Is *scene_list supposed to have every scene entered?

I was wondering if you were supposed to type every scene in the game into the *scene_list section of startup. I’m only using *goto_scene commands and *ending commands, and from what I can gather from the help page on *scene_list the game grabs a scene from that after a *finish command, which I’m not using. I can’t find anything on whether it’s necessary to type every scene into this, or just “chapter” markers.
That being said, would it be helpful to use the *finish command? I’m having trouble finding ways to block out my scenes in a way where I could say “this is chapter x and this is chapter y”, thus why I’m just using *goto_scene.

Yes, every scene should be listed in the scene list. It’s used for publishing apps.

Ah ok. Should I try to place them chronologically, or does it matter?

The scenes should be listed in the order the player moves through them, as much as possible. I have a bunch of go_sub scenes that are not in the sequence, and I have included them in the list at the very end.