Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

No, but I got Cressy’s

Ohh, that’s probably why?

Dude, we get a celestial blade. That’s good enough for me.

My mc would rather have other things. And it remains disappointing that the fame stat isn’t worth even $ 50k which is an amount some young Youtubers won’t even get up for anymore, or the price of a single, average edition Rolex. Aka a high society accessory. :unamused:
Also again the reciprocity issue what would my mc even be able to give Cyrus or Sera that even comes close in value, when even choosing to bilk the fame stat is only worth a pittance in profits that won’t even reach $50k?

You can also get both.

Yep, he’s got to give you the gift before you can use it during the final battle:

Here’s the code snippet:

MorphMetal knife

*if morphmetal > 0
You take the MorphMetal knife Cyrus had gotten you for the holidays from your dresser, if only to have something to do with your hands.
*if not(magi)
*if morphmetal > 0
manage to grab a gun that can fire anti-magic bullets from the armory as you’re leaving, to help compensate for the fact that you have no powers to speak of.

I’ve had enough of Rolex for a lifetime… :slightly_frowning_face: It’s a watch… Why pay so much for something that displays time?

Code readers are the heroes we need but don’t deserve.

How do you even read the code?

Does Cressy’s gift change depending on what species you are like Leon’s?

It’s also a status symbol for high society events and some versions are cute and bling-y and cost more than $50k. At events were the “penguin suit” is still mandatory for guys it’s also the only thing that really sets the male guests apart from the hired help such as butlers who may wear the same kind of suits but obviously have no accessories.

Quality jewelry is also the thing that you can never really get on the cheap, unlike the clothes themselves because of its high innate material value.
So still sad that even choosing to milk the fame stat won’t actually yield us much of anything. Except more worthless “exposure”.

That said my mc already favours Kerse so he would like jewelry like this:

Or this:

And not the cheap steel and plastic imitations for once. Not at high society events.

And for good measure the sort of casual outfit my mc actually would want to have but can’t afford:

Here you go.

Only Sera and Gisela ever change their presents around and that depends on what classes the mc takes and if they’re human or magi, never on RO status. All of the other’s presents are fixed.
I have never managed to get Gisela’s present in the actual game tho.

Thanks dude

The artwork on Leon’s dragon chocolate egg changes depending on which species you are. I thought the others would change too. I got a sludgy black liquid from Cressida that would apparently help me find free will? I guess it has something to do with the nephilim brainwashing plot?

So it does, never noticed that till now, though it’s exactly the sort of “show-off” touch Leon would add.
According to the code though it has only three forms, he changes the art for Kitsune and fellow Nephilim, cambions and all the others won’t get a demon or something they all get a dragon.

Also something my mc might have liked to be able to afford for the resort vacation with Alty as it includes fur and would drive PETA-esque outfits up the wall instantly terminate any corporate sponsorship deals

Even trying for the fame stat won’t bring nice things like this remotely within our reach it seems.

My mains are nephilim and magician.

Oh. I played as nephilim and Kitsune. Never tried the other species.

Now that I have played the entirety of the first game (too) many times, and the demo many times, I have solidified my favorites.

  1. Thalia—full-on shenanigans, all the time. Is she chaotic good? Neutral? Who knows! I love her and can’t wait for her to get her bff back.
  2. Seraphina—sneaky shenanigans. Girl brought and dragon to college and broke into a laboratory. Comically serious and not so above it all. I will fight Celosia for her, because she deserves love and affection.
  3. Yakov—there is some true shenanigan potential. Just needs some convincing. It will be great though.

And I am 100% about to befriend Reyna’s brother.


Yes this is a full on mood

I actually genuinely wanna know him better. And as far as I know he seems like a pretty decent kid.

According to the blog she’s chaotic neutral

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Seems my mc isn’t the only one to be like that @Fay
So much for all the youngsters supposedly dreaming of Youtube or Instagram fame.

Her loss. :man_shrugging:

That’s a bummer, as my mc is not very keen on having kids. Anyway, he’s still gay, so if he does they’d all be adopted which guarantees he wouldn’t pass on the keeper genes. Though it would still be very difficult for Alty to get my mc to relent on this. In part due to never having a father himself. He wouldn’t know what to do.

That’s at least some light at the end of the tunnel. In any case I find Astrid and Leon consenting to it surprising, considering they likely won’t be wealthy or famous anymore. Unless Leon and Astrid’s fathers are more tolerant than I thought they would be and won’t cut off their kids financially because of a stunt like that.

He’s a kid but he’s not “poor” and he probably has friends already. If not he’ll have some once it comes out that unlike the mc he actually is the second coming of Brant Delacroix and a genuine, natural-born keeper as well as a Delacroix.
What will Sera think of that, I wonder?

The one upside to all of that being true is that they might lose all interest in the mc and leave us alone so we can peacefully “retire” to that human town. Though I sure hope any degree we receive from Magi will be worth a damn in the human world, probably not.
Oh well it’s a waste of his last few years of precious youth but if there are no more monster attacks on him I guess surviving a few more years of crappy jobs while putting himself through trade school may be a price he’d have to accept paying.

True hard to forget the Ro’s, excepting Cyrus or Kol who hasn’t got any at all, don’t all have parents who are as worthless as the mc’s magical ones.
One upside though is that our magical parents can never write us out of anything we were never in to start with.
I hope that ask at least did allow the mc to leave the magical world behind for good, even if the RO’s might retain some ties.

I dunno from Astrid’s story even before the mind compulsion thing Davina and Reyna seemed good at pretending to be friends while they were really not. I wouldn’t trust Renatus little innocent act and neither would my mc.

The ask does specify that the ROs could still be in contact with their families and aren’t leaving the magic world behind for good—they just live peacefully in a human town. Besides, they would grow up and no longer be dependent on their parents eventually. I doubt their parents would write them out of the will or anything. Astrid’s parents obviously care for her very deeply and are very protective of her, and while Theron and Leon may have a shakier relationship, I see no evidence that Theron doesn’t love his son.

Yesss. And if he’s our friend, he won’t be our enemy. Besides, poor kid needs friends after everything that happened last book.

And can I just say:

What a drama queen.


Oh wow, what a surprise! Just kidding, I rarely post on my social media accounts either. I just come there to lurk and like other people’s posts. I think the only time I uploaded something it was a picture of my ducks

yeah, I’ve never claimed that everyone from the young gen wants attention or fame. That’s something you came up with yourself…? oh no, it’s almost as if people from the younger gen have different personalities and interests omg

Why? Astrid has shown numerous signs of being very clingy and attached to the MC. I found her answer the least surprising. Same with Leon, he’s actually a very loving guy and reliable. I guess you haven’t touched his route?

His sister just died :confused: Even if his financially well off my MC feels bad for him.


He didn’t seem all that bad, why should we judge him for something his sister did? He can’t take blame for that.

And didn’t the demon manipulate Reyna because she was emotionally unstable after her sister’s death or something? We wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to her brother… So yeah.

“You should give up on him before you get caught in the crossfire.”

Yakov fans:

And I read on the blog that March 15 is when the next update drops!

Which is like in 2 weeks or so depending on where you live?

I’m a excited! :sparkles:


Unless he is supposed to die or nearly die in this book! :crazy_face:

Seriously tho, his introduction makes me think he’ll be like that guy in fiction who’s from family of the villain and ev1 seemingly hates them except protagonist but he dies and protagonist goes all in on depression and sadness and blablabla (if their emotion stat is high :stuck_out_tongue:) and this theory seems more real if he’s the keeper because well two keepers in one place is pretty OP for the evildoers.


Keeper MC meeting another Keeper:


Just quoting the stereotype of Gen-Z, as least it’s not as negative as the ones circulating about mine. But yes the stereotype is that you’re all fame and social media obsessed and permanently glued to your various “smart” screens and apps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Of course that’s not actually true, though to pursue the fame stat the mc probably would need to lean more into that stereotype than mine would find comfortable, considering he may not even have such things as an Instagram and certainly no Facebook (my young cousins dislike Facebook and don’t use it, for example).

Yep, and my mc brutally butchered her. Not going to use that as an opening line. Besides it seems inevitable he’ll eventually find out.

And finding out the mc brutally butchered his sister is going to help with that how? If anything he’ll be even angrier you pretended to be friendly.

My mc does blame Reyna’s parents/family too for getting him into the shitty situation he is in now where he must fulfill a role he has neither the knowledge, training or (financial) resources for. Nor even the intrinsic inclination if “fame” is the only “currency” and leverage we have (and even that will be worthless enough to not even yield the equivalent of $50k).

To be sure he blames his own worthless deadbeat of magical father far more for those things, but that he doesn’t like Reyna’s family or the Conti’s should be evident by now.

He can’t he needs to take over the shitty keeper gig from us ASAP, so my mc can take Alty and retire to a human town.

It’s more 1.5 keepers, as my mc knows nothing of the magical world, its history, politics and political system, etc, etc,. Nor does he fit in with its high society. :unamused: He’d be as disastrous for lack of knowledge as Trump when it comes to keeping any sort of delicate balance.

So it could easily be the mc who dies, as the mc does not have much in the way of power(s) or knowledge.

The kid hasn’t actually done anything so heinous my mc would want to see something bad happen to him. On the other hand, the kid is awfully suspicious and likely already knows who we are, I mean he chooses to go to Magi when much hay is made of his family, including his sister traditionally going to Solanacae. :thinking:

We do get to talk to at least one of the other two known ones it seems.

Well, you’re lucky, no one uses facebook anymore :rofl:

“I killed your sister” is a perfect icebreaker.

But at least we’ll be his friend for a short period of time. Which means that it might dampen the damage or make it worse. Besides, we didn’t pretend to be friendly. Well, not at least my MC. She gave him her real name and was willing to befriend him.

So if someone came up and blamed your MC for everything Lysander has done would it be justified? Guess our main characters’ morals are different.

MCs who read about magi history @ the library:

Maybe they’ll have some advice for us.

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Not just killed, butchered. This is what gets my mc upset. I mean he had resolved to kill the demon no matter what the moment Sera dragged him into it…just the way he ended up doing it, when he could, no should simply have done it quickly and cleanly is what really gets to him. He doesn’t like what Reyna made him into and sure as heck doesn’t like her little brother.

My mc gave a fake name and a fake smile.

One book does not give you nearly enough knowledge and most of all it doesn’t teach you any of the things that can only be learned instinctively through actually living in a society.
Remember, if you’re playing a species with powers the university doesn’t teach you the world cultures class, which is the closest thing we come to actually learning history.
The unhelpful answer is likely that we should have learned most of that stuff in the magical high school we didn’t attend, just like all the other previous keepers. :unamused:

In short expecting us to fulfill the keeper role and keep any delicate balances may be as prudent as leaving the bull to guard the proverbial China shop.

No, but then Lysander is not a real parent and never even pretended to support or care about us. Whereas my mc seriously wonders how dense Reyna’s mom has been to never pick up on any of her daughters strange acts. I mean this stuff with us and the demon wasn’t the first time. There was also the whole affair with Astrid last year. So my mc does seriously wonder how screwed up that family is.

Maybe, the author did say that due to their societies treating the whole keeper thing much differently their ability to provide guidance much less a roadmap or serving as mentors would be woefully limited. I guess it will likely be limited to advice on keeper powers and tactics to take out a demon or angel, should that happen. They don’t have much useful insights to share that will actually help us with American magi society. Our number one problem at present. :unamused:

Yeah but killing your MC won’t be as beneficial for the bad guys because of that reason lol.

maybe he understands why it happened and forgives you for it?

Not true! Can confirm being a Gen-Z.

maybe that’s because the people of Solanacae shunned and treated him badly because his sister is(was) a maglomaniac (she was possessed but sometimes people just need an excuse to hate someone) and he chooses to come here to get a fresh start.

Given how close this is to Solanacea and how wealthy the kid is? Nope not buying it, when he could probably have pulled a Yakov and gone the other way to Russia (or England) or something to get his education if he truly wanted a fresh start.
Him coming specifically to magi likely has an ulterior motive and something to do with the mc, as in he wants the truth/revenge seems the most likely ulterior motive the kid could have.

It’s a stereotype, of course, it’s not true, much the same way all of the gay guys stereotypes are not true.

MCs with high sanity stats:

Well, after all that he’s been through I think It’s for the best if MC would try to make up with Reyna’s brother. Not only would we get rid off an enemy but it would probably lower the chances of a second demonic possession because it seems like demons manipulate emotionally unstable people.

You really can’t accuse someone of being fake friendly when you’re the fake one, can you? I chose the honest option and he didn’t react to it.

MCs with high intelligence stats:

Maybe she just wanted to refuse the fact that her daughter was broken…?

Didn’t we have the option to ask Sera about NMC’s politics on the train ride?