Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


Nice to know Alty and Cy are ticklish, so Cyrus would be subject to retribution at least. :grinning:

Also the that previous generation in college short, maybe they should just make Leon the new Keeper, as he is the only one who would even come close to the late Brant Delacroix, as it seems arrogance and unlimited wealth are actually keeper job requirements. :roll_eyes:

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Isn’t it a genetic thing? I thought strong control power was required to be a kepper? Or can people like… choose? Can keepers be made? I mean, drakainas were made in a human experiment…

Seems like I’m gonna have to ask on tumblr.

Hey, doesn’t your MC have the first requirement at least? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously… are keepers chosen or born? And since keepers are kind of like celebrities wouldn’t we be pretty wealthy?


Keepers are born


Not necessarily, I mean there are (somewhat) famous people who aren’t wealthy and Keeper doesn’t seem like a real job (in absence of a conflict with actual angels and demons anyway) so it likely doesn’t pay a dime in and of itself. If anything it seems more like a ceremonial role akin to some constitutional monarchs, only since all previous keepers have seemingly been very wealthy there’s likely no state infrastructure to support them in particular. :thinking:
Meaning the poor mc may very well end up like this:

And unlike mr. Owens who is sacrificing to pursue a career that’s also his passion my mc is not the least bit passionate about being a keeper.

It should be noted that in Roxana’s case our maternal magical family is likely to be quite wealthy, though that helps the mc not a bit since she conveniently “forgot” to write the mc or their human father into her will. Likely because she wanted to keep keeper mc a secret until she could blindside both her family and Anetha with them, she died before that of course.

Lysander is even worse, from what I guess he had most likely written off both the mc and the whole Constellation project thing as failures already and wasn’t interested in simply being a father to the mc, magic or no, without the assurance we were a project success. So thinking very much like a CEO. As for my mc he isn’t interested in dealing with “Xander” or the rest of his paternal magical “family” no matter what they offer, since the parasites only crawled out of the woodwork after the whole keeper thing went public in the first place. So it’s clear to him they’ll never value him as a person, just for something he does not want to be in the first place. :angry:

As for the last pair of magical parents they might have truly been the odd ones out or maybe one of them is a disowned scion of some prominent magical family as well.

Leon is a Nephilim and therefore has control magic powers. Since he also has the arrogance and unlimited wealth he’d be the perfect successor to Brant Delacroix, the other candidates in descending order would be Cressida, Altair, Cyrus and Astrid. They all meet the control magic potential requirement. Though there is likely something more going on with Keepers than just control magic, otherwise they would have no shortage of candidates as there is no shortage of Cambions and Nephilim.

They presumably like to keep a real slayer keeper on hand for any celestial creatures incident, but for the ceremonial aspects they should just trot out Leon. Also my mc would want a hefty bounty per celestial creature dealt with. My mc is not going be like Buffy with her crappy jobs, they want him to slay celestial creatures? They can pay him!



As confirmed on the blog

The author said that keeper!mc could choose to attend parties, interviews and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure they’d paid MC for attending their events.

I don’t think Sera would be happy if Leon was related to her

Can we please take a moment and appreciate all the vine references on the blog?


I was under the impression that Keeper control magic is special, since it’s even noted that if you are a Kistune you shouldn’t be able to do compulsion yet your still amazing at it.

It’s only a matter of times before my mc develops a god complex when he can just mind control people. Though seriously, does not need the fame, not for that at least, or rather he doesn’t mind the keeper position (as in politically) since hes carefree. He does however want to be a duelist so he’d eventually measure his success by fame.


I’m not sure the going rates for interview compensation are pretty low. 2000 Euro to comment on some legal cases on TV, like one of my recently retired colleagues, manages with some regularity is a nice bit of income on the side, it’s not however anywhere near close to what true celebrities and CEO’s “earn”. In general, you’re supposed to be doing everything just for the “exposure” right now. You get tons of exposure that won’t buy you anything at all.

You just need to change the text in the first image to “Hello keeper person! Thanks for doing that event!” Mr. Owens shows you how handy that “exposure” will be for our future menial job(s). :unamused:

Compounded for my mc by the fact that he doesn’t even want to be famous, so “exposure” is even more worthless to him than to many other people.

Whereas my main mc doesn’t want to be (in)famous at all. If he did he’d have signed with a modeling agency in the real world a couple of years ago.

Eh, not really you still need tons of willpower, which is not really my mc’s strong suit. He had trouble compelling a mouse, let alone an ordinary man, magician, magi or celestial creature in order of ascending difficulty, I assume.

Catching a cold

Anonymous asked: RO’s reactions to a MC catching a cold and/or getting sick?

Stay away from me I don’t want to get sick: Cressida, Seraphina, Thalia

Asks them if they want anything from the store: Astrid, Cyrus, Leon, Yakov

Makes them soup, puts up with their whining, etc: Altair, Katia, Kol

No! No! NO!!! Just no, please Alty my mc loves you but for the love of everything don’t try to cook, don’t try to cook, please don’t try to cook. A sentient soup monster or the house burning down is hardly likely to make the situation any better. :fearful: :smiling_imp:


Anonymous asked: I won’t lie afetr hearing more about her I’m glad she’s dead. Sounds like she would’ve been a terrible mother to us. Although, guess I do miss out on calling her out and pretty much 24hr arguments with “mom”.

It’s difficult to say whether Roxana would have gotten better if she hadn’t died. She was fundamentally a selfish, immature person, but she did have her moments of goodness. Roxana ultimately did care for MC, and she did care for certain close friends that saw her for who she really was, the good and the bad. Being with MC’s father wouldn’t have helped her improve, though—he loved her too much to acknowledge her faults.

Honestly, she reminds me of a more immature version of the mc’s mother (Isonia) in Fawkes old Seven Heirs of Ophaesia WIP. In which it is notable that while she would be either the biggest or the second largest influence on my mc there during his childhood, he’d be shaped more by her frequent and unpredictable absences, rather than her presence. Even if he does treasure those times she chooses to flit into his life. So while that mc would have loved and cared about his mom he wouldn’t have dared trust or depend on her. I could see my second mc, witch-boy eventually settling into that same kind of relationship with his mother, assuming she at least matured somewhat.

Soo glad this will be a possible path forward and my main mc will definitely take it! :cold_sweat:

So Alty and Cy will finally consent to go? Will they actually come home with the mc or will it be at some sort of other event. Hope we don’t have to bring mom to Altair and his family instead because the tensions between my mc and Alty’s dad would still be capable of potentially ruining thanksgiving, depending on how agreeable Tiras behaves and how he takes the stupid keeper reveal thing. :worried:

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I have a random coding question for you, if you don’t mind-

I noticed at one point one of the characters is calling your name while you’re passed out, and it’s fading in (so, -jah, instead of the full name Elijah).

How did you go about making that happen?


Yay! So excited! Thanks @daydreamsincolor!

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" Anonymous asked: How would Astrid feel if she crushed on MC only to have them snatched away by Leon?"

I like this ask, can I ask for a version with her own brother, Altair instead? Which is what actually seems to happen with my mc.

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This requires a victory dance

ten minutes later

I seem to have trouble building a character who is successful yet inclined toward chaos. The problem is most of the choices which seem to increase my favorite abilities or friendships are inclined towards lawful, even tho in my heart I am a born rebel.

I know we have a chance to get a dragon at some point, but will there be other options besides the dragon?

Also is it possible to avoid summoning a hellhound during the human ritual magic apprenticeship.


Why is no one freaking out about this!?

This week’s friday?? This friday?? I’m so excited!

YAY! :sparkles:


I can’t wait!!! Good luck author! :two_hearts:

Wait, we get a pet dragon? I didn’t think it was possible? Are you talking about the sequel?

But I think that we’ll never get a dragon, though…


We have the option to get a pet basilisk, frost bear, hellhound, phantom cat, or phoenix. No dragon, unfortunately


There will be options to transfer a character from the first game (in the full game only), to pick a preset background and choose MC’s name and gender, or to create a new character.

Altair’s subplot involves a project he’s working on for Practical Magic Innovations with Jaime’s mother. Definitely less angsty than some of the others.

Brant was on a whole other level.

Seraphina’s already related to half the main cast by birth or marriage :sweat_smile:

Guess who the main villain is for book two?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s actually a pretty simple trick! Code is posted below for it.

*temp word_length 0
*temp firstletter ""
*temp lastletter ""
*temp secondlastletter ""
*temp thirdlastletter ""
*set firstletter name#1
*set word_length length(name)
*set lastletter name#word_length
*set word_length -1
*if word_length != 0
 *set secondlastletter name#word_length
 *set word_length -1
*if word_length != 0
 *set thirdlastletter name#word_length

And then to use it:

"—${thirdlastletter}${secondlastletter}${lastletter}! $!{name}!"

@Disciple @Fay
Pet options are intended to be a basilisk, frost bear, hellhound, phantom cat, or phoenix.



wait what

Did I miss something on the blog or on the thread? Can someone explain??


You didn’t miss anything! Not all of them have been mentioned in-game yet, but she is related to Astrid and Altair (distantly), Reyna (her aunt by marriage), and one of the new ROs in the sequel.


For testing purposes only would you consider just letting us set our mc stats and relationship(s), like Fallen Hero now has the option to do? It lets us test a greater variety of scenario’s, including “import only” ones, assuming you have those?

So will this mean my mc cannot have his July birthday anymore? Cause I would be sad if it did. :cry:
Why not celebrate Alty’s, my mc would rather see what that would be like than celebrate his own, as that whole keeper thing likely greatly dims his appetite for any sort of celebration unless it’s something quiet and private with Alty (and possibly Cy).

Less angsty for Alty maybe, I can easily see Jaime’s mother blaming my mc for the death of her kid, even though Jaime is the one he did not kill and probably the one who most deserved a second chance, instead the worst one and the one who instigated it all, Davina is the one who gets to walk scot free. :unamused:

As compared to Leon, our roommate Leon, that one? The one who could really use another room just to house said ego? So what did Brant need for his ego then, a whole mansion?
On the other hand that my mc’s deadbeat dad was apparently (best) friends with the guy does not reflect all that well on old Brant, as far as my mc is concerned.

I’m now expecting this to be a sidequest on the Alty plotline. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also we need to remind mc’s mom to really do ban Alty from the kitchen on that thanksgiving. Since Altair is apparently good with technology let him tinker with that instead of help out with food preparation.


Wait, how so Astrid and Altair ?


I like all of those options more anyway. Game of thrones ruined dragons for me, by making them such a stupidly important issue when all I wanted was to see who arya would kill next. I have s saying ”fuck the dragons, fuck the targaryeans, fuck (whats her name?) Stormborn.

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I tried to romance Yakov by following the guide here, but in chapter 5 I don’t have any dialogue options that matches the one written in the FAQ. I can only make a comment about his past life and then he asks about my future goals… did the dialogue options changed in some updating? What should I do?


Sure, I’ll make that an option.

Altair would say they should have a half birthday celebration instead.

Mostly, although she still needs her regular interrogation sessions with Seraphina…

They’re second cousins.

If MC has >= 60 relationship with Yakov, they’ll be given one of the four options below during the conversation in Chapter 5. Picking the one available will set MC on his romance route.

  • “But what if my reason’s sitting opposite me?”
  • “Are you dating anyone?”
  • “For example, I don’t know if you’re dating anyone.”
  • “No significant other?”