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The genre is political fantasy.


Yes, if the first game effects the second. Appearance, inherited traits, meaningful accomplishments of the parent MC, even what skills they could teach their child.

Otherwise, just keep the parent.

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From reading that summary that sounds awesome I would love to play it.


That sounds cool! I’d like to see how alien empires are run xD
Will we reminisce on our times on Earth/get to visit Earth and the friends we have there/the people who raised us?


I haven’t decided yet if the MC will be able to return to Earth, but they will definitely be able to choose how they feel about their situation and talk to other characters about it/them/their past!


Thank you guys for your encouragement! I’ve posted a demo over here. I would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


Let me get your feed back on this. This is not my idea, I am just checking it for someone.

The Idea

“So the MC was the first mutant ever; born when the earth first formed, and ages intill the modern era… so the main character is millions of years old. MC is actually 4.543 billion years old(because that’s how old the earth is) and during his life he was called a god Among the first ever humans. Then he fell asleep(and was forgotten); till the year 3567. And that’s about all I. Got so far”

If you want more info, this may or may not be a part of the first chapter or prologue.

More info

No like you can fight both, the hero and the villain, fight the villain, fight the hero team, or just walk along like nothing is happening,

Fight the hero’s and villains:
You become both there enemies.

Fight the hero’s:
The villians think they could use you(but your pretty much a god; an unkillable op as fuck being) so you could join them eventually ether kill the entire group, or become the leader. Or you could not join them and they will try to kill you(which won’t work)

Fight the villain:
If you kill the villian: the hero’s take you as a threat and try to ether capture you or kill you.
If you disable the villian:
They are weary of you because they as a group couldn’t defeat the villain; you can join the hero’s, or end up killing them all.

If you walk away like nothing is happening: you have the ability to manipulate tech(control it, hack it, etc.) so you hack a atm and rent a apartment, or a man/woman sees you and finds you attractive and invites you to stay at her/his place(which is a two story house).

Any of those paths you summun your weapon and keep it in a form that makes it look like what ever you want it to. (I’m thinking a phone)

Powers and ability’s:
Tech manipulation
Super speed
Super strength
Super jump/floating
Very powerful healing ability’s
Super senses(better eye sight, hearing, reactions)
Minor durability(because he can’t be too powerful)
Shapeshifting(only what MC has seen(can be fiction, and from a book))
Telekinesis(move things with mind)
Medium teleportation(can teleport objects and self or others)

the MC looks human(MC has a humanoid shape) that does not mean the MC is human. So the MC wakes up in the year 3567: there are mutants lots of mutants(there are more humans tho) [start of game] so the MC wakes up in an old mountain and somehow breaks out(still thinking how) and wanders to a nearby city, people assume he is a homeless person, so he keeps walking eventually a superhero team and villain start a fight(MC walks in on fight) and one of the hero’s quickly moves the MC to safety(because to them the MC is a normal human) now the MC has a choice of ignoring said fight, attacking the villian(Maybe choice to kill or badly wound) or attacking the hero’s(same as villain) or attacking both of them(the team and the villain).

That’s about all I can think of.

So, just be blunt and hit me with your feedback. So I could inform him.


Being honest the first sentence sounds like x-men, but with what he has so far sounds good.


Yeah, I am getting XMen and One Punch Man vibes in this one. I like the idea of playing as a very op person though, maybe something dealing with the reprecussions of such an amazing power ala OPM in a more serious manner or you could always go for a lighter tone as well. Either way, it sounds more interesting than other superhero games recently for me at least so you did got me there.


Honestly, I see a lot of plot holes here, but I’m just trying to check if there are more.

I will send your feed back to him


Working Title: True Heart Hell
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Horror, Magical Girl
Mature Content: Violence, language, mild suggestive references.

So, I’ve been working on this idea for awhile. I recently changed computers and with it decided to rewrite the entire story. Currently working on a demo. A backstory chapter allowing you to build your Magi Girl, then a chapter settling her into her daily life before getting the ball rolling. I’d be happy if anyone is interested, to work with them on new ideas and suggestions once that demo is ready.

For the moment, testing if there’s any interest at all in this type of fluffy-dark story. I understand magical girl is a quite tired genre at the moment, and it’s fine if not many are interested, but it’s my beloved genre. Sticking with it because I have confidence I have something…mildly intriguing to offer. Lol.

Other goals for the immediate future are getting together some character sheets for feedback. Feel free to ask anything.


The Year is 2039.

Backed into the corner of your cell, you close your eyes and lift your hands to the sky, begging the Heartline to grant you the power to transform. There’s something warm flowing in your veins, almost lifting you off the ground. Yet, when you open your eyes nothing has happened. Leaving you bone-cold again. It’s been so long.

The day after your 18th birthday, you defeated the monstrosity known as Hellseeker and stopped the coming of Armeggedon. Singlehandedly or with the combined hearts of Magi Girl teammates, that honor belongs to you. Shame that as soon as it was over, the Magi Helpers stripped you of your transformation staff and sent you on your way. To keep the memories to yourself. To pretend nothing really happened at all. The threat was over, you were growing beyond the age of childhood, and they abandoned you to face the trauma alone. Powerless.

Not even the luxury of being another face in the crowd spared you the traumas of the past. Following a series of mental breaks, your family decided to place you in the custody of the state. To the outside world, not only did those years of being a Magi Girl stay a secret, but they were entirely a delusion. You’ve spent the last few years migrating between mental hospitals, group homes, and the interrogation rooms of government agents…the only people who pretend to believe a scrap of your story.

You’ve started to believe in the facade yourself when a familiar face is admitted to the the hospital. Naomi. She tells you the Magi Helpers took her staff away too, and not to trust anyone but her. The Second Armageddon is coming. Despite their best efforts, the government-formed Magical Core lost most of its biomagi agents in a failed attempt to stop it. Same tragic story with the Magi Helpers’ newest selection of girls. The Heartline needs you to come back into the game. To let bygones be bygones and help save the world.

Whether or not you buy into all this, it’s too late to ask questions. Mere hours after her warning, the televisions blare a National Security Alert, and the sounds of screams echo across hospital walls. If you want to survive, you must firmly take hold of your new staff and become a Magi Girl once more.


  • Customize your own unique magical girl: from the colors and style of your outfit, the species and personality of your Helper, to catchphrases, weapons and powerset.
  • Define your past, your personality, and how others saw you. Did you work with a team to protect a small town? Or did you travel the world alone to prevent Armageddon? Some combination thereof?
  • Relationships matter. Your choices are remembered and referred to by other characters. Be the leader of a new team if you’d like, selecting the members you want and forming bonds. Everyone has the potential to be a friend, enemy, even lover in some cases.
  • Several factions and decisions with which to forge your own path. The Heartline Angels, fellow Magi Girls and their Helpers, the Magical Core, the Helldreamers, your own goals and dreams…Your ending is up to you.
  • Save game feature and ability to restart a chapter if you didn’t like how it turned out.
  • The occasional unique, randomized encounter with npc or setting. (With no overall bearing on plot: it’s pure flavor, lore, setting, or interaction based.)

I’d definitely be interested in playing this


can’t wait for the demo, love the idea


No! This is actually very great! This is probably he first Magical Girl story I’ve seen here! Yeah, the deconstruction of Magical Girls is a cliche in Japan but not in CYOA game form. I am definitely looking forward for this as you got me all excited for a new type of game.

As for the plot? I like that it is not the typical Magical Girl but edgy like Magical Site in that it deals with the aftermath of the typical traumatic coming of age charactrr arc of other magical girl stories. So kudos to that since that itself is very original, so please don’t think of it as cliche. It s great! :smiley:


I figured I should probably do a check here before I keep playing with code, but would anyone be interested in a choice game based on playing dnd with friends?


I would give it a go! I Your fanfics on tumblr are really awesome so I’m highly interested to see what you’ve planned for your own game :smiley:


I would try it too, sounds fun


Hey everyone, it makes me SO happy to see interest! Let alone so much and a postitive response! It means a lot. I’m going to stay up late working hard to get this demo to you guys.

My biggest question to ya’ll atm is: Are multiple choices directly after each other annoying? The beginning lets you define your entire transformation and appearance, separated by paragraphs. It’s detailed, involving things from color schemes to objects and etc to try and bring unique MCs to life. Buuut it could also drag on too long?

At what point will you say: “I really don’t care what color my hair is described as.”? Almost immediately, or do you find high customization fun and rewarding?

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I personally like customizing every detail…it helps me connect with my MC.


I recommend having quick options that let the player set a whole bunch of variables together, and then deeper customization for those who want to put together their own unique look. I could post a piece of example code tomorrow, if you’re interested.