About relationship status on stats screens

Would you guys rather see the MC’s relationship on the stats screen for the NPCs or not at all?

Percentage format or words format explaining the current standing of the relationship?

I personally would like to see my mc’s relationship status, even more, if you can explain them as words format; in Tin Star tou could too change from percentage format to words format, and I found refreshed and enjoyable :blush:
p.s. I really hope you’re doing well; don’t let anyone belittle any way, cheer up michie!! :sunglasses:


I like to see them there. Especially if it’s a second/third/forth play though so I can keep track of the relationships I’m trying to build. I don’t mind percent or word format. Either one is okay.

I like the relationship thing on stats screen just so I can see whether I’m winning over someone or not, because sometimes its kinda hard to understand how one choice affects a relationship just through the writing.

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Okay thanks for the feedback guys :smile:

This is just my personal preference, but I like descriptions of how the relationship is progressing on my stat screen as opposed to a stat value. I prefer this due to it being a bit more realistic, and because this method encourages the player to answer honestly to their character’s preferences when making decisions that npcs in game may or may not like.

However, if the gameplay of the story encourages the player to min max stats and relationships in order to get the “good” ending then this sort of approach can be very frustrating. If you need to get an npc’s stat above a certain value to keep them from turning on you or something, then not knowing exactly what affects their opinion of you can make replaying games a chore. This of course can be offset by making it clear that a npc disagrees with a choice, but its not like you can write “SoAndSo disapproves/approves of your action” after every choice.

Unless you’re Bioware.


Hmm thanks for that, I’m looking into what kind to add for the stats screen and what will look okay for my game. Thank you guys.

I agree with what most people said, a relationship stat bar is always good but some games like Guns or Sabres of Infinity work without them because of how a character talks to you and the way @Cataphrak writes it.

Well in cases of stats, I figured instead of cluttering the main page which is for story central stats and a ‘Persons Of Interest’ to give important characters their own little profile page, include personality refs, fun facts, notes, and percentage bar for how they feel toward you.

Guess I’m saying that I ‘like’ having stat bars but I don’t like long and cluttered lists, an easy ‘at a glance’ kinda thing :slight_smile: