Is there a way to swap pronouns and descriptions?

Basically I want to make it so that


and so on, so that the text fits with the MC’s sexual preference. Could you guys help me out with this?

*create ligender “” (or *create Male true, it depends on the gender choices the player has)
*create he “he”
*create him “him”
*create his “his”
*create preference “”

*If (ligender=“woman”)
*set he “she”
*set him “her”
*set his “her”
*set preference “women”

Thanks! So if I were to do the same thing but for sexual preference, it would look like

\*if attracted to men
\*create he "he"

\*if attracted to women
\*create she "she"



you’d have to use

*create he “he”

in startup with all your other variables. Then when choosing gender

  #I'm a boy of cause.

  #I'm a girl silly.
    *set he "she"

thanks, I’ll try it out!

I like to use:
*set sam_heshe “she”
*set sam_hisher “her”
*set sam_himher “her”

Then: Sam scratched ${sam_hisher} nose.

For attraction, I keep two booleans:
*set likesboys false
*set likesgirls true

This allows straight, gay or bi options to be really easy, including statements like:

*if (((sam_heshe=“he”) and (likesboys)) or ((sam_heshe=“she”) and (likesgirls))) #Kiss Sam.

How’d you know my name is Sam? Haha xD thanks everybody

Shouldn’t I be able to do this?

\*if attracted_to_men
	Witches... = Witches, and a mage...

What are you trying to do with witches? Are you setting something there?

I’m actually halfway through writing a tutorial trying to explain how to do this. I got lazy though and stopped, like most of my projects.

Well I try to implement figuring out the background info in at least a semi-smooth way, so instead of saying

	#Attracted to men
	#Attracted to women

I say

At first glance, you know that they are quite an odd trio. Spaced out a dozen feet between each individual to effectively block your escape are a brutish hag in black tinged with green robes and equipped with several cruel looking weapons, a tall skeletal old woman cloaked in red and orange robes, and
#A beautiful and curvaceous young woman
#A handsome and chiseled man

I’m having the “attracted to women” be the default, so if you choose “a handsome and chiseled man” then I’ll use
*set attracted2men
and then I want some way to use the same subsequent passages, but instead of referring to the 3rd assassin as a woman, the 3rd assassin would be a man. So, I’d have to change the pronouns and adjectives to fit that. Does that make any sense?

And where is attracted to both? I mean how you do that? Also after read your text i dont see how choose a woman or men im choosing my sexual preference. I maybe want a friend no a bro that don’t make me lesbian why you dont do something more direct?

If you’re bi, you’ll just have to pick one. I don’t see the problem there. and these assassin’s aren’t your bro’s…they’re assassin’s who want to kill you. One of them utilizes illusion magic and is therefore going to try to seduce you with his/her magic, which is why I need to know what your sexual preference at this point is.

But im straight and text dont say What are you attracted say what do you see . I could see Angelina Jolie If i choose her im attracted to women? Could you do the choice clearer because i provably not be the only one pissed when discover game choice it’s not what it seems . Something similar

You see a individual you feel totally attracted instantaneously…

That’s actually not a bad suggestion…I will definitely put that into the game. Thanks for the feedback!

Okay there’s a few ways to do this.

Have a look at what I did for Tails and Scales.

I don’t set homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual. I prefer not doing that. (I’ll edit in a few minutes when I find my explanation why.) Oh never mind, apparantly I didn’t have saved the write up I thought I’d saved.

I gave each NPC a different variable for their gender, since I wanted you to be able to choose for all of the NPCs.

I took a look at your code and from what I understand, if I choose that Agaric is a man, the gosub then activates the code that sets all of his pronouns and such to “he” and “him” and so on?

Yep. I used gosub because I have a number of different options. You can do it simpler of course.

I have make all the NPCs male. I have make them all female. I have choose each NPC’s gender individually right then. I have assign them randomly. And then choose when each NPC shows up in the story. Using gosub made it easier to and choose the NPC Gender option and you can see how it plays out.

You might also find it useful to look at

Oh Agaric will break the code currently since I’ve not created the variables for them yet.

Thanks for the help! I’ll try to implement the variables into my game and see if it works

I’d to tweak a lot of stuff. The test option should now be working. It was riddled with so many mistakes before.

Do it for your characters. You can do it however you like mind you. I’m using a fairly complicated version with different variables for every character. You can simplify by only having two sets, a set for your character, and a set for those your character’s attracted to. But that leaves bisexual people out in the dark, and generally means everyone that shows up is someone who can be a romantic interest.

Well until the 2nd book, the only part where your sexual preference really matters is in the witch fight, where the illusion witch/mage uses her powers to try to seduce you and therefore get under your guard.