Is "Next Chapter" The Only Scene Change Text Option?


I’m new to CS and I feel really stupid for asking this, but I couldn’t find a concrete answer anywhere on the forum from what I saw.
When changing between scenes, is there a way to make the “Next Chapter” button say something else? I remember playing Psy High where the Chapter buttons said stuff like “Chapter 4: (some chapter name here).” If not, is there another function besides *goto_scene that I could use to create the same effect as seen in Psy High? Thanks!


*goto_scene What You Want it to Say


*finish What You Want it to Say


Thanks for the super quick reply! For the *goto_scene function where I make it say what I want it to, I tried putting in the scene name and then the text, for example:

*goto_scene chapter1 Chapter 1

But this came back with an error. What would I need to change here to make it go to a scene called chapter1 but have the text say “Chapter 1”?


Allow me. What your doing is telling CS to go to a scene called Chapter1 and then find a label named chapter 1.

The first problem here is the space between chapter and 1 in the second part. Labels generally to my knowledge cannot have spaces in them an underscore would do. But this would only fix the error not give you the result your looking for.

*label chap1
*page_break Chapter 1

*comment this will make the next button appear as Chapter 1.
*comment Simply put whatever you want the next button to say after the *page_break command. Labels and goto aren’t meant to let the player know about what names are being used.

Hope this helps!

Note as CJW said *finish and what your message would say would do the same thing because finish acts like a next button…to the next scene. When hopping to another scene to prevent errors you can name it what you please, but for the sake of scenes list and the likes underscores _ are needed.


*goto_scene actually skips the next / next chapter button so requires the additional *page_break what you want to say.

*finish Chapter One would be easier and less code


Sorry I don’t know what was going through my head when I wrote that, it’s only *finish and *page_break that work like that.
As mentioned above, goto_scene is an instant transition, so you’d need something like:

*page_break Button Text
*goto_scene sceneName labelName


Thanks for all the help! To update, I ended up using CJW’s second method, which worked great.

What I did, specifically, for anyone who might look to this topic later on, was this:

*page_break Chapter 1
*goto_scene chapter1

And this works the best because it creates a new page, but CS won’t display it in-game because there isn’t any text on it and the only thing there is the *goto_scene chapter1 . So instead, the new page will redirect to your specified scene without ever creating the annoying “Next Chapter” button.

In regards to Nocturnal_Stillness, the reason I’m using the *goto_scene method is because not all the endings in this particular scene should lead to Chapter 1. The project I’m working on has drastically different story paths which require me to create different versions of certain chapters, as well as path-exclusive ones as well.