Kazizk's first game help and such : )

Wow… that actually made a lot more sense to me the wiki did haha :blush: I’ll test it out and see if I can get it running :blush:

I’ve been looking over the link you gave me and tried a few of the steps out but ran into an error, after updating and download the new compiled my games folder I tried to upload it and dropbox said they don’t have permission to read the file.

So now I’m looking at the form topic mentioned in the link for any possible solutions :blush:

I wish I could help with dropbox. I have the easy version with the free public folder though so I don’t know about compiling.

The wiki’s really good and a fantastic reference. As is the main choiceofgames site. I found I needed to look at some code in practice though to understand how it works

Even then I found using if statements really, really difficult to begin with. The more you practice the better you’ll get at it though.

edited link removed :blush:
hopefully I’ll get a working one up soon :blush:

Not quite right. Oops duh can’t do what I initially suggested. I’ve no idea how to fix it. I just see a downloadable icon.

Someone who uses the new compile method may be able to help better though.

Alright :blush: I’ll keep looking and see if I can find anything :blush: thank you :blush:

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Hi @kazizk, have you read this thread on compiling and using Dropbox?

I got a dropbox account a few months ago and this method works fine for me. Compile, add to dropbox, get the link and edit the link. You won’t need to “pay” for a free folder. I haven’t needed to. Also, I was able to do this from my phone, so you should be able to as well.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have trouble with it. I’ll try help as best I can. :ok_hand:

Thank you very much for that :blush:

But yes I looking it over and tried it out.

After downloading and replacing the file I tried to compile it again and it came up with a few errors.

The main one was, it couldn’t load the start_up.text file and the second one since it couldn’t load the start_up file it failed to compile the game xD

I’ll look over it again when I get the chance but for now I’m jut about out of data so I can’t really do anything :disappointed::panda_face:

Il keep writing and testing it out when I can though :blush:

No worries. Glad to help. Oh no, that’s a strange problem. I think it should still compile with the data turned off. Just checked it (with my own WIP). You can without the data turned on.

Are all the scenes listed in startup.txt?

xD I finally got WiFi so I can get back on :grin:

I’m fairly sure they are but I’ll double check just to be safe :relaxed:

Ok so I noticed that in my start up text there was a scene that was named wrong xD in the scene list it was labeled start_up yet on my notepad and in the file it’s labeled as startup xD so I fixed that and now hopefully il get it working soon :grinning:

Ok so I tested it and it seemed to work xD so here.


New link edit

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Yay, I’m glad you got it to work. It reminds me a bit of how choice of the dragon starts out. Keep up the good work, keep writing :slight_smile:

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Ok so do you think I should put it up in the WIP section or should I wait untill I have a little more written? General asking everyone xD but @FairyGodfeather and you to Silverstone :blush: since you’ve been helping me out with my questions thus far would you suggest that I do so or wait a little longer? O.o

I think you should make a short playable demo (10k words?) before creating the thread.

Is the current version long enough? Then feel free to post it!

Alright thank you ballmot :blush: I’m not really sure what my word count is as of yet mostly because notepad ++ on my phone doesn’t give me word count spell check or anything all that helpful xD although I’m fairly sure I haven’t hit 10k or anywhere close to it xD

Try pasting all the text on [this website][1], it will count the words for you.

Edit: that is odd, it works for me.

[1]: http://countwordsworth.com/

It doesn’t seem to know x.x it’s telling me things like I used the word “is” roughly 44 times but it won’t say how many words I’ve used xD il play with I more later or il try to use my roommates desktop later and find out for sure xD thank you though :grinning:

Did you use your phone or pc? XD but ya my roommate gave me the ok to use his desk top so starting tomorrow or today il get back to work xD

Alright so I’ve done more work xD but at the moment I have a lot of other things going on so it’ll be a little while before I update the link x.x I would go into more details but I’m not sure if it’d be against the forum rules or not especially since its personal, kinda xD

Anyway I do have a quick question, how would I hide stats that retain to an item? Would I set the stats as false until the item was collected then switch them to true? Or would I go with the hide_ruse? O.o

Are you talking about setting up some kind of inventory system?

Booleans (True or False) are usually the most popular option.

You could use a setup like this (From the wiki) :

*label inv
*temp milk false
*temp eggs true
*temp bacon true
*temp sausage false
*temp tomatoes true
*temp mushrooms false

*temp inventory ""
*temp comma false

*if (milk)
    *set inventory &"Milk"
    *set comma true
*if (eggs)
    *if comma
        *set inventory &", "
    *set inventory &"Eggs"
    *set comma true
*if (bacon)
    *if comma
        *set inventory &", "
    *set comma true
    *set inventory &"Bacon"
*if (sausage)
    *if comma
        *set inventory &", "
    *set comma true
    *set inventory &"Sausage"
*if (tomatoes)
    *if comma
        *set inventory &", "
    *set comma true
    *set inventory &"Tomatoes"
*if (mushrooms)
    *if comma
        *set inventory &", "
    *set comma true
    *set inventory &"Mushrooms"
Inventory: ${inventory}.

Haha actually I was reading that before I posted xD

No, not exactly umm…here il update the link really quickly maybe that will give you guys a better understanding of my question xD just after you start open the stat screen. Towards the bottom will be The Ring of Power a brief explanation then two stats for the ring and mc, I’m trying to hide those two stats untill the mc actually gets the ring.
Edit link here to.

Merp I need to change the title xD I think the working title? Will be…The Great Destroyer the unofficial name of the mc :blush: