Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

President Carter’s intellect didn’t exactly help out in the best way possible when he was president and he was likely the most intelligent US president in living memory, even more so than Obama.
High intelligence also doesn’t automatically give you the required knowledge and sensitivity to pull off feats of diplomacy, particularly when you have very limited knowledge of the social, cultural and historical sensitivities involved.

Her explanation honestly leaves more questions than answers and makes it clear the mc has a long, long, loooongggg way to go before we can honestly call ourselves an “expert”.

In this case it’s better than opening with “Hi I’m Alex and I butchered your sister, have a nice
Don’t see that working out and neither does my mc. Which is why he plasters on a fake smile and gives a fake name.

but he’ll feel worse when he finds out you’re not John Smith and will probably have ill feelings for you instead.

Celestial Blade: None of the suitemates would give it to MC as a gift, but they could receive it as a gift. But regarding the blade at the fair, it was a fake. Fifty thousand dollars would be way below the price of a celestial blade, anyway.

MC’s funds: They’re never in the realms of Astrid, Altair, Cressy, Cyrus, and Seraphina. They are compensated well for being a keeper and will be even better compensated once they’re out of college. Their family’s income is honestly up to the reader’s perception, although all of the parents do have canon careers. Would it help to have the reader pick their family’s financial status at some point in the first book to clear it up? The money stat in the first book seemed to have confused people, so it will probably be changed for the sequel.

Fame stat: Refers to how well MC takes to being famous and whether they seek it out or not. Their approval stat with the NMC public determines how well-liked they are. If MC has high fame stat and high NMC approval, they’ll be more famous than an MC without those stats and have more sway with the public. They’d still be limited in what they can do though re: the Constellation Project though; they just don’t have the evidence on their side.

Other keepers: Magician MC will definitely have the chance to meet Nessa and talk to her about being a keeper. It’s possible that other species will also be able to meet Nessa or Akira, but this hasn’t been planned in detail yet. MC will definitely get the chance to meet another newly discovered keeper.

I think that covers everything that was discussed in the past hundred posts? :sweat_smile: Please let me know if it didn’t!


Well enough to actually be able to afford to look decent or even good at the high society events they’re forcing us to attend? Because that isn’t really possible on the civil’s servant’s pay of $50-70k a year.

Lysander certainly seems to be what with being the CEO of the magical megacorp Altair and even Sera like to work for, though we do know he’s a worthless deadbeat and a very poor excuse for a “father”. Roxana likely was too, but then she didn’t write the mc or their father into her will.
You haven’t given us enough information about the last set of magical parents to guess at their wealth.

So it won’t actually provide any income or really help us with much of anything useful?

I mean, I used “I killed your brother” in Children of the Gods. It seems perfectly fine to me.

They as in the suit mates or the mc? If someone’s trying to steal it away from me some friendships 'bout to be ruined.

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Yeah, but this is a game. Intelligence also affected the dialogue a lot, and that’s why the game is so fun to replay. If a MC has high intelligence the dialouge becomes more observant. And in the exams a high intelligence MC had a better chance of getting a 100% on their test. It also affected the classroom scenes and dialouge options. High intelligence MCs could also answer questions the players didn’t know the answer to. You may not know the answer to it, but your character in-game can. That’s what I’ve noticed anyway.

And if we’re going to talk about how MC can pull off a diplomatic speech then I guess the kindness stats would fall under that category?

There were also options when you talked to Cressida and Cyrus

Went with the honest option and to be honest I think it’s gonna benefit me in the long run.

Hmmm, and this too

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Isabella refused to take any money from him after they separated, except to pay for MC’s eventual college. Lysander would be more than willing to buy MC things in the present day, although Isabella would disapprove of it and would intervene if it got to be way over the top.

She was well off, but not to the extent of Sera et al. She didn’t make a will, and all of her assets went to her mother in accordance with supernatural American laws.

They had around 80k annual income with typical assets. They did own a home in the suburbs of NMC, which was willed to Ariana. (This isn’t the the same home as MC and their parents live in.)

MC will be paid for appearances at events.

It will be very helpful depending on the faction subplot they’re on.

They as in MC.


There we have it, the answer we’ve all been waiting for!

By the way, do we still keep our jobs from the last game?


Okay then considering an outfit my mc likes works out to between 2 to 10k just for the outfit. Jewelry and accessories are more expensive still, but they can actually last a very long time and would be more of an investment. And we don’t need to purchase them all at once, starting with just one or two rings, a nice necklace, a watch or bracelet (my younger relatives told me just now that today’s society kids may not wear watches, you were right @Fay but they do wear tend to wear bracelets instead if they don’t) and a pair of earrings would be sufficient for the college days.
The casual (leather things) are less expensive and would come to about $3500 for an outfit in total. Unfortunately, in this game, the mc’s casual outfits do have a way of sustaining irreparable damage quite often. If that continues they’d need to be replaced fairly frequently and that does add up.

@daydreamsincolor not that it will help my mc much since he really doesn’t like his father or the rest of his paternal relatives and wouldn’t accept anything from them now. As he does blame his father for abandoning him and his mother. Seems like he doesn’t know the full story but with nearly 20 years of bitterness and resentment to cut through anything involving “Xander” won’t go quick easy or smooth. And he still doesn’t like the idea of Alty and even Sera working for the guy. :frowning:

Besides which, any other paternal relatives we need to worry about other than just “Xander”? Hope we’re not actually related to Renatus, that would be awkward. :sweat_smile:

As long as it covers the outfits, that’s something at least. Mine was getting tired of needing to borrow from and looking like poor imitation of Leon all the time.

The question is a) do we have time with keeper training being added onto an already overloaded schedule? My mc certainly prefers spending time with Alty and Cy to working a part time job. And b) Would our employers want to retain us, in our present capacity or otherwise? I mean I can see some like Lex’s Hexes enjoying the mc drawing additional crowds. With the hospital or creatures caretaker job it could actually get dangerous if obsessed fans or paparazzi are swarming the place it could create situations that may put patients or the animals in danger. And in the case of the animals spooked animals could themselves become dangerous and put our stalkers in danger in turn. It could turn into a massive headache and liability issue.
Other employers, particularly NMC news and Secretary Monroe would likely seek to exploit the mc’s new status somehow and the question is would we be comfortable with that? In any case I don’t think NMC news is going to let witch-boy be an amateur investigative journalist who mainly fetches coffee and would probably try to move him to an on-camera position somehow. Secretary Monroe likewise probably couldn’t resist the temptation to use us to further his political ends more openly now, which means we won’t have the cushy job of taking notes and phone-calls and generally shuffling papers around with frequent trips to the break room anymore.

Basically a dollar store version of Leon? Well, I don’t know about you, but that sounds fine to me :laughing:

Maybe it’ll be like an option we can choose? In the last game we could choose to spend time with our RO, spend time with everyone or study. Maybe it’ll be like that? We can choose between doing the keeper training, studying or spend time with characters?

After all, this is an interactive fiction.

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Seeing how we’d borrow the clothes but not the expensive accessories/jewely, essentially, yes.:sweat:
Since we had absolutely nothing when we got to Magi and my mc probably used Leon products too, at least until he got his first pay from Secretary Monroe he probably even smelled like Leon at one point. :unamused:
Both of my mc’s wish they’d had the opportunity to look like Cy he can even offer to let you borrow things at the solstice, since he doesn’t seem to be enamoured with Leon’s sense of style either, but nothing ever seems to come of it, probably because he lives on another campus and it’s just not practical to ever start borrowing his clothes instead at any point during the first game. :disappointed:
Particularly since looking like a Cyrus instead of a Leon knockoff you know Astrid would have been teasing us constantly.

What’s most disappointing though is that Leon doesn’t seem to have any actual polo gear or a magical equivalent.

Every time there is a choice I spend time with the characters as even the ones he isn’t the best of friends with always turn out to be amusing, except Yakov that boy genuinely is boring.
I mean who would want to miss the next episode of cooking with Astrid and Leon? Which by the way would be way more funny and lucrative than making the mc’s life into a scripted reality show, particularly since it is actually all spontaneous.
Or Alty and Cy (and Yakov) with the snow fort. I’m actually surprised that with the addition of my mc that didn’t somehow devolve into four guys and a giant snowball fight somehow. :grinning:

I mean would we really both in character and as the player/reader ever choose something boring over the characters, if given the choice?

Some branches are way too much out of character for either of my mc’s to explore. Probably should make a third at one time or another and try little kitty cat with a male mc, as most of you who like Leon are batting for the other team. :sweat_smile:
I do read the code though.

My mc is of the opinion the kid can’t handle the truth (I mean my mc actually can’t handle it himself either due to the butchering) and he doesn’t give a damn what the kid may or may not think he’s entitled to! :angry:

Yes. Because the different subplots are actually interesting enough to be explored. And the player could always re-play to get a chance to explore every choice.


Probably not, since at least some of them were internships, and those don’t carry on. But, maybe we’ll get to pick new jobs (and be more qualified for the fun ones). Unless being the Keeper counts, we have to have a job to keep our scholarship.

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The Keeper one had better count, or else if it pays enough we can use it to directly pay for our education without the scholarship. Also now that we’re more settled in the magical world and unless we used to be quite poor mom probably had some sort of college money set aside for us, so we could ask her if we can use that seeing as how this is our college experience now.

Depends, I know over here you need regular employment in the same field as the one you’re studying if you want a partial scholarship based on that. If you’re say studying Aerospace Engineering a gig as an actor or model on the side likely wouldn’t count. A paid internship at Boeing or Airbus would.
In any case if the appearance fees plus the regular keeper incomes are high enough, like they are hinted at being we probably stop qualifying for the partial scholarship anyway and would be expected to pay out of our own pocket, possibly supplemented with whatever our non-magical parents might have set aside for the mc’s college education now.

I mean if we’re going to have enough money to fit in with the big society events in our own style now, we can probably pay tuition too.

I think it does? We get paid for attending events, so it does, right?

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Drama queen indeed. But have you seen his >=80 description? It’s uh, kinda ominous.


His angst rating is 9 out of 10 and if that doesn’t scream “roller coaster through hell and back” then i don’t know what will.

Leon sounds so tsundere tbh

What’s that supposed to mean!? Do you like or not??

Honestly, Kol’s description broke my heart. “Your existence makes his world a better place.” He’s not even awake… :sob:


Hi, I’m not sure if someone has already pointed this out or not so sorry if I’m repeating it, but when we set our stats at the beginning, when it asks if Kol is still missing or if he’s in a coma, if you choose that he is missing the story still continues as if he’s in the hospital in a coma.

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Yeah, some people pointed it out and I think the author is gonna change that in the next update. The hospital scene though… It broke my heart :cry:


Alty’s if you reach 80% is really, really sweet if altairrelationship >= 80
He’d follow you to the ends of the earth.

And Cy’s is really fierce : *if cyrusrelationship >= 80
He would go against them for you, no matter the cost.

So cute. :blush: :heart_eyes:

Also @daydreamsincolor other people have already mentioned it but you really need to update Altair’s description on the stat screen to properly reflect that he’s a senior now.

Might it be possible to add the news articles to the stat screen? Or at least the news stories relevant to the current chapter? So the mc can see always see them during the current chapter? Like the messages from the first game only with the news this time around since it seems that with the fame stat and the keeper thing the media and us staying up to date with the news are going to have far greater impacts now. :thinking: And the mc reasonably has moments of downtime when they should be able to browse on their phone or computer freely.