again for your help.


Yeah, I think that was my fault. I’m not even sure how I managed to do that, but here we are.


imvietnamesenotchinese asked: What sports are the ROs good at? (I swear to god If you pick soccer for altair…)

Why doesn’t Leon have Polo or some magical equivalent listed? Goes for Cy too, since Cy secretly seems to like working with animals. :confused:
Not going to lie, soccer is not my favourite and living in a country that worships the silly sports I’ve grown to dislike it quite a bit.

As for my mc I think he’s mainly into fitness, swimming and yoga . I imagine he started fitness when he was getting tired of being mocked over being a bit on the chubby side and lazy as a kid and he just rolled into yoga from there because he isn’t much into team sports and before he started wearing lenses and had his growth spurt he was too nearsighted and uncoordinated excel in something like Tennis. :thinking:
Which means my main is most like Katia when it comes to sports.

Something rotten in the magical kingdom of 'Murica

Yet more evidence that my poor mc so isn’t cut out to be a “keeper” and is very much not nearly wealthy enough for the non-paying keeper gig.

As for the handwriting post on Tumblr…aww even Alty’s handwriting is dreamy. Now my mc has got to find an excuse to get Alty to write him an actual, analog, old-fashioned love letter sometime, instead of e-mail or text. :grin:

What’s incorrect about this quote? Way my mc sees it that is a brutally short, but entirely accurate, description of the actual events. Whether he dumped her because the mc as a Constellation kid did not seem to be a “succes” or he was like the millions of other deadbeats who just got cold feet is immaterial but this was the end result. :angry:

Which reminds me, where is my mc’s option to punch the jerk for real. At the end of the last game we could only think of punching him, but from what I’ve seen thus far of the guy my mc’s opinions of his deadbeat dad would only have gotten worse in the meantime. :rage:
I mean the parasite only crawled out of the woodwork when he had reason to believe the mc might be a success of his little science project and a keeper after all. So he obviously wants something there and it most likely isn’t a son/daughter/kid.

Daddy Issues part 677075391294

Okay, so TIras doesn’t even like speaker Dalton or Leon? And I know he dislikes all mc’s particularly if we’re dating Alty or Astrid, but still…
Now my mc really needs to start visiting Alty’s dorm at times too in the sequel, instead of it only being the other way around as he wants to see what a “normal” dorm at Magi is supposed to look like.


I may have found a bug, when going for the hunter subplot, I think the MC is supposed to see something that makes him leave the group but here it isn’t in the text despite having the option to leave in the choices

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I had to control magic my way outa there, thereby ruining the achievement.


Kol will always be my heart.


Just out of curiosity, have you read the demo for the sequel with Isabella/Lysander as MC’s parents?

He doesn’t have a high opinion of Theron and Nasim Dalton.

Thanks for the catch!

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Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 4/22/19)

That’s Leon. We were talking about Altair.


They can play together :blush:


Leon kind of dislike Astrid. I wonder if the same thing applies to her brother? Or maybe he just doesn’t like cambions in general, which was implied in the first game when the MC talked to him.

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Which is why he’d want to play sports with them. Full contact. Home rules. No ref, no fouls!

Break a leg


I love how you edited it to “NPC2” because “NPC1” was already a taken username, lol.

And to be honest I’m 99.9% sure that Leon would win because it has been confirmed tha he’s super competitive and would even use magic to win. Their match might not be fair and square, but at least it has a clear winner. Altair is too good hearted to do anything like that.


Yes I have though my mc would say “Xander” hasn’t got the right to call himself his father or a parent. He’s a sperm donor as far as my mc is concerned, nothing more. Alty interning for his asshole deadbeat of a “dad” isn’t something my mc would be entirely comfortable with.

As for the events in the dream/scene flashback I don’t know what the “thing” that kept getting between Lysander and Isabella was but at best that still makes him a coward, particularly if it is what I think it might be: his own parents threatening to disinherit him or something. So what if they guy is another billionare CEO, never done my mc any good and since he wants nothing to do with the guy I don’t think it will ever do so. Particularly if “Xander” already got the bombshell trophy, magical wife and the 2.5 magical kids.


The first post in the Day and Night WIP thread has all of the ROs’ comments on the other ROs!

Most of Altair’s subplot is about his work there :sweat_smile: (Sorry. Lysander isn’t really personally involved at all though.)


Well, that’s something at least. I suppose the awkwardness of it all will come up if the mc on Alty’s route is “Xander’s kid” and really doesn’t like him. :sweat_smile:

Why is Alty even working there of all places though? Does it have something to do with what our sperm-donor says in the dream-scene flashback about the Adtaz wards? Is he working together with Altair’s parents (or at least one of them) professionally? Or is it even worse do Alty’s parents work for him either directly or indirectly as “vice presidents” or something?

Also my mc really doesn’t like ideas of Alty’s formidable skills and intellect somehow benefiting his asshole sperm-donor. :unamused:

So given that Dupree seems to be a CEO of some influence I presume he does have a bombshell magical wife and possibly kids in the magical world? Which of course means the mc possibly gets saddled with a step-mom from hell and insufferable, over-privileged half-siblings too. :unamused:

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Does anybody know how to romance seraphina? I’m not gettin the option to ask her about her romantic interests in chapter 5 and she never asks me out in the later chapters.


Also your relationship stat with her must be 60 or higher (I think. But that’s what’s required to romance the other ROs). Remember to raise her hidden emotion stat too.


You need at least 60 relationship with her before the conversation in Chapter 5 for the option to ask her about her romantic options to appear. Thanks for asking!

There’s also a complete Seraphina romance walkthrough here.

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