Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


Altair has a natural talent for offensive magic. If he cared more about dueling other than as a social event that Cy coerced him into (and didn’t care whether his opponents were hurt), he would probably win easily.

I don’t believe so. Sorry.

Ritual magic can be used in the first book to summon a hellhound, set a trap for Reyna, paralyze the drake, etc. Like Dwise said, it lets MC use magic through runes, spells, and other means.

It would probably be helpful to focus on a more offensive stat (either fighting or elemental manipulation) in addition to cunning.

Thank you very much!! :blush:

Altair and Cyrus haven’t yet been dragged into the keeper mess in the first book. By the second book, their reactions to MC apologizing will depend on MC’s specific actions in the second book; in general, they won’t blame MC if MC hasn’t done anything to exacerbate the situation.



I think they have, albeit very briefly, the Frost bear tries to attack Alty too, if you choose that vacation and the same goes for the Kraken and Cy (though they may not have linked it to the keeper mess, that’s true).

And he also seems really skilled at control magic, perhaps on par with Sera. So in other words Alty can be really, really dangerous, perhaps even more so than Cy? :thinking:

So will we finally get to fight with Alty and/or Cy at our side sometime during the sequel?

Also my main mc will be slightly envious of Alty’s natural connection to his powers as I think that as a result of the mc’s powers never spontaneously “manifesting” on their own trying to actively use them will always feel a bit unnatural, forced and jarring to him (which is, imho, with the new opening the reason why he still prefers ritual magic and potions) on account of always having to force it out. It’s also one of the reasons, along with all the others why he will absolutely refuse to even try celestial addict magic. :unamused:

By the way at what age do powers usually manifest naturally for “normal” magi kids who have not experienced fetal torture in some lab ?

Too bad, I really wanted my mc to be able to punch his arrogant, neglectful deadbeat of a magical dad and have a fixed clothing situation, including winter coat on the winter sports vacation with Alty.



I am excited to tell you all that my friends and I have started a let’s play of Keeper, which we shall gradually be releasing over youtube :smile: I’m not sure when the first video will be up yet, but I’ll link it in this thread once it is.

In addition to me, the let’s play features my boyfriend @ParrotWatcher and my friends Emily and Laura (who are not on the CoG forum); Emily will be doing the video editing, and runs our youtube channel, Mixed Nerds. I read the narrator and the main character, while everyone else takes on different characters’ voices. For the most part, we’re taking turns with the various choices but for some of the bigger choices we’ve left it to general discussion.

I look forward to sharing this with you soon :smile:



Finally succeeded in getting a gift from Gisela. Will she be an RO in part 2?

Will there be any expansion of Rachel’s character in part 2?

Given that she has also spent most of her life in a low magic area, is their any chance Rachel is a supernatural as well?

What will the political response to a fully human keeper be?

Is it possible more powers will manifest as a result of the experiment that made us a keeper?

Now that we are known as a keeper, will we have some significant role during the solstices or other supernatural holidays?

Has our old RA resigned because he can’t take another year of Thalia?

Have you figured out who is going to be Thalia’s new roommate?

Are any of Kol’s siblings old enough to attend the school?

I think unattached protagonists should be propositioned by Cressida, unless our we are oriented towards men only.

I also think with everything that happened last year, and with his sister directly involved in the last battle, it would make sense for Altair to go thru an over protective brother phase, and drive astrid crazier.

We know that Gisela and Yakova preform some secret missions. Is it possible Gisela could be assigned as a guard and move in. Since there are 2 spots(one person is always left without a roommate and Kol is out of commission) Katia could even come with her.



Hi, everyone! A round of bug fixes just went out today. The only known error still remaining is the Katia romance bug in Chapter 6. If you spot any other errors, please let me know!


That’s a definite possibility.

It varies depending on the person’s species among other things. 5-15 is the usual range.

The main 10 ROs (the ones in the first game) will each have entire romance/friendship subplots in the sequel. If Gisela were to become an RO, she wouldn’t have an entire subplot, she would have more of a romance like in the first game.

There will be an opportunity to learn more about MC’s former friends in the sequel. Rachel is human which doesn’t preclude her from being related to supernatural.

The public response to a human keeper would be negative.

It’s possible more powers will manifest, yes. MC will have a role in the solstices.

MC will have a chance to finally meet their RA in the sequel. She hasn’t resigned, although she very strongly considered it.

I’m still going back and forth re: Thalia’s roommate. Kol will be returning at some point, but until then I can’t decide whether to

  • give her a random, normal roommate that’s not plot important but will have some one-liners about being stuck with the main characters
  • give her a plot important character as a roommate
  • not give her a roommate

All of Kol’s siblings are too young to attend Magi.

Thank you for all of the suggestions!



Knowing this fandom it wouldn’t be long before people started asking to romance the random substitute roomie :sweat_smile:



Poor guy/gal to have Thalia inflicted on them, in addition to the rest of the main characters. I mean our dorm is absolutely bonkers. There’s even an evil dragon casually strolling about. :grin: Between the evil dragon and Astrid and Leon “bickering” they should get a medal just for survival.
But you had me at the snarky/observant/whatever one-liners from a “normal” magi student just stuck with the main cast.
As long as they’re not an undercover reporter or a member of my mc’s paternal family they seem cool.

I really hope our mc’s schedules allow us to explore at least one friendship path in addition to the romance branch of whomever we chose to romance? :worried:
I want my main mc to experience Cy’s friendship path in addition to Alty’s romance, for example.

Now another important question will my mc at any point during those branches get to introduce Altair and Cyrus to his mom in person?

Hmmm…now that our mc’s have their clothes, this Solstice option no longer makes much sense:

Suit I managed to find…It has a jacket.” Can you change that one to be the mc’s old prom dress or suit now that our characters have most of their wardrobes?

You don’t have all that much to unpack for the week, and one black shirt looks pretty much identical to the next black shirt, so it’s a relief when there’s a knock at the door, and then Altair speaks. “Hey, Alex, can I come in?” Aww…our poor mc’s still have to attend that winter sports vacation in just layers of t-shirts, even after having our luggage? :worried: :cold_face: :disappointed:

Finally a big yay! For the game letting my mc at least contemplate punching a particular someone at the end of the game. :rage: :fist_left:



I played a female human/magician MC and I feel like I got a different experience dating Leon. Him asking me on a date came out of nowhere after a short convo at the party and ditching me to talk to his guy friends. Then as we were dating, it seemed to be a lot of scenes in-between dates that didn’t really lead to anywhere. Even when I stayed at the house with him and Cyrus and Cress at Winter break I didn’t feel he opened up to me. I mean he made smiley face pancakes and they kissed and stuff and I tried asking him about his mom, but he just didn’t say much about his father or his father’s new gf. Is the romance with Leon better if I wasn’t human?



Play as nephilim. His romance and the nephilim subplot is strongly connected. And you’ll know more about his mother and sister in the sequel in his angst route.

Poor author. Her ask box is gonna get flooded by requests.




I’m cool with that. Anything other than a no is fine, and even then, it just means some of my Protagonists will just go thru the series secretly or openly carrying a torch for my favorite Nymph/character.

Awesome. Make sure to apply our nickname if we select one when Thalia asks during the early dorm scene.

A plot important character seems the most likely given the attention the secretaries and other groups would be giving to the MCs dorms.

Tho it would be hilarious if we got a regular, unaligned supernatural because Castella got annoyed with everyone bothering her about it.

You could always give seraphina or yakov(whichever one doesn’t have one) a roommate instead.

You could also shuffle one of the existing dorm mates into her room and give someone else the new dorm member(s) which would work well with my suggestion to make Gisela and/or Katia dorm members, which fits in nicely with Castella’s bitter rivalry with Solanaceae University.

After having my attention stolen briefly(one incomplete run) by dragon racer, I am again complete obsessed with sun and moon. I have completed a dozen runs, and am having a go at magician again, before I tackle being a frigged Ice bitch elemental.



Just wanted to say I greatly enjoyed the game, and Astrid is the best! I found the game struck a really good balance with the characters and the school aspect. When ever the main plot came along I just wanted to go to another party with my dormmates! Not to say the main plot was bad or anything, it just was the characters were so much fun. I will probably do another run soon for another RO and supernatural creature with different focuses (throwing lighting at everything ALMOST gets old after like a dozen chapters :stuck_out_tongue: )



What’s the average for Nephilim and Cambion kids then? it’s obviously not 18, as in the case of our mc.
By the way why did the mc’s powers (assuming they’re not pure human) never manifest on their own does it have something to do with the genetic and other manipulation the Constellation project inflicted on fetus mc and/or their mom ?
Also in the game if you choose to learn “angelic magic”, instead of flying from Cy he implies there might be something off about the mc’s powers or at least how they manifest and/or the how the mc accesses them. :thinking:



Anyone have tips on what to focus on to improve my elemental manipulation control as an elemental?

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Anonymous asked: can you rank the ros from most to least good at drawing?

From best to worst it would probably be Kol > Katia > Leon > Yakov > Seraphina > Cyrus > Cressida > Astrid > Altair. Thanks for asking!

Nice to know there’s another thing Alty isn’t great at, besides cooking. Seems he might be on my real life level of never having progressed beyond stick figure art.
Also surprising that little kitty cat seems to be good at it. Wonder if my mc can persuade Leon to draw his little kitty cat if we adopt the phantom cat. :thinking: :grinning:



I was pretty surprised too. This is just another reason for me to love him :two_hearts:

I don’t think he’s willing to do that. He scored pretty low on the selfless scale and I think he’d only put up to it if the MC paid him in some way. I think the MC would have better success at getting a free comission from Kol and he’s the best at drawing of the ROs.

This is such a mood. Thank you for putting it in words.



Yeah, but then it wouldn’t be little kitty cat :cat: drawing the little kitty cat. :cat2:
:crying_cat_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But Leon has no need for more money and my mc still scarcely has any (certainly not to the point he’s at all comfortable with being forced to be a “celebrity”, particularly with no appreciable income. :frowning: )

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That moment when Thalia’s so bad at drawing she isn’t on the chart.



I’ll probably make one of the new ROs the suitemate and also give them the snarky one-liners about being stuck with the main characters.

Will there eventually be a Tumblr short about how everyone annoyed Castella about MC’s new suitemate? Most definitely.

Thank you very much!!

Around 7. Any earlier, and there are typically bad results.

The Constellation Project as well as their family situation.

Re: Cyrus commenting on MC’s powers—some minor foreshadowing for MC being a keeper.

If Leon likes them enough, MC could manage.



Hmmm…you could also give one or two snarky one-liners to Alty’s suite or roommate as my mc is getting a bit tired of Alty always visiting him, so he’s resolved to start doing it the other way around at least some of the time from now on too. Besides he wants see how Alty lives. :grin:

Will we learn more about the specifics of that in the next game?
I can say that I think that due to them never manifesting on their own my mc will never feel quite at ease with his supposed “powers” and the way it always feels jarring, discomforting, discomfiting and apparently sometimes even painful to force them to manifest. Which is why, even though he is a nephilim, he vastly prefers using ritual magic over his powers whenever the situation allows. Also he doesn’t want to become a strung out addict and will flat-out refuse to use celestial magic, let alone limit himself only to celestial magic Though if Cyrus was correct we haven’t done so yet anyway.

Deadbeat Dad

Anonymous asked: What did our dad think when he heard about us on the news? And why was he yelling at our mom?

After the events of Chapter 13, MC was reported as possibly being involved in taking down Reyna and possibly being a keeper (This will be covered more in the sequel). Lysander heard their last name, saw the images of MC and co being treated by first responders after the incident, and found their resemblance to Isabella uncanny. He was horrified.

Lysander wasn’t yelling at Isabella when MC walked in—MC arrived at an inopportune moment, and also wouldn’t have understood the context of their conversation in the first place.

Lysander and Isabella’s relationship will be explored more in the sequel. Thanks for asking!

A bit royally late to have an attack of conscience, particularly since at the very minimum he must have known that the mc could have inherited his species and thus have magical powers and his efforts to keep us out of the magical world, if they were even that instead of him being like any other “dad” who simply vanishes while “buying cigarettes” were, at best, doomed from the start and left the mc dangerously underinformed and equipped to actually deal with the magical world. Particularly since we’re apparently not going to be any regular old joe schmoe magi and we so don’t have the skills or resources to be(come) a “celebrity” nor does my mc have the inclination for it. :unamused:
So my mc still wants to punch the deadbeat. :angry:

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I’m just being a little to curious here but will this appear in the sequel? :eyes:

And it sounds like a lot of features and story subplots are added into the sequel. We’re all excited for the next release! And I know that no one has talked about this yet but I’m also super hyped for the third and final book.