Adding Stat Pages *IN-GAME

Is there a possible way for the player through their choices to have another stat page (or pages) created say if they built a car and had statistics such as speed, handling, braking, etc. to use as an example?

Well you can only have one stat page but you can have choices on the page that can lead to different areas. Like this



        Handling: ?
        Braking: ?
        Speed: ?

That kinda what you’re looking for?

I think, if I understand correctly, you want a hidden page.

 #Buy car
  *set car_1 true
  *gosub car_1

*label car_1
*if (car_1)
 You add all your stat info

Hope this sample helps.

Use *gosub_scene and create a separate txt file instead, will save you some space and worries.

It’s not a story choice but a 100% player choice that is completely independent of where the story is or what’s going on. So in other words, I need something that will allow the player to create something no matter what’s happening.

I think the main difficulty is we don’t know exactly what you’re asking for. Perhaps a more specific example will shed some light on the matter?

I think what you’re asking is something like this:
The player may or may not have a car, but if they have a car you want another stats page to show it off, while if they don’t, you don’t what them to see a page on the stats screen for it. The best way is just to include a choice in the stats screen. Here is a rather comprehensive example:

*label character_stats
This is would be the basic character stats.
*if has_car
  *goto stats_screen_choice

*label car_stats
This would be where to include all the car stats.
*goto stats_screen_choice

*label stats_screen_choice
  #See character stats
    *goto character_stats
  #See car stats
    *goto car_stats

The second guess is a choice in the stats screen itself that does something in game. Unless someone figured it out I’m pretty sure that’s still impossible (going almost certainly going to remain so).

I’ll look at seeing about testing the effectiveness of this example.

I think it’s coming together but I keep getting an OPERATOR error when I try to make an *if statement.

Here is the excerpt from what I’m making and the error.

*if (i5 “true”)
*goto i5_Processor
*label i5_Processor
text Processor_2


choicescript_stats line 27: Invalid expression at char 10, expected OPERATOR, was STRING [“true”]

Any help? Can I also have some info on what OPERATOR is?

Hold your replies, I solved the problem but I’d still like some suggestions though.

If I’ve understood you correctly, you could go the route of an *if choice, like so;

*label top
  *if (car) #Check Cars
    *goto check_cars
  #Normal Stats
    *goto normal_stats

*label check_cars
Here be cars, yarr!

*goto top

*label normal_stats
Here be normal stats, yarr!

*goto top

In that example, the check cars choice will only show if the boolean car, is true. And you’ll have separate pages to display the stats in. You could also use *selectable_if, then the Check Cars option wouldn’t be invisible, but greyed out until the boolean car is true. You put all of that in the choicescript_stats.txt, and create the boolean in startup.

I’ll add this into what I’m making and see the outcome. I shouldn’t have any problems with this.

For anyone else who is thinking of posting here, I’m pretty much done with this forum post. Any other posts may be featured on a WIP progress page.