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@comradelenin I liked her too. :frowning: Unfortunately, I felt that scene needed a bit of death for impact and she drew the short straw…

@Jukka_Sarasti Thanks! Great to hear you enjoyed it so much!

I’m going to comb through the endings to make sure that the various ends are tied up in each one. There should be something written for every eventuality so it’s probably a case of fixing some missing links.

There should also be a mid-tourney conversation with Isabella - I certainly wrote one! I’ll look into why it isn’t displaying. Also, yes, I agree that she’s the least developed of the ROs so I’ll see if I can tweak her interactions a bit for the next update.


I understand the rational, it just seemed like a huge waste. A little extra drama in the intro doesn’t feel worth killing off one of the most interesting crew members. I really just felt frustrated after that scene. Sudden deaths like that are a pet peve of mine.

If you do consider a sequel (please do, you are a fantastic writer, I’m fascinated by the world you’ve created, and I’m dying for more) I’d love to see what things are like in the Americas in this world, particularly the Aztecs, Mayans, and Inca.

I don’t know if you’d have any interest in that, I’m unclear if you’re a fellow Middle East specialist (being generous to myself here, I’m a political science student with a lot of Middle Eastern studies in my curriculum) or if you just felt that this setting was best for the narrative.


@Jacob_Tebbe I Agree with you!! The Author is a fantastic writer… I world is fantastic and I’ve really grown attached with the characters… Though I really feel sad for Viv @Wiwyums that’s a hell of emotional punch there… It took me a whole week get over it before I decided to play it again with different choices…

I have questions…

Is it possible to meet the Golden Horde? And are you considering to make a sequel??

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Yes, it is possible.

For it to happen, you need to meet one of those criteria:
To have met Smorg.
Join the Caliphate and promote war against the Papacy.
To have choosen that your goal is to find your crew.
To have Otherness higher than 60.

If you have one of those, you will meet Rashid. Then agree to meet him in his terms. You will meet the Golden House after it.


@Urban Thanks A lot :smile:

Cackles like a maniac

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So male LIs are John, Karim, Ma’mun and Tonzo?

@Jacob_Tebbe Thank you! Although a sequel isn’t on the cards right now, I’d definitely like to return to this world in some way in the future as I do still have stories I’d like to tell with the setting. Like you, I’m especially interested in looking beyond the Middle East (not a specialist, by the way, but a passionate amateur with a long-standing interest!). Would be great fun to explore how other parts of the world developed the new technology…

@ezra Thanks! Concerning Viv, if it’s any consolation she would consider herself to have had a good life, well-lived. It was hard to part with her but it somehow felt right…

@cergyn Yes, and you can also briefly romance the bandit chief Ali, although you can’t settle down with him, just fool around for a summer if you’ve already met him and then decide to become a knight errant and a bandit.

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That’s just my opinion, but I think it’d be a bit hard to make a direct sequel work with all the different endings in Ironheart. I think the game is better complete in itself, and I’m looking forward to see what you write next.

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I agree. I really can’t see a way of making a direct sequel work. If I do return to the world of Ironheart, it would probably be in a completely different time/place, or possibly even in a medium other than interactive fiction. I do still feel there are things I’d like to explore…

That’s for the future, though, and in the meantime I have indeed started on something new!


Maybe like a descendant where your actions are mystified

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i think the game has changed because i could meet with the assasin leader in my first playthroughs on the road to the trial, but in all my latest games (minus the one where i sided with the caliphate) aside from agreeing with the beggar in the begining what else can i do to help give me the option

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Nothing should have changed in that section so you can still definitely meet him. Rashid will approach you if you’ve come to his notice in one of the following ways:

You’ve met him already in Aleppo, when he called himself Simorg. This means agreeing with the beggar, as you mentioned.

You’ve called attention to yourself either by actively searching for your crew or raising your otherness score past 60. There are lots of ways to do this - essentially, don’t try to fit in with the times.

You’ve expressed hawkish and warlike views which make him think you could be a useful ally/pawn. There are a couple of ocassions when the game asks you for a decision along these lines.

Hope that helps!

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