Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


@Cari-san Got 100 on all the finals, they posted a guide on how they achieved it:

Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)

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Having a difficult time romancing Yakov.



There’s a guide on post 482. You also need his approval at >=60 by the time you get to his scene in Chapter 5 (after choosing a job). You need his emotion raised to >=40 by Chapter 11 or he will break up with you/refuse to go to the ball with you if you ask.

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How do I raise his emotion?



Pick “funny” or “silly” options.

Someone posted a guide on this thread:



Hey there, just discovered this a couple of days ago, and really enjoying it this far, though just have a few questions, that I couldn’t find any answer to:

Regarding the Magician subplot:

Is there anything happening after the Manticore Venom scene? Yakov suggest checking the Library on the Nymph Island, but I didn’t get an occasion, and after that didn’t seem to have any other scene, it kind feel like something is missing.

Other than that really loved it, also did the Nephilim, Kitsune and Elemental ones all very cool!

I tried the Drakaina a little and it felt they lack something relaly different, I didn’t feel the prejudice that people warn you about, wings as the nephilim (and probably cambion), claws like the Kitsune, elemental manifestation and telekinesis as everyone else… after playing different type, they don’t feel that special IMO (unless I missed some scenes? - Elementals have stronger link with their elements, Kitsune have their Illusions, Nephilim / Cambion have light/darkness).

The RO are really nice although Yakov romance (while I loved it, really intense character!) feels a little strange sometime as he seem to have less non romance scen than the others (don’t know how to explain it properly)

The consequences of the job fair choices are still blurry for some, I think I get the Health Center boost to Ritual & Potion, the News help on some investigation , Leon’s offer the most money? also ties in really well with the Nephilim subplot , but can’t figure out what the shop, the monster care do? (also touring student, haven’t tried that one yet, it seems quite lackluster compared to the other though will try on next playthrough)

And finally some branching in the story are a little too punishing, like Hallowen The Delacroix investigation seem the most interesting story wise and will continue in the next book! (although the Circus does have a mystery with the people attacking you, I guess this will be developped later as well? (unless I missed more scene), or the sleep/gym/library at the start this one purely in term of stats, the libray seem just straight better whatever the type of character)

I really love it though, and I still have so many things to try and discover!



Thank you very much for all of your feedback! (The manticore venom scene for magicians is just a bit of foreshadowing for the showdown in the library.)



Can someone help me with the Seraphina romance bc I’ve tried it 10 different ways and can’t get the right things with the hidden emotions stat



Sera/Yakov’s emotion stat guide



wait is it all ready in there???



Yes it is! It’s in the control panel at the beginning of the sequel

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I knew that but they said they would add it i’m sooo lost :laughing:



That was an old post by the author so it might’ve been outdated :thinking:

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notification and it sent me there :grin:



Did the link Nyahaha101 posted help?

Hi, like Fay said, that was an old post made before the sequel demo was posted!



Yeah it works



Thank you

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i see:joy: i’m just stupid :laughing:



I am so glad Yakov isn’t evil, because I misread a line that said he incapacitated someone as he decapitated them, and I was like “yeah, OK, he goes pretty hard.” If he was trying to team up with Reyna, we would be SOL.



Are you saying that doesn’t count as evil? Imagine if you had a conversation about your weekend, and one of your friends casually dropped “ah yes i once decapitated someone, fun times”.

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