Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


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A flying spaghetti god?


Okay how do you romance Cyrus because I can’t get his stat to 60%.


You’re lucky in that Leon’s clothing is easy to steal, and you’re able to coerce Astrid into spelling it to fit you.

I love high cunning playthroughs. If we import a high cunning character can we have them have stolen the notes from a second year Magi student before they left for break? Or better yet buy them with our less than usefull funds?

Also I am guessing you probably would rather not work in a few chaotic favoring choices to improve your grades this late when you have just about finished the first chapter of the sequel, but what about a short dialogue about getting in touch with your old self that allows you to reorient one personality stat in your favored direction? Maybe during an embarressing scrapbook scene with your parent/parents?

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Guide to romancing Cyrus: Don’t choose “I’m not interested in anyone.” or “I’m only interested in girls" when Thalia asks in Chapter 3; have a relationship > 60 with him; find Leon, Cyrus, and Cressida in Chapter 5; don’t choose “Fun…” or “How have you been, Cressida?”; choose "I might have some plans of my own—if you’re free tonight.”; choose “See if Cyrus is free to go out.” in Chapter 7.

As for some ways to get his stat up to 60:

  • Chapter 1: Answer for yourself in the hospital; separate from Astrid; say Cressida can point you in the right direction.
  • Chapter 2: Introduce yourself when he asks who you are.
  • Chapter 3: Talk to him at the party; say it felt normal when asked about your experiences thus far; ask about the summer solstice; when Leon asks say that both of them seemed unfriendly.
  • Chapter 4: Talk to him during lunch.
  • Chapter 5: Talk to him; ask why he’s there.

Potentially in the sequel with high enough chaotic. Thanks for the idea!

There are already a lot of personality stat setting choices in the first chapter, so I’m not sure how necessary that would be. If you still think it would be necessary once you see the first chapter, please let me know.


Me finishing Delacroix Massacre subplot for the first time.


Yeah I like to take advantage of that subplot in my nephilim playthrough.


Oh, mister political authority, you thought it would be a good idea to use illegal mind control magic on a guy who it turns out is a Nephilim, Keeper, and a scion of a Nymph dynasty?

I’ll be severely disappointed if we don’t have the option to make that a big oopsie on his part in a later book.

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tomorrow is the next demo hell yeah


Yes! I’m so excited!
Can’t wait to spend more time with my best boy Leon again :two_hearts: And get a taste of the long awaited angst


for is my yakov



If the MC is drakaina, will the chosen element determine what type of dragon they are?

E.g. -
Fire - Fire Dragon
Lightning - Storm Dragon
Ice - Ice Dragon


Yesssss, we need some more Yakov in our lives! I also am super interested in his highly dangerous and mysterious secret double private life. The angst is approaching! :sob:


Your parents after you fail those finals.


Breisis? I know he never got over the cheep shot with the lamp.

If we have really high emotional and are in a relationship, can we have a clingy embrace moment with our RO?

If we don’t date anyone during part one amd are friends with astrid or cressida, wouldn’t it make sense for them to have some sort of singles meet up planned.(I don’t remember what these are actually called. I guess never dating has disadvantages as well as advantages.)

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@Fay Here are more emotional choices, just in case you’re still interested. Sorry for the late response.



-(Meet with Secretary Patil/Monroe) “I hate it and would rather be anywhere else. It’s been horrible.”

There aren’t many options in this chapter unless you have the study date with Sera

Ch. 9

-(Just prior to the start of the solstice ceremony) “I just love the holidays!” or “Well, I’m happy being here with you…” (if dating Kol)

Ch. 10

-(Cressy brings breakfast) "All of you are monsters. You like waffles better than pancakes?!"

-(Stay in NMC during break) “It’s ridiculous there’s been no progress on the investigation.”

Ch. 11

-(Nephilim scene, loyal/faking loyalty) ‘There’s no way this can end well.’, ‘This is interesting, at least.’

-(Cambion scene) ‘It should be fun to be involved in something like that, if nothing else…’, ‘This is interesting, at least.’

-(Drakaina scene) “Ugh, this is so frustrating!” or “This is never going to happen. I’m wasting your time.”, ‘Not again. I didn’t like talking to her the first time.’

-(Elemental scene) ‘This is ridiculous. I’m an elemental, I should be good at this.’ or ‘As if. Why wouldn’t you want to have the strongest attack?’, ‘Cool! [Lava/Snow/Technology]!’

-(Kitsune scene) (if Leon’s relationship >= 50) ‘I’m glad he accepted it so easily.’ or (if Leon’s relationship < 50) ‘Why hasn’t he left already?’ or ‘It’s nice of him to say that.’, ‘It’s as good an idea as anything.’

-(Magician scene) ‘What does Moriarty need with manticore venom anyway?’ or ‘I feel more like an uncompensated lab assistant, than anything else.’

-(Hunter scene) ‘Why did I agree to practice with her, again?’ or ‘No, but a rogue siren might be nicer about it.’

-(Human scene) ‘At least Kol’s okay.’ or ‘If we could all just communicate, this wouldn’t be an issue…’

-‘This is interesting. I get why everyone was so excited for the lesson.’

-(Magic Theory) (if intelligence >= 30) ‘Wait. Did I get something right that Seraphina didn’t?’ or (if intelligence < 20) ‘And I thought the monsters would be the hardest part of the semester.’

-(Town Hall) ‘That’s not completely terrifying at all.’ or ‘I’m starting to regret looking into this.’

-(Nymph Ball) (if RO= Katia or her relationship >= 60) "We should have fun while we can, I suppose."

-(After dancing with Leon) “I mean she’s scary, I get it, but why this time?”

Ch. 12

-(After Davina and Jaime steal the nymph artifact) "This is awful…"

-(Meet with dad) "That must have been horrible for you."

-(Meet with mom) "Is that what you really wanted?" or "Would you want to see him more?"

-(Meet with parents) “I know you did what you thought was right.” or “I can’t believe you never told me…”

A little feedback for @daydreamsincolor


Missing the name ‘Yakov’. Showed up when I played his platonic route. The same thing happens with Sera’s platonic route.


Could change it to “A lot of things are.” or “Like a lot of things.”



Is it possible to slightly increase the stat boosts from the jobs so that they’re equal to the boost one gets working at the medical center? It gives nephilim and magician MCs a slight advantage since they’re the only ones who can work at the medical center.

Similarly, (unless I missed them) there are no stat or relationship increases if one chooses to visit their parents during winter break. A small increase in intelligence after trivia night could work, as well as an increase to sanity (for all home visits). :thinking:


Ahhh, thank you so much! Fortunately I raised my emotional stats in my second playthrough but most of the time I just guessed. But thank you for this guide!

Fan clubs

Anonymous asked: Can i ask you about how would you describe each ROs fans? (Like leon fans are enthusiastic etc) thx!

I can’t really speak to real world fans, but for in-game fans:

Altair: People that want to be friends with him or look up to him

Astrid: People that want to be friends with her

Cressida: People that want to be her or be noticed by her

Cyrus: People that want to have his duelist skills

Leon: People that look up to him (especially after the Reyna attack) or want to be noticed by him

Seraphina: People that are curious about her family

For being cute, handsome, smart, good-looking and rich Alty has a curiously low sense of self-wort/esteem, based on some of your other answers. :thinking:

Brant level?

Anonymous asked: We know how popular the ROs are, but how would they react to an MC that’s so attractive (maybe about brant level?) people turn their head to stare at them when they passed? Who’d be hella proud and who’d be clingy? :grimacing:

Astrid would definitely be clingy, and Cyrus might get a bit jealous. The others would mostly just bask in MC’s reflected glory. Thanks for asking!

Awww…Cy! Never knew he cared, unlike Leon. :grinning: Then again Alty, Cy and Leon are all exceptionally pretty and while my main mc is very pretty too and possibly competes favourably with those three I don’t think he really surpasses them either. Plus Alty, Cy, and Leon have better and much more expensive wardrobes and products to work with.

Anyway in-game it seems Alty and Cy are as or even more good-looking than Leon and could have their own fan-clubs if they bothered to try. :thinking:

My second mc, while somewhat handsome himself will be basking in Cy’s reflected magnificence tho. :sunglasses:

Anonymous asked: What would the ROs say/react if MC kept saying “i’m ugly” and being really self-conscious about their looks?

Just use an illusion spell if you’re upset: Cressida

Do you need to talk???: Altair, Astrid, Kol, Leon, Yakov

Why does it matter what you look like that has nothing to do with who you are: Cyrus, Katia, Seraphina

Who said that I’ll fight them wait it was you well then stop being mean to MC: Thalia

Again, for somebody saying that to their lover Cy sure is sensitive about his own looks.

Little kitty cats

Anonymous asked: So how do the ROs feel about being co-parents to our pet? Cuz I swaer my MC will treat it like it’s their baby lol. And which one would they each prefer the MC to have? Especially Leon and Astrid since they are the ones we are rooming with. Thank you so much and I can’t wait for Friday!!

Only two days until the demo for book two!!!

Interacting with Pet (in general, although they all get along with some pets better than others)

This is fine: Cressida, Yakov

Okay with it, as long as it behaves: Leon, Sera

Aww it’s so cute: Altair, Cyrus, Katia, Kol

It’s adorable (as long as it doesn’t mess with my things): Astrid

Can I train it to take out our enemies: Thalia

Preferred Pet

Frost bear: Thalia, Yakov

Basilisk: Cressida, Sera

Phoenix: Katia, KOL

Phantom cat: Cyrus, Leon

Hellhound: Altair, Astrid

So little kitty-cat likes the big fluffly kitty cat, no surprise there it seems. Hope Alty does like the cat, even if he prefers the dog, but my mc has been hounded by those hellmutts one too many times to want one as a pet.

Injuries and not to somebody's pride for once

Anonymous asked: Hello! Hope you’re doing well? How would the ROs react to the MC being gravely injured in an attempt to protect them?

Hi! I am, thank you!

Altair “Oh, MC, why would you do something like that? I—I’m not worth it.”

Astrid “No. No. No. NO. MC, you’re okay, right? MC. Hey, MC!”

Cressida “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this…Why would you do that?”

Cyrus “Why would you do something so stupid, MC? I had it handled!”

Katia “Oh, thanks, MC! Here, let me help you. Hey—MC? What’s wrong? Wh—MC, wake up!”

KolMC! No, please…”

Leon “You shouldn’t have done that, MC. I—I would’ve been fine.”

Seraphina “You’re hurt, MC. I—You shouldn’t have done that. I could have taken care of myself.”

Thalia “Nickname, I’m grateful…but you shouldn’t do something like that. It’s dangerous.”

Yakov “You’re okay, MC. You’re okay. I—Thank you for that.”

Aww…Alty. :hugs: Why would he think that though for a boy with the skills, abilities and social status he has Alty seems to have curiously low self-esteem somehow. :confused:

high society kids

Anonymous asked: How would the ROs’ handle being tangled with keeper!MC’s fame? I assume that they’d be a part of it because they have a romantic relationship with a keeper?

Accustomed to attention, but it can occasionally get to be too much: Altair, Astrid, Cressida, Cyrus, Leon, and Sera

Not accustomed to attention, extremely dislikes it: Katia, Kol, Thalia, and Yakov

I suppose my mc is a curious case, while he used to be sort of the “king” of his own court back in highschool that was fame he a) worked to cultivate and b) could control for the most part. He never had any interest in the kind of Youtube or Instagram fame that can spin out of control and take on a life of its own far too easily.
This new kind of presumably being hounded by the paparazzi is a kind of fame he absolutely dislikes because he cannot control it and has done nothing to “earn” or cultivate it as it is literally being famous for something that was done to him and he has zero control over and no say in. He does not like to be a helpless “victim” of chance.

Anonymous asked: When you say the ROs are accustomed to attention, how popular are they? Are they equal to Hollywood celebs, famous social media influences or high society kids?

High society kids.

This so confirms it in addition to everything listed before my mc is simply not wealthy enough to ever be a keeper and he’d have preferred it if they had kept that info among a select circle and just paid him a hefty bounty for every celestial creature dealt with. They could have given the superficial and ceremonial aspects to Leon who seems to like that sort of stuff far more. :unamused:


Leon got more recognition because he did so well in the final battle. So naturally the attention would be more directed towards him. Cy’s and Alty’s looks couldn’t put them in the spotlight this time. But they’re both rich so maybe? In-game I remember that Leon was the only one described with the words “handsome features despite his cold eyes”. The author really shoved in the word handsome there. If we’re gonna compete by canon Leon definitely wins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cy has the whole badboy brooding attitude which is really common in young adult fiction so I could actually see him having a fanclub. Although his cynical attitude might be offputting (like Leon’s arrogance). And Cy is from an important family (even though his dad’s parenting skills are horrible).

I don’t know if Astrid and Altair are from important families but at least they’re rich and Altair is actually a very sweet person :heart: Would’ve definitely said yes to him if he asked my MC out before Leon did.

Maybe it has something to do with his secret?

He likes to hang out with his own kind, I guess

And I remember that in an ask about a cat cafe Cyrus and Leon secretly enjoyed hanging out with the cats

But… doggos…

Didnt he fight against a demon and save an entire city tho?

I guess he’s more of a sweet shy boy? :two_hearts:

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“Fight” is a bit too strong a word for what my mc did, he drew a rune trap with the gift Cy gave him and had to be saved from Reyna’s fire by Leon (due to only having around 30 ice manipulation when you need 35 to survive that on your own with a bum ankle). So another “damsel in distress” moment my mc doesn’t like to be reminded of. Oh and he killed Reyna by apparently going berserk and carving her up like a madman according to the game text, perhaps necessary to not let the demon escape but not his proudest moment or something he likes to be reminded of either.

He seems too outgoing to really be shy though. What Alty seems to be is naturally secretive, not shy. Fortunately, my mc enjoys figuring out all of Alty’s secrets. :grin:

Don’t see how really, if anything what he managed to do and how well he’s seemingly managed to do it proves he’s better at that sort of magic than the authorities and likely even on Sera’s level. Combine that with his stated talent for offensive magic and Alty could easily be the most dangerous if you get him angry enough.
Maybe they should just go and make Alty the new Keeper (yes, I know it’s not technically possible because genetics are involved at some level too) but it seems like he might do a better job of it than my mc for sure. :thinking:

Maybe you do have a point with the shy, or at least introvert thing, though he manages to mask it very well that case, most likely due to his high society upbringing. Anyway, it seems the mc really does need to take the initiative with Alty, which mine is happy to do.
Like I said he didn’t much like being on the other side of the equation when Leon tried to do to him what he used to be the master of doing back in his final years of highschool. Sorry, Leon but my mc knew that trick too well to fall for it when you were not being entirely sincere.
As for my other mc, he falls for Cyrus the moment he sees the boy, which is before Leon even thinks to ask, so he might not have heard Leon over his fantasies of Cy.

Their family is part of magi high society and likely important. I remember the author saying Alty’s family would become more important and plot important in the sequels.
Maybe Tiras will replace Patil after the stressful events of the first game and Patil’s possibly compromising scandal of being the most heavily involved with MC and the constellation project? . My mc hopes not because he and Alty’s dad aren’t exactly getting along at the moment.

True and Alty is, or at least acts like, a total young gentleman, which are both things that make me swoon in fictions (and the gentleman thing in real life too).


I think this is the first time I’ve seen Thalia be defensive over something like that.

Cressy, isn’t that a Kitsune only thing?

Did Kol turn into DIO? Why is he all capped?

He’s a villain! He probably kicks puppies or something.

Ahh, that’s what I did with my real life pets :blush: