Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


Nice. Will our magical parent be Roxana so we are Castella’s Grandchild? Or Lysander Dupree so there is one more person to bother Castella?

If we have high enough chaos can we show one of our human friends magic?

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That depends on your choice, choose to live with mom at the start and you get living, deadbeat magical dad, “Xander”. Choose dad and you get dead, manipulate she-witch of a magical mom, Roxana, who conveniently forgot to include the mc or their human father in her will.
Don’t know what, if anything you get if you choose to live with your “parents” who are really your actual aunt and uncle and who, if anyone those magical parents were related to. Though it could be that that family was not as important in the magical world as either of the other two choices.

Perhaps, he seems more the sort to have simply used mom to his Constellation project ends, of which he was seemingly the other major financier, apart from the Delacroix family. So I don’t think he has any other kids, unless they’re part of a model family, unless he or his company did more human experiments and he had to dupe more women into them. Doesn’t seem like it tho. .
I think he actually already has the perfect model family, including bombshell trophy wife and 2.5 kids (who could be either older or younger than the mc) in the magical world.
I don’t think he sees the mc as a “son/daughter” so much as a possible return of investment on a project he’d already written off long ago.

Altair is super cute and sweet and adorkable. Cyrus is super hot and sexy and a bit of a bad boy.
@TSSL for some reason swears by Kol, who I think is very sweet and very brave later on in the game, but also a bit boring.



Oh. I meant for the tumbler story. I swap them around when I’m playing, tho this reminds me that I have yet to try visiting introducing kol to either my parents or my normal human dad.

Wouldn’t it be Ironic(and completely in character) for Deadbeatpree to have another neglected magical child who’s lived in New Magi there whole life?



So I caved and bought the game after seeing it was out yesterday and was wondering which RO should I go for first?



Does the species you pick affect your RO? I know it does for Leon…



Not much, it might give you different conversations and in some cases tiny bits of additional content, but any species can romance any RO. There’s a basic guide of how to romance every ro up on the first post, I think.

And he’s still not quite as cute as Alty or Cy, plus that ego big enough to need its own room. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Leon and Astrid are the easiest ROs to romance. Sera and Yakov are pretty difficult to pursue as far as I’ve heard. It all comes down to personal taste. Imo Leon is the one and only :two_hearts: But you can choose whoever you want, and your species do affect the dialogue a little bit. That’s why it’s always exciting to replay and see the other species’ content you missed out on.

Of course he’s not cute. He’s adorable, duh!



Surprised you didn’t tag @ParrotWatcher as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t really find him boring because I enjoy his friendly attitude toward other people, the bits of depth we see with his reactions to hunting topics or about his family, I enjoy his awkward nervous attempts at romance, and I really like his sense of humor and his banter (especially with Thalia) :blush:

I probably would’ve considered him the easiest character to romance, myself, but that probably depends on what sorts of choices you pick naturally :thinking: I’ve found that his relationship bar tends to rise the fastest, anyway.



I know this is a frequently asked question but seriously tho can someone give me a full guide to romance Seraphina? I had like 60+ relationship with her but she always turn me down anyway. Ive heard about hidden emotion stuff with sera when do this happen and how to trigger it? Thanks in advance



No real guide but this is pretty much what you have to do and how it’ll go. The higher her emotional stat is in the relationship the more she’ll open up with you.



There’s a guide on post 482



MC will have the option to continue to investigate the Delacroix Massacre/Constellation Project in the sequel. On the human mother route, the issue of MC’s powers never showing up will definitely be addressed, although I’m uncertain whether it will in the others.

MC will get more insight into their conversation in the first chapter of the sequel. (They’ll also have the option to say they want nothing to do with him.)

Probably not. Leon already has a lot going on in the sequel.

So far the plans are for 10 RO subplots, 8 species subplots, 5 faction subplots, 3 family subplots, and the continuation of the Delacroix Massacre subplot. So yeah, lots going on :sweat_smile:

I’ve currently planned out all of the RO subplots and have general ideas for the family, species, and Delacroix ones. The faction ones (e.g. siding with Secretary Patil, Secretary Monroe, or Secretary Celosia) are the least planned thus far.

Both Lysander Dupree and Roland Castella will be sending emails her way.


:joy: One of the scrapped ideas for the sequel was to have a short scene acknowledging the existence of the other two possible MCs (although not as keepers), so an MC with human mother would get to interact with an NPC with human parents and an NPC with human father.



Aww…pity, I think I would have liked that, so the mc due to a fluke of genetics they do not quite understand yet is the only one of the experiments to actually gain keeper powers out of them, but the other two still exist, although in terms of the project they were “failures”. In which case my main mc would probably have been at least somewhat envious of the failures as they do not have to deal with the whole keeper bullshit, have their lives threatened on a daily basis or risk becoming strung-out junkie addicts. Still would have been nice to meet the other two survivors, but I understand that for your own sanity you need to streamline, for a glimpse into what might have been. Would also be nice if at least one of them, provided the mc has “powers” became a magician. :thinking:
Would have been a nice acknowledgment the universe doesn’t center around the mc and they had planned contingencies, even if they ultimately didn’t pan out.

Fortunately my second mc, witch-boy doesn’t have any powers to speak of other than the creepy control magic ones. Still nice to know the issue of no spontaneous manifestation and possibly less than sanguine experiences every time we need to manifest our powers will be addressed on at least one route. Knowing my mc he probably already tried to talk to Cy and Alty about how they feel when they use magic and how they do it and compared them to his own. :thinking:

On the more science-y side (and I don’t expect this to make it into the game) my mc wonders and has likely tried to discuss with Sera and Alty already if the existence of functional magic is what our ordinary scientists, like Hawking or even Kaku are missing when they try their hand at coming up with theories of everything. :thinking:

Sweet are you still planning to put a new thread up for preliminary playtesting?

Even if the mc makes it abundantly clear they want nothing to do with him?



For anyone curious about the decision process regarding MC’s new roommate, a Tumblr short is now available! :grin:

Might still happen during the Massacre/Constellation subplot.

A WIP thread will be posted in the next week or so! :grin:

I was just referring to the Tumblr short.



That short was funny!

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Katia rushes up to you abruptly, grabbing your hand and pulling you toward the center of the room. You don’t even have a chance to say goodbye to Katia. “Come on, Randy!” Mistake

Also during the scene where a dorm mate or boy/girlfriend comes to pull you away from you school work, I received kol’s cafe scene despite going with katia, tho with out any use of kol’s name.

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Update regarding the sequel: a WIP thread should be out this Friday on the forum! It will contain the character setup and the first chapter, which comes to around 45,000 words.

Thank you for the catches!



Yay! Looking forward to that!


Saturday night at the movies

Anonymous asked: From forum - reactions of Altair and Cyrus to some of our human portrayals of magic in the movies?

Altair: Wow, it’s really cool to see what humans think magic is like! Some of these are actually scarily accurate though…

Cyrus: Huh, that’s weird. And that one’s almost too accurate. And that one’s totally wrong. That one’s actually not bad—oh wait it got worse.

Awww…Alty has led a pretty sheltered life, eh? Can’t wait for my mc to be able to take him out into the big bad human world. ":grin:


Anonymous asked: How would the ROs react to a stoic yet very ticklish MC who’d literally jump when someone touch them but then feign ignorance of it? Like… they can’t even be touched on their shoulder because its close to their neck and that’s their ticklish spot

Avoids actions that would make them jump: Altair, Katia, Kol, Sera, Yakov

Occasionally abuses the knowledge: Cressy, Cyrus, Astrid, Leon

Totally abuses the knowledge: Thalia

Awww…My witch-boy mc is totally ticklish and Nephilim mc just a bit. So Cy’s totally going to abuse that intel once he gets hold of it, eh? :worried:

How ticklish are the Ro’s themselves by the way?

Yay! Unless how does the character setup work we won’t be limited to premade choices (who don’t have the gender or relationships I want) I hope. :worried:

Maybe they meant the magician mc dream invasion scenes? I would have liked to invade the dreams of Alty and Cy myself, of course. :wink: In any case if that is going to be possible in the sequel I half expect Alty to have impenetrable psychic shields, given his “open” nature and what he has already shown to be capable of doing when it came to tinkering with and custom tailoring his sister’s memories. Alty really seems like he can be super dangerous. :thinking:

Also for someone being in the “angst-squad” in the first game I notice that Alty and (his sister’s) route’s are now the least angsty with only a 4.



I think that question was already answered on the blog: