It's possible to create two different stats page for one game?

I want to create a game with two totally different stats page for two characters. I don’t know if it’s possible, neither do I know how to do it, if someone could tell me. I want them to appear in different parts of the story. Like one for half of the story and the other ending it. Or could I change them as I want? Thank’s in advance and have a good day.

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Yes it is possible.

First create a boolean let’s call it A.

*create a true

Which we set to true when its character one and false when it’s character two.

Then in choicescript_stats

You just go.

*if (a)
Character A stats
*if not (a)
Character B stats


Guessing that’s also how you hide relationships for chars not yet introduced to the story?

Yes it would also work for that.