Interest Check Thread

Was there? I should’ve looked first!

What’s it called? I’m interested.

Bracken Fell. It’s a WIP.

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Hey y’all! I decided to throw caution to the wind and try my hand at a CS game. I was wondering if I could gauge interest for a concept I’m kicking around –
Urban Magic Fantasy -
In this world everyone has magic. Most people only have enough ability to use magical devices (imbued and produced by high level witches) but certain members have been blessed with the ability to shape the world around them. Witches of this kind have formed Covens, and most countries have fallen into a system where you’re only magically relevant if you’re backed by a coven. Most governments have their positions filled by high level witches, and in order to be considered elite, you need to be in a coven.
The MC is a late bloomer – their magical ability blossomed too late for the rounds of coven recruitment that happened in college, and they find themselves without the financial means or the magic network to put themselves out there as a candidate. An opportunity comes their way in the form of The Blackwell Institute, a ‘finishing’ school for witches who want to earn their way into a coven. The player will be able to explore the magical hierarchy, forge alliances, master their craft, romance a number of ROs and unravel the truth of the coven system a long the way.
I’d like to know if this sounds interesting, or is a bit derivative. I tried to make it as brief as possible. Thanks in advance!


So… I may have become sidetracked midway as I planned out my WIP. I came up with a new idea and want to know if anyone is interested! Depending on the number of likes, I might prioritise one project over the other.

TW: close relative’s death, slavery

So, the gist is this: in a steampunk world, your mother is the indisputable pirate queen of the seven sea- until the First Mate betrayed her during a fatal battle against the royal navy. As her flagship sank, your mother pushed you onto a wooden board and handed you a locket before being swallowed by the sea. You floated for many days, eventually getting picked up by a slave ship that sold you to a nearby harbour.

You spent several years there, brought and resold by countless hands, until one day a mysterious adventurer purchases you. They promise you freedom and untold riches if you accompany them on a perilous voyage, claiming that the locket your mother gave you is the key to unlock the “secret of the ocean”. In the meantime, you also receive news about a certain First Mate who was the cause of all your misery…

What do everyone think?


I think this sounds interesting. I like piratey stories, and this sounds like there is an option for revenge? It seems like the story could go in some fun places.
If you do have romance, and one of the options is the adventurer who purchased you though, I would be very careful on handling that tastefully.


Thanks a lot! I will keep that in mind.

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hello i am working on a fiction story of medieval kingdom located in Indian subcontinent.
where player will play as ruler of that kingdom, player will face to much struggle and problem throughout his rule. i have created characters and places but i need help with story outline writing, if anyone can help me, and if you are from india please contact me,


Hi, it’s nice to meet everyone! :blush: I created this account like a decade ago as an avid CoG player and only recently came back to it, haha.

I’m currently in the early stages of writing a fantasy story; my working title is Some Call It Eden. The player will travel to a mystical archipelago and become embroiled in a fight between two factions over how to define, or redefine, the very laws of nature. I love ethical or philosophical themes in stories and hope to explore some interesting questions! I plan to focus on exploration and dialog more than combat, but at this point many of the story’s details are still up in the air, so I’m looking forward to hearing about what readers wish to see more of.

Right now my focus is on a (non-ChoiceScript) entry for this year’s IFComp, but after that I’ll try to put together a demo for SCIE as soon as possible to start gathering feedback!


Hey y’all, wanted to drop this in here.

I tried (and failed) to make an IF a while ago, but quickly realised how little planning I had actually done towards the story, and how… lackluster my writing was.

That being said, I’ve started working on a new one, this time actually world building before I start writing! (crazy, right?)

Anyways, working title is Catalyst: 2056. Don’t know if it’ll stick but I like the sound of it right now.

Essentially, you’re playing as a Defender of Humanity, mankind’s elite ‘taskforce’ (trying to find a better word/phrase for this) made to respond to the supernatural. You were raised like this, forced into it by your parents. The defenders do not exactly have the best reputation, and are frequently considered to be ‘Hunters’ rather than ‘Defenders’. Which end of the spectrum you fall on is up to you.
You’ve been hired by the New Coridge Police Department to join their newly formed Special Investigations Division, a first of it’s kind police force tasked with investigating supernatural-related crimes.
It’s set in the year 2056 (obviously) and the goal is to make it have a gritty-noire type feel. It’s a lot different compared to the world we see today, which is one of the reasons I really want to focus on world building prior to writing.

Now, I’m still pretty early in the world building process, but I’m making progress I’m happy with. The goal as of right now is to have 6 romances, some of them gender-locked, and have a handful of them be options for flings.

The focus will be on 1) the crime fighting (maybe text box investigations? still have to look into that.) 2) how you deal with being a DoH (and the consequences that come with it), 3) how you interact with supernaturals in/out of the workplace, and 4) romance.

Any comments regarding this would be great :tired_face:, but getting this idea out into the world is the biggest move for me right now. Cheers!


Honestly hunters or killjoys would be great to generalize them all as. Kinda like the witcher where hes known to be a cold blooded monster but obviously not. Same here. They can either live up to the rep or against it.

Organizations like these working with police? Gotta be conflict of interests there.

World building will be heavy for this kind of game for sure, but Im intrigued regardless.


Hell yeah! Dysfluent and Nonverbal Communication were both fantastic. Oh, and nice to see you here too!


Oh, hey! It’s great to see you! Thank you very much for the kind words, and for all your IF reviewing efforts!
Looking forward to seeing you around here and maybe cheering each other on as we write :smile: (I admit a lot of the references in your previous works went over my head, but I’d love to read more from you in the future!)


No one was interested in creating an isekai genre, moving into another world?

Do you think this idea will be good or not?

MC, a famous VR gamer, transmigrates to another world with a guild he created and as a game character he plays when the game server is about to close.

The MC will attempt to navigate this new world, seeking information regarding its transmigration, making peace or conquest

Ideas: Overlord, Tensura, I am Spider So What?, etc

Genre: Isekai- High Fantasy - Political, Dark

MC Race: Dragonoid- Arachne - Demon- Angel - Demigod - Vampire


If I can recall correctly there are about 2? maybe more, regardless I hope to see your game with its own thread sometime

would be a cool if pulled off successfully


I’ve run into another choice I could use some feedback on for the same story. MC can choose between a technology origin with powered armor, or super powered origin as mentioned before, and finally a natural skilled/trained origin.

MC will have mastered many martial arts and weapon styles for the natural origin, but I wanna make it as fun and close to equal as the other two origins, so I’m thinking of giving the MC the choice of choosing one of three extra trainings.

I’m stuck on whether the choices should be between something like piloting, medical, and investigation, or if the choice should be between one of three types of elite forces training.

So, just to clarify…
Option #1

Option #2
CIA SAD training
Force RECON training
National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) training
These are just examples