How to put custom text on *goto_scene command

Currently, I’m trying to make a game that allows you to play through multiple retellings of the same story. I have created a separate “chapter” or “scene” where you choose what character you will play as, but after the decision I want to jump to the appropriate chapter for the chosen character. This is done by the *goto_scene command (unless someone else has another way…?), but my problem is I cant figure out how to put custom text on the “next chapter” button. I’m assuming you can’t do it like you do the *finish or *page_break commands, because you already have text after the *goto_scene. Does anyone know how to do this?

You just have to:

  1. Type in "*finish*
  2. Type in your custom text with a space between the command and the text

You can just do something like

*goto_scene Orange

and in the Orange scene, start with:
*page_break Insert Text

When you goto_scene, text just flows, so the page_break will handle the special text.

Thanks guys! It worked!