Jolly Good: Tea and Scones

Or maybe its the MC character from Tally Ho. You never know

Oh, I’m SO incredibly excited to read about the updates. I’m replaying Cakes and Ale for x time and the level of quality and the joy is brings me is still blowing my mind.


Now that the school year has started up again, I have to split my time carefully, and finding hours to write becomes challenging. I miss the eight hour days of writing during sabbatical! That, and I am also working on revising a scholarly article that has nothing to do with this game. So it’s a challenge. I am lucky enough to never ever suffer from not knowing what to write–put me in a chair and I will transform into a pair of hands trying to type fast enough to get the words out of my brain. But during the academic year, there are hundreds of little responsibilities and preparation of lectures and students to advise and so forth, that the danger is stalling out because I haven’t been able to find a half-hour to write. So I steal time every time I can–I am progressing. There’s just so much I want to do with this game that of course it takes a long time to plan, write, and polish. I’m getting there.

I am deeply into the Primrose path through Chapter Six, which I expected to have finished by now. But I’m very happy with it, so that’s a comfort. Part of the complexity of it is that there is a route that I wanted to offer for people who have grown closer to Pilcrow, and also for those who have managed to acquire Mopsie as their rival.

I don’t remember if I’ve talked about rivals here–in chapter one, there’s a series of quests you do for your sponsor, and if you do well, you acquire a rival who dogs you throughout the game. If you don’t do so well, you are given the opportunity to prove yourself by being given a quest to perform. So either way, you get new content. I think it will tempt you to want to play it ten times.

Mopsie is the rival for the Primrose path–each sponsor has a unique rival and quest. It’s been a pleasure getting to write in Mopsie’s voice again. I think she is in the top five voices I like to write for this series. This path is for people who miss Tally Ho–it’s full of Aunt Primrose, Mopsie, Carlington the butler, and Rory, and part of it is even set at Ritornello.

The other part is set at a racetrack where you must save Rory from bankruptcy, as is so often the case. That’s the part I’m up to now. If you like nobbling horses, this chapter may be for you.

I’ve been writing a few updates and musings about my writing process on my ko-fi page, little by little, and I hope to do more soon, both there and here.


The rival system sounds amazing, and definitely will add playthrough value. All the sponsors sounded hilarious. The broken part of me wants the mysterious benefactor path to have Fitzie as the rival, in addition to being the RO. Rival romance. Rivalmance. I love my lazy and insolent lady’s maid. There’s something wrong with me.


Lucky you, you get to have Fitzie to tussle with regardless of the sponsor path you choose!



Fitzie’s conversations are probably one of my favorite moments in C&A so I’m glad we’ll hear more in T&S soon.

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and then eleven, and then twelve, and then twenty,… I’m still finding new moments in C&A that become a new favorite moment in the book as I replay [shout-out to the scandal quests!], can’t wait to see how deep T&S will go.


My favorite part is when Fitzie and MC are at the interview and Fitzie’s like “I knew you wouldn’t mind so I replaced all your furniture.”


Same, I’m partial to the cab ride and Ch 6 scenes myself.

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