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You have something in common with @TSSL then. :wink:


Hello, everyone! This was my original summary for the game:

You are a doctor who belongs to a family with magical blood, practicing in a hospital owned by your family itself. Soon, patients come in who are victims of attacks in a pattern- they are all missing a heart, and are smiling in their death. With the aid of a reluctant detective, a necromancer with a flair for the dramatic, and strange spirit, you set out to find out more about the ghastly attacks as they devastate the city, but little do you know that your search will tear your world- and yourself- apart in ways that you cannot imagine.

So essentially, a mystery-fantasy-romance game (which I hope to make very story-driven).

The planned ROs are, as of now, the detective, the necromancer, and a fellow doctor/friend.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I didn’t include many details about the world the demo is set in or the main characters (since I’m still fleshing them out), but I’d be more than happy to share what I have. And of course, I’d love to hear any feedback :smile:


This gave me chills tbh
I’m sensing that this can easily get dark :eyes:

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Yup! The main storyline will, as of now, be pretty dark (leaning towards supernatural horror), but I want to balance it out with lighthearted moments with characters, too. And thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. :smile:


In order to reconcile the vast number of possibilities that I would like to include for the players, I have decided that all paths will begin within a contractor company that specializes in deploying AI to different businesses. All testing and development will occur here regardless of path. The genius will be the leader/CEO of this company.

I have decided on an interesting prologue to determine most of the player’s initial stats (following the life of the genius up until your creation), but I have a few questions before I begin writing it.

  1. Would you like to be able to choose the gender/sex of the genius (needed so I can code pronouns and verb tenses and rework character descriptions)?
  • Yes
  • No

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  1. Do you want a tutorial/glossary for the lovely mechanics and technical jargon that I am planning on including (i.e. reinforcement systems, probability displays, and terms like CVNN)?
  • Yes, both.
  • Yes, tutorial.
  • Yes, glossary.
  • No, neither.
  • Something else (DM/PM with details).

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  1. To make the game interesting, I have decided to implement unique uses of certain mechanics, please indicate which ones you would enjoy:
  • Random generation for tests and certain non-essential events
  • Allowing saves/checkpoints
  • Unlockable plots
  • Achievements as a game mechanic
  • Achievements for unlocking
  • Graphs for probabilities
  • Reward testers with inclusion in game
  • Images (may need illustrator/image editor)

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Thank you for responding, please be sure to answer all three questions and take care to pick as many choices as you want for the third poll. I appreciate the feedback.


What’s good!

I would like to introduce you to a project I have been working on for almost three years, a graphic novel based on slavery in an alternative historical setting.

Graphic Novel, but this is a Choicescript forum?

Yah I hear that! But as an avid Choicescript player I have decided to give myself a challenge and give making a Choicescript ago!

The script will work alongside the story of the Graphic Novel (in making) and the MC will be part of the world post-Origin Arc.

The history of this world begins around the same time as Slavery did in our own, but with a few stark differences.

Christopher Columbus is the main figurehead of an Amada like fleet known in modern terms as the ‘Empowered Executioners’, and was effectively a hired gun who captured Empowered Individuals on-demand or for trade. Predominantly, these individuals were used to help speed the process of industrialisation and power - utilising their unique abilities in beneficial ways.

Empowered Individuals?

People with powers! Aside from incarceration of ethnic minorities, people with super-powers were also shackled by slavery and were hunted by the Executioners.

Within our world, countries have merged into Nations, many of them deriving from the Slave Revolt which ignited the catalyst for the way of life in which you will be a part of.

Tanowa is seen as the ‘Global Capital’ becoming the metropolis it is from the fruit of the Empowered Incarceration. It is heavily based upon the apartheid system and the settling of the Spanish and New World within North America, Caribbean and South America.

You will be taken through the journey of a young person who has been brought up through the ranks as an Empowered Executioner, being taught in the coveted teachings of Columbus and his predecessors. During your training, you come across the God-Slayer Sword. A weapon to slay the Empowered. As you come to terms with the landscape of the world you are met by the Creed, an order formed soon after the peak of the Executioners many years ago, sworn to be their mortal enemy and harbingers of their demise.

Do you remain loyal to the ways of which you have known, or do you switch sides once you have found your calling? Can you control the power of the God-Slayer Sword? Will you live up to the prophecies of Old which bask your name in glory? All these and more await you.

Now, the main question I imagine you are wanting to ask is > Where’s the demo? The answer is, as soon as I can figure out Choicescript.

I am slowly (and I mean slowwwly) coming to terms with Choicescript, but this is an arduous process and any help in making this attainable will be hugely appreciated.

Story-wise, I can pretty much start writing it’s just the coding :(.

As mentioned before, the world you’ll be entering is post-Origin Arc, and to stop any spoilers only small brief mentions of what happened before will be mentioned in this. You’ll come across a few of the Main Characters from the Origin but this will work as a new look into the world.

Now, I do have something for you… I have ARTWORK. So currently with the Novel, we are in the concept art phase, which means you guys can see some artwork for a few of characters which will feature in the story.

I would love for you guys to keep up to date with both projects so you are more than welcomed to check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with these respective links;

Instagram: MillenniumInK
Facebook: MillenniumInK
Twitter: InkMillennium

Any questions regarding the story or how it came to be or anything in general, give me a shout and I’ll try and answer it to the best of my ability > and please any help with Choicescript would be a Godsend!

(Also, if I’ve forgotten anythhing I’ll update the thread :grimacing:)

Thank you and I hope I execute :wink: this project to something which reflects three years of hard brain-storming!



Since you are writing a story where superpowered people are treated in an equivalent way to real-life oppressed people, I thought you might find this topic interesting — there’s some discussion of the potential implications of such stories that you may want to take into account for your writing.


That artwork is AWESOME!


Wow, thank you, I’ll definitely give it a look through. In this world it isn’t so much about the social justices of someone with power, the way of life which is showcased in the world derives from Slavery and the way things are now is a product of that. In Tanowa, people with power live alongside people without, all tensions run cagey between one another and often the people in high standing positions are ones without power. The native settlers who were there before the Slave Revolt, have been pushed out of the land which was once their home, and now congregate in hidden underground pastures. The story follows more about how the world is now and different nations represent different microcosms of persecution or the darker side of life; Tanowa - Apartheid New Settlers, Bone Island - Tribal Warfare, Sheol City - Black Market Trade. Hope this helps in understanding the lore of the world :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I have a few more concepts of other character’s as well but you’ll have to check the socials for them unless they somehow end up in the story :wink:


what if you find evidence that tell you the killer identity? Can you rewind and kill him before he kill anyone ?

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so cant go stabby stab on the killer… :weary:

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Actually, time travel isn’t too bad, I think. The way that you are trying to use it just means that you need a ton of variables in startup (initialized with 0 or false or “N”) for each piece of info and a bunch of hidden or conditional choices that check for these. After learning the info, you just change the variable (to 1 or true or “Y”) and when you goto the scene, the new option will be available. A counter for the number of jumps would also be recommended for other options and narrative for different times going through the scene.

Your idea sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

I am pretty good at coding, but a novice at writing.

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They way I’m currently working on it involves really large integers for each section of the game and modulus arithmetic to interpret them into which choices were made.

It might not be the most efficient system because it involves a lot of if statements but it works.


Ok, here’s my pitch, I suppose.

Welcome to the world of Eupon. There’s three houses in this world, formerly four, plus several barbarian tribes and a distant trading partner which doesn’t really a geopolitical presence nearby. The three houses are the focus of the game. House Vengyon is the military power, House Umbrael is fighting a losing battle against them, and the player’s House is basically under Vengyon’s hegemony, though there’s no formal statements of it. But it was not always this way- just a few decades ago, House Halor was the geopolitical and military giant, tiny House Goenvyn was the pacifist but culturally rich pusharounds, House Umbrael was the hedonistic rich merchants, and your House, dear player/reader, was the barbarians barely more civilized than their cousins across the sea. But through the strategic genius of the General Ikaeus/Ikra, Goenvyn has been reinvented as Vengyon, changing complex dance into precise weapon play and superstitious herbalism into advanced medicine. House Halor fell long ago, and Vengyon’s geopolitical monopoly is all but inevitable. Your father and king’s job became appeasing the Vengyon nobles. But as the inheritor of his throne, you don’t share the same job. No, your job is to conquer the world back.

How is this different from War for the West, exactly?
My premise is in a different world of course, but it initially stemmed from a feeling of deep unfulfillment from that game. This concept started as a two-act screenplay, about an innovative king in youth and an outdated ruler in old age. I’ve adapted it to this format because of that unfulfillment from War for the West; what I mean is the mechanical, rule-based way War for the West was built. I want a nation-building game where smooth storytelling is absolute king, and by the time I’m done with this, it’ll certainly be much, much further up the Hosted Games list. Thoughts?


FE3H vibes form this one!


Ok, I wasn’t really sure what you were talking about, but I did a Google Search and found out what Fire Emblem was. I suppose I’ll take that as a compliment, though that wasn’t really the vibe I was going for. I was more looking for… you know the Netflix show Rise of Empires: Ottoman? Yeah.


So that’s my idea, hope you will love it.

Title: Mr. Freedom
Gender choice:Locked to male
Story: Year 1967, a MI-6 agent decided to give people their freedom after learning a horrible secret. That person decided to create an organization for make world a place without borders and wars. Years passed and this organization became bigger, they also expanded their ways to get more members. Mr. Freedom, being one of them. He is now looking to serve this cause with his mask. From what I’ve heard from his teachers and instructors, they say he has a greant potenial but he has problems with strict rules enforced for Elites.
Things you can choose:
Mr. Freedom (main character): His sexual preference, his partner’s (bussiness partner, or not. Depends on you) name,gender etc.
MI-6 Agent: Name,gender, sexual preference, goal
Organization: Name, corruption level (will change outcome greatly so pick wisely), loyalty to MI-6 agent of other members

What’s your plan: A main story with 10-15 chapters depends on your choice, if people liked it then another small story about MI-6 agent (which will reveal canon MI-6 Agent) and spin-off stories about each class (Elites being handpicked from talented orphans for example) that involving Mr. Freedom (For example, Medic class’ story will involve saving Mr. Freedom’s life) and finally a story about “horrible secret” that covers how it happened

Feel free to ask questions, do note that I plan to reveal more details on story instead of explaining here so some stuff making no sense for now is normal.


Gender locking to male contradicts you choosing gender …

Yet, that feature is explicitly said right below … so I read it as being somehow a separated feature.

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I think the intention is that you can choose the “name, gender, etc” of the partner, not the main character himself

I’m sorry, I’m not entirely sure what you mean? The parenthetical element is worded a bit awkwardly, but without that it reads,

So it looks to me that most of the customization options listed here are with regards to the partner, and the only one that’s about the main character is choosing his sexuality