Is My Unnatural Game Glitching?

Okay so I just finished the game and for whatever reason the relationship values stopped changing after a little while into the game. Like I tried pursuing Ashley romantically and I chose her as a partner for nearly every mission but the stat never fluctuated or anything. It just stayed at 19. I restarted and replayed the game a few times but it does the same thing everytime. The values stop changing after I join Gamma. Is this a glitch or part of the storytelling that I’m not realizing?

Did you follow the instructions in the romance guide? ( )
You only get stat points for doing certain things, which are only available if you did some other things, so if you missed the right turn somewhere the relationship stat won’t increase any further.

Have you tried being a dick to them,pardon my French, and see if it goes down

@BoltSterling Unnatural is currently glitched for certain characters yes. Nocturnal and several others have been working to find the error. Turned out to be a simple coding error and it should be fixed soon. According to @Nocturnal the update has been sent in and is waiting to be sent across all platforms. Also just for future reference if you’re experiencing glitches be sure to check the forum topic for that specific game. Usually its addressed in those forums.

Edit: Ashley I don’t believe is glitched, but according to the romance guide if you Don’t bring her with you to Gamma she can not be romanced.

Okay, I see. I was wondering why I couldn’t even befriend anyone. Thanks everybody!