Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

@Gower haha :smile:,intriguing response :thinking:

edit: that means that our mc could change the timeline and the world we know might not exist, if so the internet has to exist! no matter what!, otherwise the story of jolly good might not exist

How about 1637…for even more elaborate male costuming. :wink:


Doesn’t that mean we’re in a cursed timeline then :thinking:?

means that the timeline has been significantly altered, I just hope that the internet will exist

Unless we have magic In that universe @black That universe might not have internet at all

@WritingJaey So far we have not seen magic, so there is hope

@black no, I mean magic is needed to make quicker technological expansion. And in a possibility of an alternate timeline being possible that timeline can be the same level or more advanced than us. If that parallel universe is similar to the jolly good universe and stay stagnant in that period then it is very unlikely those people would develop WiFi without any exterior forces pushing that the Internet is necessary

I hope that in a future game of the trilogy we can boost the world’s technology and advance it, as you think a Soviet union in the middle of a cold war with the internet and drones in 1950 or 1960? :thinking:

@black Why use internet and drones when we can teleport to everywhere like mr. Marmaduke before the author nerfed him. Poor Marmaduke :pleading_face:


haha marmaduke is a time traveler


I need a spin off series where marmaduke travels through time and space. Like Dr. who but more British and comedic


i think marmaduke is gower who infiltrated his own history like a character, you know, being the admin of the forum and of his own history


@black Wait…doesn’t that mean marmaduke is kinda like the inner circle equivalent of this universe since it’s his job to protect people from going out of loop and making sure things stay light and not depressing. This means he has to prevent people from finding out that there is another universe like this one where depressing stuff happens ALL THE TIME. But, if that’s the case why would marmaduke stay in that specific timeline and settled down there and got married ? Does this mean his son and us the MC has any significance in this universe? And when we the MC don’t show any potential or decide to disregard all things that’s when Marmaduke becomes disappointed with us and treats us like we’re already useless?


@Gower Is it too much of a spoiler to know who this girl is?


After getting rejected for beta testing, I’m determined to avoid any spoilers I can for this story… this is one of very few events in my life where I actually care about them. I’m sure this isn’t a spoiler, though.


Agreed. I stopped myself from applying in the beta testing all together.


Can we pause a second to admire the level of detail in that drawing? :heart: So gorgeous!


It’s not really a spoiler, but I think I’ll let the picture speak for itself, just for now, in case people want to look at the picture and conjure up the narrative it’s telling for themselves and want to avoid even a little shred of additional information. I think the picture does a pretty good job of laying out the major players and their various personalities and attitudes, and the overall atmosphere.

Just 12 days left!


@Gower if you don’t really mind can you tell us a few snippets or stuff we can do in game. But out-of context so none of the people who are not in the beta test can understand. Also, we’re 11 days in before the release.

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im so stoked for this! tally ho is one of my all time favorite games and i have no doubt the spin off series will be just as wonderful. can’t believe there’s only 11 days til release