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Tell that to my library. That’s my only frame of reference as to what categorizes as what :sweat_smile:

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How… is it not sci-fi though?


You can’t just set it in SPAAAAAACE and call it sci-fi. Star Wars has literal warrior wizards who wield magical swords. That they ride spaceships and not horses doesn’t suddenly turn it into sci-fi.

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Well… :eyes:


  1. A literary or cinematic genre in which fantasy, typically based on speculative scientific discoveries or developments, environmental changes, space travel, or life on other planets, forms part of the plot or background.

Sounds like Star Wars to me


but the ‘magical powers’ are caused by the midichlorians which are things that are in the cells, that’s like science that’s why it’s called science fiction

and in space operas (a subgenre of sci-fi) there is usually some race or individual that has psychic powers


Because it is


SW has two of those four, they’re both exclusively in the background, and they’re literally meaningless to anything.

I mean, by that metric, Game of Thrones is sci-fi. It has alien species (like the dragons and the white walkers) and it definitely has environmental changes, both of which are far more relevant than “space travel” and “life on other planets” are to Star Wars.

Midichlorians exist solely because Lucas was making a samurai movie and he needed a non-divine way to justify why the samurai were just so damn better than the common peasantry.

Literally nothing changes about Star Wars if you set it all in one planet, turn spaceships into horses, and make the deathstar a cannon.

Mass Effect has more sci-fi in its first two minutes merely justifying WHY the Normandy can stealth in space than the entirety of the Star Wars movies.


I think maybe you just really don’t like Star Wars for some reason, that’s cool, but your reasoning doesn’t make sense


Or lol you like Star Wars way too much :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: cause it somewhat makes sense

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Fun fact: Finnish mythology knows of a magic that comes from living things (or spirits, but those are living things in Finnish mythology) and can be used to affect other living things. The name it is called is close to names that mean a group, strength/power/forcefulness, and a specific type of bladed weapon (because of course it does), although sadly I haven’t found out if they are all actually related or if some are false friends. (I like to picture enchanted blades though.)

…and I want to use that in writing.

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I’m sorry @JBento but i have to disagree with you. Firsty, Dragons and White Walkers are not aliens, they’re mythological creatures which fall into the Fantasy genre. And with Star Wars (and again, I’m sorry but) it falls in the Sci Fi genre as well as Fantasy due to the Jedi and their powers, however its more on the Sci Fi side.


Are they? Is there something saying where the White Walkers come from? Because I missed that. And the whole thing is literally triggered by an environmental change (an end to a years-long summer), which by the eeny’s posted definition, makes it sci-fi.

Also, come on, wookies are sasquatches and whatever yoda is are goblins.

GoT has actual giants. If anything, White Walkers are wights.

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Well, they remind me of the jǫtunns (ice giants) from Norse mythology.

@JBento take a look at a picture of a White Walker next to a picture of a jǫtunn from Marvels Thor and you’ll see the similarities.


I have to agree that Star Wars is not science fiction. It is fantasy that happens to take place in space. There is literal magic in the Force, but all the technology is basically magic too. No substantial thought is given to how it actually works, and honestly, that is fine. The story just isn’t about that.

In what I would call sci-fi, I expect part of the work to be devoted to at least creating the illusion that the extraordinary aspects of the setting could be believably consistent with the laws of our own universe and what we observe in it, and that the events of the story are at least in part actually about those extraordinary yet consistent deviations. It can’t just be fiction with a veneer of ‘science’, it has to be fiction making an actual effort to seem scientific and logical and involving the scientific and logical implications of its extraordinary elements in the events of the story.


You ARE aware that White Walkers are human-sized, right? That’s not a giant. There are ACTUAL giants in GoT. They’re… well, very big. Because that’s a sine qua non to be a giant.

@FabricSeat This. Like, Blade Runner isn’t “golems in space”, and if it were, it wouldn’t be sci-fi.

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Lol. I know. I’m just saying, take away the height difference and they are basically the same. I dont want to argue this point because i kinda get very anxious whenever i feel like I’m getting into one. My childhood wasnt a very pleasant one so i used to try to find escapes from reality. So i took up reading about anything (my favourite subject was myths) and getting into movies. So, i don’t know why but i feel like i should apologise. I dont want to argue about this (because i feel like you’re a friend and i dont have many of those because of my anxiety) but, as i said before, it feels like it is becoming one.


I also don’t know why, because I don’t feel you have anything to apologise for. :slight_smile:

In case you’re not familiar with the modern conception of wights, here’s one:

Why do I say “a modern conception”? Well, because the original meaning of wight was “a human”. And now you know why the Isle of Wight isn’t populated by undead monstrosities. I mean, it MIGHT be, I’ve never been. It probably isn’t, though. Maybe.

Well, you ARE a spectral vampire (also, what are the odds of THIS coincidence?)

We can’t go two topics without somebody mentioning Wayhaven (still not making it a drinking game) and “more vampire romance” is a common request on the forums. I refuse to believe I’m the first person you’ve run into that’s familiar with Interview with a Vampire.


That must mean I’m a monstrosity because i was born on Isle of Wight :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lol. Don’t ask me, never very good at determining the odds of something. But as I’ve told you before, i live in Wales now (since 95)


You’re the first person to actually understand my username. And by the look of it, understand where its from.


How do you know that mythical creatures were not of other planets? :smiling_imp::joy_cat::smirk_cat: I’m not saying that they are or not, but noneof us know for sure and there are no set rules here…