Keeper of the Sun and Moon Beta Testing (No More Testers Needed)

Hi, everyone!

I’m getting ready to start private beta testing for Keeper of the Sun and the Moon. Please post below if you’re interested in testing. I’d prefer if testers have previously played the game and provided feedback, but testing is open to everyone.

Testing process:
I’ll be doing testing through private message threads on the forum. Depending on interest, this will be done in one or two waves. I’ll invite the first group to a PM thread the second week of April and have them test for 1-2 weeks.

Requests for testers:
-Typos, grammar, and spelling errors
-Continuity and coding errors
-Stat, personality, relationship variables errors
-Feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like, and any general improvement ideas

Game Details

After a gorgon attack, your life changes forever when you’re brought into the world of magic and enrolled at New World Magi Academy. Make friends and enemies as you take magic classes at a college for supernatural. Survive the monster attacks, and keep your suitemates from killing each other without losing your head. But there’s a war brewing between angels and demons in New Magi City, and you’re right in the middle of it….

-300,000 words
-10 ROs (five male, five female)
-Play as one of seven species (human, magician, elemental, cambion, nephilim, dragonborn, or kitsune)
-Choose your classes for each semester, from Telekinesis to Sigils and Runes
-Various character-based and species-based subplots
13 “personal” and “world” secrets to discover


I’m extremely interested in beta testing. I sadly don’t have much experience when it comes to betatesting but I will still try my hardest to provide useful feedback cause this game really deserves the best in my personal opinion ^^


I would like to test please.

I’m definitely interested in beta testing!

I would love to help.

I would love to beta test! This is one of my favorites WIP’s

I’m interested in beta testing

I would love to beta test this game.

I would like to test, please.

I would love to test this game! I’ve been following it for so long!

Count me in.

Exams just got delayed thanks to Spring Break, so I’ll have all the time in the world.

Really really interested in this (also was directed from the discord… don’t really have presence on the forums)(but am willing too just to play and help xD)

id love to test…

I’d like to help out, especially since I’d be mostly free-ish during that period :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to beta test please

oh and i previously played the demo.

Your demo is the first demo I played on the forum actually and it makes me scroll and look at all the others demos and in the end I signed up.
It’s all thanks to you and your demo ~.
I’d love to help you with the beta test but I never did it. So if I can help it will be my pleasure. If not, not a problem ~.


I’d like to to beta test.

I have been a reader since the beginning, so I would like to help with the beta test.

I’m extremely interested!!! I have re-played this game countlessly. Memorized every choices.