Interest Checks - 4 Planned Projects

So hey there… My first project “Kingdoms series” will take a long time to finish, but I can’t let these ideas go away. So I have a bunch of projects that I will be doing in the future; here they are…

  • This Blood of Mine - Set in medieval period and is high-fantasy story. It’s about a world where there are people who have red blood and some who have blue blood. You, however, have violet blood, the proof that your parents were of different blood. Gender-choice.

  • Bestia - A Red Riding Hood fan fiction. It will have fantasy, with the exemption of magic. You will play two different POVs, the girl or the wolf.

  • Maskerad - Set in the same place in my first project “Kingdoms.” You will play as an abandoned child. One day, you discovered your true identity as the bastard of a duke. To satisfy your curiosity to the father you have never met before, you applied as one of their servants. Gender-Choice.

  • Coloniam Deductam - Inspired by the history in my country, Philippines, it is set in the time when Philippines was ruled over the Spaniards for 3 centuries. You will play as one of the Filipinos and lead the rebellion yourself. Gender-choice.

These stories are my future projects. I will start on one of these projects based on the poll results. :slight_smile:

  • This Blood of Mine
  • Bestia
  • Maskerad
  • Coloniam Deductam

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As much as I enjoy medieval/fantasy, I still try to try out other genres too. It seems like these interest checks are still leaning towards those genres. To be honest, I am only intrigued by the last interest check. The others didn’t really interest me(unless the lack of story right now gave me a bad impression), so yeah, that’s that. :smiley:

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Aww, why is ‘Bestia’ the least popular? pouts I’m definitely into these games, but remember to sleep, Sophia O.o

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I’m with @N1GHTMAR3 Coloniam Deductam seems quite interesting to me, I like the idea of mc being leader. Although it’s seems many go for This Blood Of Mine, it’s also interesting. But remember, don’t push yourself too much again @Sophia

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I guess the idea of being in the background and not being a leader doesn’t go with me. :smiley:


Haha… I’ll keep that in mind. :sweat_smile:

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I’m not going to start these projects immediately. And of course, Kingdoms is my top priority. :slight_smile:

Hi @Sophia! For the Coloniam Deductam, will we get to interact with historical figures like Jose Rizal, Antonio Luna, etc?

PS. I hope this will gather some interest. C:

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I want both of these, @Sophia !!


Yeah, I wanted to vote on both This Blood of Mine and Maskerad. It was hard to choose one :sweat_smile:


I’m considering that idea, but I may change the name of the historical figures to avoid misinterpreting their personalities. So the characters there are inspired by the national heroes.


The stories mentioned are my future projects, but I will be making the story with the most votes first. :slight_smile:

I’m glad then :blush: Because all the 4 are good, I’d totally play all of them.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

My planned projects are actually 9, if you will include my project “Kingdoms” which is a series that has 5 books.

I understand. XD It is quite hard to portray a historical figure properly. But still I look forward to this one. It would be nice to see a CoG based from the Philippines. :smiley:

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What I meant was “I want both of these RIGHT NOW!!!”



I can noot choose this blood of mine or maskerad…why is not a opcion to choose two games?

I really liked the idea of Bestia, the chance to see the story from the perspective of the wolf is really interesting. Coloniam Deductam also really caught my eye (even though I’m not one for leading). I love games where you get to influence the events or even outcome of a country’s history. However, Maskerad and This Blood of Mine also have interesting plots so it was really difficult to choose :sweat_smile:. Looking forward to see which game you will work on first!


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