COMING THURSDAY: "Ironheart," New Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO






Sincerely, this is a story I am really looking forward. Because It is a very risky one; it can be an amazing sci fi action with a spin off. However, it can be easily end as a over the top story with no sense with the story. Alternate steam punk is a great risk so I am happy seeing one being made


The story is a big risk I guess and I’m not sure if I like war robots in a Medivial story I know that this stuff might work because sometimes a note of steam punk helps to create an epic tale but to much and you create a strange story full of nonsense


Foam float make scientist shriek I remember that!

While I frowned at the ‘Build castle, politic and stuff’ . The beginning look good.

I will give it a chance, if everything fail…at least the companion seem like lotta fun.


To both @Colshot and @poison_mara I wouldn’t describe it as Steampunk, or even as “robots in a medieval story.” I don’t think it’s really as “risky” as you might think. Very mild spoilers which you’d learn after playing the first chapter:

The game starts somewhere in the future, and you’re an astronaut on a space mission. When the ship goes through a wormhole, it breaks up and falls back to earth and ALSO sends you back to the past, a past in which the falling parts of your spaceship (the “skystone meteorites” referenced in the trailer) effectively gave the world technology a thousand years ahead of time, so now it’s the medieval period but with insane tech like mechs.


The demo is not working in the email sadly

As a person who so loves the Byzantine orthodoxy, I find this weird. I do plan to look and advance to victory :stuck_out_tongue:
especially since this seems to be some sorta fish outta water story, no?

I’m not sure what that means :confused: Ironheart Opens for me?

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In the general email sent out with the author interview it’s not opening

Yes, it works perfectly

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When you say “email” I guess that means you have a setting on your forum account to have new posts emailed to you, but I don’t, so I can’t see the email or how it’s “not working.” Is there a 404 error?

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Its saying that this page cannot be opened.

That’s a shame! It’s a valid URL. I’m really not at all familiar with the vagaries of forum posts as email digests, so I can’t do anything to “fix” it. Maybe you can just type the URL into your browser.

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Its working now not the email. I had to go through the actual site

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I’m itching to play it, mechs <3


Ah waiting for this for a LONG time,it’s been so long after that beta… Lol probably have to do few re-readings though (like movies Edge of Tomorrow and Her)


I have to know… Are we the only survivor of our spatial expedition (well, probably declare dead in our time but…)

YESSSSS I have been missing my beloved Tonzo :heart:


You’ll have to play to find out!!


Hehe it’s too much to wait till Thursday

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