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Depends on what your wanting but if your wanting troops then the castle upgrades to max to get the most troops as possible as quick as possible.. I will caveat though upgrades for your question you can only do a limited number of them if I recall correctly the general average that can be managed depending on choices is around 6 total.

As to the archon it’s mostly flavor text but I have a preference for going with the scythes type for the weapon arms since great against troops and other mechs. I would also recommend the heavy armor as well it can help as well deeper into the game more fights can happen and you get the chance to get specialty upgrades. my personal preference is the gyro one that keeps you upright.

In simple count that’s the general gist but there is more things and nuance and what your trying to accomplish for story can vary based on choice and which faction your going for.

Does anyone know how to unlock the early canon upgrade for the archon? All i get is the Greek Fire Tubes and Scythes and Polearm and Flail. Are there any other weapons besides these?

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Lol while that would be a interesting weapon to have and wield it’s not a possible option in the game. It’s been a long time so I don’t recall if the Author ever fielded such a question and if they had what there response was.

I just know from my numerous play throughs cannons aren’t really a thing in this alternate earth world.

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What about rams, catapults, picks and axes? Because all the weapons i get are the spinning double Scythes, hammer , Polearm , morning stars and mace. That’s all the options.

To my best memory you won’t ever see such save one time where you can see a ram at a siege but really who needs them when you have giant medieval mechs that can do the same thing lol .

How do I find the mongols?

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First you will need a high otherworldly stat(or whatever it is called). That will eventually allow you to meet a certain old man in the mountains, and then through clues you will need to impress him, best way is to guess what is in the tomb. Then he will introduce you to the Mongols … but be prepared this is a pretty evil route.

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You can go for the peace ending of you meet the mongols

You need a high otherworldly stat which is easy to get and will be approached at various moments in the game that can set you down the path to meeting them. One aspect could be evil if want to think of it that way the other path leads you to betraying the mongols. I will say if you want to get the harder ending of going back into the future you will need to side with mongols to even have a chance.

Question. Does Leader mean that you’re the creator of this company or something?

Oh dear, no. The Owner of COG is Jason. Leader is like a mini moderator? Then you have the real moderators like Eiwynn and Hannah.

Ah, understandable. Thanks for the clarification cuz I was like, this is the first “Leader” I’ve seen on the forums in all my years of lurking :sweat_smile:

Leader just means that he’s a trusted member of the community who helps keep conversations entertaining and productive, and has a couple of tools for signaling the mods or locking threads when a problem arises.

I’ve enjoyed this game very much.