Help with stats page

Okay, so i have tried searching for a way to do this but i haven’t seen any, so im just gonna ask yall here. I am trying to make a stats page but not just any other stats page but like a stats page that, e.g You click on the stats page, you see a choice but that choice leads to another place (still in the stats page) and in that place, there is another choice and that other choice leads you to another place (still in stats page)

i apologise for any grammatical error, i also apologise if you do not understand what i just wrote.

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I believe you are asking how to script a navigation menu within the stats page.

Here is my version:

*label navigation_menu
    *if (stat_page != 0) #Return to the main stat page.
        *set stat_page 0
        *goto main_stat_page
        *goto relationship_stat_page
    *if (stat_page != 1) #View the Attribute stat page.
        *set stat_page 1
        *goto attribute_stat_page
    *if (stat_page != 2) #View the Trait stat page.
        *set stat_page 2
        *goto image_stat_page
    *if (stat_page != 3) #View Character Relations page.
        *set stat_page 3
        *goto relationship_stat_page
    *if (stat_page != 4)  #View Character Customization page.
        *set stat_page 4
        *goto custom_stat_page
    *if (stat_page != 5)  #View Codex.
        *set stat_page 5
        *goto codex_stat_page
    *if (stat_page != 7) #View Gender/Orientation/Romance/Friendship Toggles
        *set stat_page 6
        *goto toggles_stat_page
    #Return to the game.
        *finish [i]Back to the Game[/i]

At the end of each individual stat page you have, you’ll want this code to refresh the navigation menu:


*goto navigation_menu
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