June 2021's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for June 2021.


:birthday: Happy Birthday to June babies.

:rainbow_flag: June is Pride month – be sure to show your support to those you know that are part of the LBGTQ community :two_hearts:

This month’s thread is open early, so that the transition from May to June is smooth and there is no interruption, in case I can not log in on the 1st.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

If anyone has specific questions or concerns I may help with, please let me know.


@rinari has a new book releasing next month. I hope everyone will shower her with support… what an exciting time for her.


If anyone else has something special going on in June, let us know.



Thank you for always keeping these threads and the camaraderie of the authors here running, @Eiwynn!

My book, WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE, actually comes out on July 6th, but this month is a very exciting time as we lead up to launch day! I will be running a month-long giveaway campaign for preorder sales starting on June 6th; I’ll be posting more info about that later! And I will be busy with interviews, podcasts, and author panel events to help promote the book as we approach its release. :slight_smile: :see_no_evil:

My goal this month is primarily to handle all that and gear up to WHABH’s launch gracefully. Due to COVID, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to hold an in-person book launch party at the bookstore we had planned, something that’s always been a dream of mine. Maybe for the next book! But if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be throwing a party for myself and friends and family to celebrate. :joy:

My other goal is to tackle Patreon stuff, as usual–a short story, Q&A, update blogs, and an update to the alpha build will all be in the cards. My stretch goal is to finally finish Chapter 6 of the alpha build! The chapter’s been a beast to wrangle–it seems every chapter gets longer and more complicated–but if I can finally finish it this month, I will be very happy. Shepherds is close to 600,000 words now, if it hasn’t already reached that threshold. Idk how tf @Havenstone and the author of Choice of the Cat did it… I can’t even run randomtest on the whole game anymore because it causes my computer to crash! :sweat_smile: I’m 60% done with the game, so… probably 400,000 more words to go… jk I hope

I hope everyone has a great June and takes some time to enjoy the summer, we deserve it! :sunflower:


The last week of May has already been good to me and I wrote 10k words the last week.

My goal for June will be to finish the complete Tuesday storyline. I am very happy with the result so far but it will take some time before I will be able to show off most of it as a lot will occur much later in the story.

I also started fleshing out the dialogue with the expedition members and finishing these would be my secondary goal! Once these are finished I can think about putting an update out!

Congrats to @rinari and happy writing to everyone this month!


June is here! Really let progress on Cold Hit go by the wayside but I worked a lot of on writing projects (employment, other creative works, etc.) so it wasn’t a complete loss. Maybe it’s just what I needed to. :slight_smile: I’ve been stuck on this one section for a while now - first big branching pathway and I want to make each route unique but workable. :sweat_smile:

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly 20k words and the prologue is barely half done (i.e. one of the playable protagonists’ routes is nearing the end) … which means once the prologue is done its gonna be a doozy. I made some more creative decisions where I locked previously optional choices (your ghost’s name/color and your pet housecat griffin).

I like the changes that I’m planning to implement because they are what I want to do. I want to have the Ghost have an individual personality and not be a blank slate (despite looking like a mannequin), so he’s got a name (Mono… inspired by Little Nightmares 2 Mono) and I wanted to have adorable scenes where Mono is interacting with the Detective’s pet housecat griffin.

Oh and I finally discovered during sometime in late April/early May that the CSIDE app has the quicktest and random test functions available in the program itself… :weary: No more having to replay the entire game manually to try and catch bug errors. Weeeeeee~

Congrats @rinari!


I think I’ll be parking writing for the foreseeable.
With one thing and another at work, I want to expand my skill set and get back into building my abilities with python, specifically in building machine learning models. So for now my ‘free work time’ is going to be spent coding an algorithm to learn to play the board game I created. I’m hoping to work with a colleague at work and move onto some other projects after this too.

Good luck to everyone for this, and every month to come. Keep on turning out those words, one at a time. Hopefully I’ll be back to my own soon!


Oh man, it took me over three years and 350,000 words to figure out those were built into the system. I had always copy pasted the files into the base ChoiceScript folder and run the test through there on Firefox. Felt like such a dunce when I finally heard it had been there all along.


My goals for the month:

  1. Finish IPT animation (due next week)
  2. Biology in class assessment, finish notes, by next week, has that’s when it’s being done.
  3. Story suff: work on showing not telling, finish chapter 4, correct the scale of chapter 3 - Extinction’s introduction, work on chapter 5 if possible.

Priorities are listed in numerical order.


I hate, hate, hate editing. It really knocks down all the shortcuts I’ve taken while writing lol. My June goal is the same as my May goal – wash my hands of this book and get it all sent in for publishing. It’s just taking longer than I expected lol


Go meet your writing goal for the day instead of reading my profile. I believe in you!

You fuckin got me bro


My goals this month:

  • Write daily
  • 20k words on FoA, hopefully towards a chapter three release in early July.
  • This time, finish the outline for Diaspora and write forward.

Thanks for opening up the thread, @Eiwynn! Best of luck with whatever’s got you occupied. And to everyone on their goals for this month! :star: :rainbow:


So… tomorrow we’ll be in June.
Today my grandmother come back to home from the hospital spine infection
From 3 june my country will open vaccination from all ages above 16 (I’m 26 so I will finally able to be vacineted)
I’m still to behind with my thesis (too many distractions and I still have problem to focus).
My fantasy project is in a "sort of’ hiautus.

Meanwhile I sketched some ideas for a possible CYOA project. I don’t think they’re ready for the Interest Check Thread, and neither me, because I haven’t tried to code yet. Still I would like to post them here, just to tell someone if nothing else.

Untitled fantasy mistery

Selfconclusive spin off from my fantasy project (I know for sure that at least one HG author already done that)
Sources of inspiration: no one in particular
A wave of misterious murders stroke the Realm of the Wooden Elves, the Siderean Empire, ally of the Wooden Elves, tasked two people, an inquisitor and an enforcement, to investigate. Can they find the killer and reveal the truth among shady schemes?
Nothing is random
Two Mc, both costumezible. They are class based depending on their race, one of them is the “detective”, his/her stats are build around that purpuse, the other one is the his/her bodyguard, his/her stats are combact oriented.
The game is set in days: aside from plot related events the reader is free to choose one activity for that part of the day, some increase stats, others help with the investigation, others unlock sidequests; in specific days and times some scenes contein a unic and special event (the reward is a bigger boost in stats or a clue about the mistery), some Mcs get special scenes in certain events.
The goal is to catch the killer(s) and eventually their employe(s). Depending on your performance (case solved/unsolved, culprit caught/escaped, etc…) you may unlock one or plus among different endings
ROs: not a my priority but I’m open mind.

Goodness and Jusitce (working title)

Superhero thriller in a soft cyberpunk setting
Sources of Inspiration: Comunity College Hero and Deus Ex
in a not so distant future, the new unity among the heores of America seems to forsee a new golden age after the carnage of the Superpeople War. You are an internatinal agent of the new UN section which will cooperate with the heroes on a global scale. Suddenly a terrorist attack shakes the prospectives of a new era of peace. You’ll have to deal with the terrorists in a world where apperntly everyone has something to hide and nothing is crystal clear anymore.
Nothing is random
Costumizable Mc, you can choose the power, the source of the power or to be powerless (hard mode but unlocks certain bonus scenes). The powers are skill which allow an istant succes without going through a stats check, the power are the sames with just some writing differents if you choose another power source (only one power source is allowed) but your achille’s heel will be different, the powerless Mc doesn’t have one but they will relay everything on the stats and equipement.
The stats are built around the classic Combact-Diplomacy-Stealth.
The story is structured in missions and aftermaths: the mission gives you a main goal, sometimes a secondary, and not necessary, goal and the freedom to approach, the will always be at least one “neutral” zone before engaging the hostile area.
It’s entirly possible to end the story without killing anyone, without confronting almost anyone (some boss fight will be inevitable but you’ll still be able to use a stealth approach) and without getting spotted (the dialogue confrontation with the ennemy don’t count unless you failed to persued them)
The aftermath is the part where you can train and socialise with the cast of major characters
There are multiple endings, if certain condition are met you’ll unlock a bonus scene in the ending.
ROs: possible 3, a man, a woman and a gender costumizable; the aro-ace option is a completly different character with the same role of the latter.

Untitled supernatural

Horror/Dark Uran Fantasy. This one is the less developed. The Mcs is a vampire or a lycanthrope who struggle with his/her demonic and feral nature. You can choose to struggle to keep your humanity or unleash it to be more powerfull. Meanwhile you are in the crossfire among other vampires/lycans and beetween your species and human.
Source of Inspiration: Vampyr by Dontnod


Hello all i have started working on my first game which i will release under hosted games label.

basically my game will be fantasy game, where you will play as small indian king and where you will make some decision that will affect your small kingdom and your life also, i assure you all that story will be interesting to play and you will enjoy my game.

i hope you all will support :pray::smiley:


I am not sure but I think this should go in interest thread, here you are supposed to post your goals (say you wish to write 10000 words this month, then you will put it down here) for writing.


My goal this month is to get Scene 1 of Chapter 2 of my book completely finished! The total count of the first half of Scene 1 accumulated to about 89,000 words in total, so let’s hop I can keep the streak alive. I’m not really expecting the second half of Scene 1 to be as lengthy, so fingers crossed. It’s also my birthday later this month, so hopefully I get the tablet I’m putting on my list so I can start working on my book in my downtime at work!

Hope everyone has a great month and hits their goals!


My goals for this month are:

  • Get at least one fanfiction story/project finished.
  • Write whatever else I feel like writing about.

May wasn’t very good for progress, but I finally got through all the edits, and my story is moving forward again! The problem scene still took me a while to rewrite because of all the variations (seriously, my CSIDE is just a sea of orange and purple), but I’m very happy with it especially because it’s a lot more thematic than the original scene.

My chapter/scene outline is quite a bit outdated now, but figuring out how to put the scenes together when I’m basically in new territory, has actually made me excited to write once again. Too bad I’ll be busy again very soon, so my goals for June is to just release the next update (finish the last third of Chapter 2) and finally get my Tumblr up and running.

I’m very excited to drop the update, but I really, really should temper my expectations this time. Anyway, I’m finally in the 100k Word Count Club now, so yay! :tada: That’s including code, and I’m still in Chapter 2, but whatever.

(Oh, and psst, I’m still up for some feedback exchange with other authors if anyone else is interested.)

I’m not quite sure what IPT means, but yay animation buddies!


In May, my goals were:

  • Create goals and post them for the first time
  • Post an interest check
  • Begin work on my first WiP.

While I did technically start writing, I realised quite quickly that my planning stage was far from over - I’ve since revised and revised again, to the point where the next time I write “Chap1 summary:” I think I might lose my mind.

Jokes aside, this project is turning out to be incredibly fun. I dread the possibility of losing momentum for this because I really want to follow through with it. That being said, I don’t want to put a huge aim down for this month either because exams begin on the 7th. So…

(Small-ish) Goals for June!

  • Completely finish rough planning stage.
  • Create code/scene skeleton for the definite scenes.
  • Perhaps… maybe… write the introductory/personalisation scenes?!
  • Figure out what CSIDE is and how to use it (fast).

Good luck to everyone at every stage of their projects this month :smiley:

(If anyone knows how to turn off text-to-emoji, that’d be greatly appreciated. “Regular” my foot.)


So I haven’t finished the animation, but I’ve finished the drawing that I’m going to animate! Why am I mentioning this here, you ask? Well that’s because I’m animating Extinction, the (main) antagonist of my story! And what a good feeling it is! Even though I’m not done with it just yet…


Well, I made my 10,000 word writing goal, but I am tired of rolling in on fumes every month with it. Finished at 11:05 last night, and while I am glad to have made my goal every month this year, the last minute cram to do so can’t be helping quality. Doesn’t help that this day off chapter is a bit of a nightmare, tons and tons of spread.

So, my goal this month is still 10,000 words at minimum, but I also want to be at 5,000 words by the 15th. No more of this writing 7k in 10 days.


I want to finish drafting Chapter 4 of Royal Affairs this month. I’m off to a good start - I just need to keep the momentum.