Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

What? Why? I don’t see how that’s relevant?

Are you making this stuff up or has this actually happened?

Yeah dude but that leather jacket.

So are we really gonna forget about that one time Kim Kardashian wore a bikini made out of fur and she still has her career in one piece?

Exactly, so raise the fame stat if you want an income


Since they want him there because he’s a keeper raising the fame stat should not be necessary, raising the government pay would. The government forces him to attend high society events the government should pay adequately for it.

She’s female women get away with more in fashion (including wearing dark green and even dark purple business suits as lawyers. I try that and well…) as it’s an industry where privilege glass ceilings and any wage gaps actually work in reverse. I also wouldn’t call what she has a career or at least not one my mc would want.

Besides if, as you say it’s indeed “that one time” then it is not a recurring thing. My mc wearing leather very much would be.

Nope I alluded to the Caitlyn Jenner thing before.

I think they’d rather have a famous keeper that an irrelevant one.

If we’re actually talking about PETA, a lot of people are against them. Let’s not forget that Cyrus wears leather too and he’s a high society kid. I don’t think you’ll ever encounter those problems in-game.

I didn’t think you were the type of person to keep up with the Kardashians.

And are you sure that Caitlyn Jenner did it for the fame? Because right now it just sounds like you’re down-playing a transgender person for being a celebrity…

Again, I highly doubt it’ll be covered in-game.

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I’m not but that one thing was extensively covered in our media back then. I mean the state television’s evening news dedicated an episode to it.

No but then she didn’t live in the America that basically seems to have created the Draikana for shits and giggles nor has she been the product of genetic engineering already. I really do think magical America has even looser ethical standards than the real one.
Her being female doesn’t bother me, her bilking the transition process for every penny she could wring out of it kind of does.

Cyrus does not need to sell out to corporate “sponsors” (or borrow from Leon) just to be able to look decent at those events. I also think in general most sponsors would want male mc’s to resemble Leon much more than Cyrus.
No matter how we turn it corporate sponsors are going to want levels of control over how the mc “represents” them that would not be acceptable to mine.

True, but most corporations seem to like them. If only as part of the new wave of environmentally conscious and socially progressive corporate images being rolled out and polished these days. :unamused:

Then why in the world would anyone even suggest that a cis person would undergo a sex change when they don’t want to? Caitlyn Jenner did it because she’s transgender, because she actually wants to, and because she thinks it’s her true identity. And then she realized how she could make a profit out of it. I still don’t understand how you even came up with that idea.

Again, don’t see how this goes hand in hand with MC’s fame status except for the constellation project thing. I actually do wonder if the public would believe MC about the whole constellation project and genetic engineering thing if MC’s fame status was high enough. Can MC even compete with the Delacroix family?

I don’t know. A lot of people prefer the dark, broody dude. Have you read a young adult novel? Seen a movie? Literally all the male models on Pinterest and other Social medias resemble the typical bad boy.

But the general public doesn’t. PETA is being slammed on Twitter and on other platforms. People turned on them once it was revealed that they kidnapped dogs and put them down.

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It’s kind of a magical trope, one I happen to hate but it is a trope. And since this is the magical world we’re talking about…

The general public is not going to “sponsor” the mc, unless we really do resort to cyber-begging. Corporations are and part of that would be adjusting ourselves to align with whatever corporate image they’d want us to project. Maybe not a sex change but an enforced vegan diet and leather and fur free lifestyle being contractually enforced certainly wouldn’t be out of the question.

You know I have but it is not the image corporations tend to prefer.

I don’t follow those too closely I admit. Last time I did look into the male modeling scene more closely “Bronzed Beach Boy” was the go-to look and image most of those guys wanted/needed.

Still, the fact remains that the mc’s fame is all based on a lie as Sera really was the one behind saving the city if anything the mc caused the mess by reading those pages for Reyna. I bet a real keeper would have sacrificed themselves and Kol back there to keep the balance. Or simply have been strong enough to beat Reyna then and there or at the museum.


I don’t follow this thread at all, and even I can tell this is going off the rails. Can we get back to the WIP at hand more closely, please?


Heresy. You go for anchovies.

Ah sweet. Maybe I’ll have enough to take that celestial blade somewhere nice.

Honestly didn’t realize I could kill Reyna in a more controlled way. And now I’m upset that logical mc had an outburst.

Hmmm… I don’t think we’ll be able to buy the celestial blade any time soon. Maybe there’ll be another magical item that’ll gain more attention than the untouchable celestial blade?

Your logical MC had an outburst? I thought it was more common among emotional MCs. So there’s a hidden sanity stat huh…?

Literally all my mc’s had the outburst. And all my mc’s were logical.

@daydreamsincolor Said one of our suit mates might give it to us as a gift right? I don’t want other magic items, I want to date the blade.

So there must’ve been a sanity stats like Yakov’s or Sera’s hidden emotions stats

Really? On the blog or on this thread? Besides, we got to wield the celestial artifacts, that’s not something you do everyday. So I’m content with magical swords at the moment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t think my MC acted insane but what do I know?

Ooohh, so it seems like we might get the celestial blade after all?

Everyone’s really desperate to have it in their possession.

Weird. Maybe your stats weren’t high enough to kill her off quickly?

Oh they definitely were. Because last go around was the cheat character.

It was love at first sight. I was walking down the street looking for a good time, and I saw her, I knew I had to have her. Alas I knew we weren’t allowed to speak, a forbidden love, as I was too poor. A barrier of class, erected by the evils of man. And so here I am separated from my one true love, resigned to others that mean nothing to me.

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I wonder how many hidden stats there are in this game. Seriously, they’re like easter eggs for code readers!

The hidden sanity stat is what controls this.

I costs only 50.000 right? Should be a pittance if the fame stat is as useful for money making as you claim. So I guess, again, it’s going to be worthless for anything remotely worthwhile.
If high fame lets us easily afford the clothes and accessories needed for high society it should be able to let us purchase this easily as it is basically the price of your average Rolex.

Eh, no we don’t There’s a nephilim, nymph and cambion artifact wielded by Leon, Sera and Astrid in the final chapter of the first game. The text even specifically mentions my mc grabbing the morph metal knife he get from Cyrus to have something in his hands. In the final battle we only have our hidden keeper powers that we cannot actually use because we don’t know how to. Granted Thalia and Yakov also don’t have special, magical weapons but they at least manage to slip away without being noticed afterwards, something the mc failed at.

Must be on the blog, right? We can be friends with any number of characters easily able to buy it though it seems the fame stat is not actually going to provide even $ 50000 in disposable cash, even should you choose to try and milk it for all it’s worth. :unamused:

Not really. I mean what could the mc possibly give back to Cyrus or Sera (those two seem the most likely to give the mc a magical weapon like that) that even approaches its approximate value?

It appears that the author said it on the thread

Is it because you chose his romance route or does this happen to all MCs or MCs that have a high relationship stat with him?

Hmmm, I don’t know. MC was brushed off as an innocent, irrelevant bystander.

For now, yes, the media did already speculate on us possibly being a keeper before dismissing the theory. They’re probably going to be re-evaluating how much of a clueless innocent bystander we really were after the public reveal though.

High relationship. The only requirement is that you don’t need to be a magician or punch mage who already has a gun and that he’s given you the morph metal. Then you’ll automatically take it with you.
My mc does have Cy to thank for the one thing he did, the rune trap, that even made a dent in the course of the final battle.

How high? 60%? 70%? Because in one of my replays I had 60-65% (I think that’s high?) and didn’t get the scene, or maybe I just missed it.

Did you get his solstice gift? Aka the morph metal knife? If you raise the stat that high only after the solstice he still won’t give you the morphmetal and it has no effect there. I generally have both Alty and Cy relationship in the 70’s and of course my second mc dates Cy.

Still disappointing to know the mc can’t buy it themselves. As it appears that even milking the fame stat for all it is worth is apparently worth less than $ 50.000 in total profits. So it really doesn’t give much of an incentive to sacrifice every last shred of our privacy and nearly all control over our own lives for that little money as it is less than the average civil servant makes a year and they get to be totally anonymous.