Is it better to purchase the individual games/app or buy the games through the choice of games app?

I have purchased the multiple games through the the app store and have the standalone apps for I’ve purchased psy high one and two on my phone seperately. I can’t play them through the app so is it possible better from now on to inky buy through the cog app?


You can add the Games through the omnibus App by having the game installed and then clicking on restore purchases, sometimes it works directely sometimes it tells you to start the standalone App. If both ways do not work you can always send in the receipt of your purchase.

Worked for most games I bought as a standalone app


It’s more entirely up to you how you prefer to have your games organised. The game format once you open them is the same. If you only download games as needed and play them, then remove from the phone, individual is fine. If you’d prefer to have them all together in one place, buy via the app :slight_smile: