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Yeah that’s a good idea, and trust me i really did think about the possibility of how survivors would find each other with such a thin population, but i already solved that within the game, by giving every human left alive a passive ability i call beacon. They are constantly emitting unique bio signals which most other humans especially the ones with sensitivity related powers can trace. In this case if there are any survivors who have the power to and want to go on a power trip (which trust me there are quite the number of them) they would actively seek out other survivors and those who can’t seek them out efficiently enough would look for those who can.

Your MC is known as a late waker, someone who didn’t wake up immediately after the 2 years period, you took 5 months extra. and when you wake up you find that a bunch of other teenagers that are part of a larger group of people who managed to find each other in an active effort to unite and create a safe haven had found you and were keeping you safe till you woke up. the entire group you later come to find out is about 113 people, which is largely thanks to the teleporter and tracker duo in the group that tried to bring as many people as possible together in an effort to survive in this strange new world they woke up in.


ok I am convinced. Cant wait for the demo


Yes in Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island there are…

Fantasy Elements

First and foremost you are believed to be a dragonborn because you are a Stonebearer


  1. Dragons-
    Currently the Apex Predator.

  2. Intelligent Gorillas-

  3. Griffions-
    A flying lion no eagle head just a lion the whole body.

  4. Pegxus-
    A flying horse with some abilities.

  5. Unicorn-
    Was the Apex Predator.

  6. ?Uknown- Potential Threat.
    Vies to be the Apex Predator.

For more info visit the Library in the WIP.

These are the rarest minerals that are found amongst the most valuable resource in Nexus which is Sparkles.

5.White Pulsar-
The least rare mineral amongst pulsars.It cures sea water if used by experts.

4.Red Pulsar-
Revives Valhallas those who have only died in battle.Requires an infirmary.

3.Green Pulsar-
Replenish the the MC’s sense of time.

2.Blue Pulsar-
Forms a shield barrier in all of MC’s owned territories.If used by an expert of course.

1.Rainbolic Pulsar- The Alpha Pulsar.
Contains all the powers of the other pulsars.It also gives one the ability to look The Grim Reaper right in the eyes and say “Not today!”

Now to every one of these elements there is a Legend tied to it.
In this game novel legends are ancient lore that aren’t believed by most people.But the truth is as the saying goes “At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth”~Michael Scott

To learn more one would have to visit the library.

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I was thinking about start writing a period drama simulator game in the style of a Jane Austen novel- where you can play a heroin coming of age in some sort of simile to the Georgian era, with the ROs playing the most typical roles of the love interests in the novels of Jane Austen and similar authors, for example: the brooding and aloof rich person with a heart of gold // the impoverished but noble and hardworking… and so on.

BUT! As fun as it sounds (at least for me) and as much as I like those dramas in movies… they are in fact set in a society with different morals and I’m an overthinker, therefore I can think of many things that could go wrong and I would like to read opinions please, so:

Main points of the game:
– It would have to a gender-locked female MC because somehow it would not have the same effect with others genders :sob: because of the roles of the society during that age (cough, sexism). This makes my eye twitch, so I plan on making it the least sexist as it can possible be without missing the vibe.
– The objective of the MC would be get an stable way of life. Of course I don’t plan to write a story in which the MC has to be forced into a marriage of convenience (unless they want to lol) or of any type, but the main plot is romantic and I plan on the secondary characters suggesting you to marry so… IDK how to handle that?!! I accept suggestions.
– Also, racism definitely won’t be a part of it because who would need that, iugh.
– I’d also like to include some RO’s with interchangeable gender and/or female ROs and for that to happen I’d like to make the society much more accepting.
– What do you think of bad ROs? All period dramas have this type of character that tries to woo the protagonist but we learn later that they are in fact, a treacherous or inconstant person, someone you shouldn’t trust. I’d like to include that, as a trap :smiling_imp: with foreshadowing (in form of gossip! as the trope demands) but you can also fall in the trap lol
What is your opinion on bad ROs?

  • I don’t like the idea of bad ROs
  • I don’t mind if there are bad ROs
  • I like the idea of bad ROs
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I would like to think this idea sounds promising, but ofc I’d need to actually work on it lol. A big issue would be to get the right way of speaking of the time, but well. That’s a problem for the future. I know this game would not be everyone’s cup of tea, but how many of you would actually be interested in this game?

  • I’d definitely play a game like that.
  • MAYBE I would play it- you have piqued my interest.
  • Nah, it’s not my cup of tea.
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Finally, if someone has some typical or cliché character or scene trope with period drama romance novel vibes I would love to hear your ideas, even if this game ends in nothing, it would be for my own amusement :heavy_heart_exclamation: We were brainstorming about this with my sister yesterday lol Examples of scene: the indispensable ball scene. Character: the soldier with a mysterious past who makes all the girls swoon.


Ok, Regency Romance is one of my favorite genres of all time! I’m even writing a traditional novel in the genre in addition to IF. So yes, I will definitely read it

Pro-tip for research: if you’re really going for the Jane Austin feel, you’ll get better results if you research the Regency Era as opposed to the Georgian Era. This is because the Georgian Era encompasses more than just the Regency. Even though it was a short period of time, the Regency had such a distinct presence. And culturally the years before and after the Regency are similar enough that fashion historians have actually expanded the period for their purposes, so aesthetically it fits into even the earliest bits of Austin

As for how the characters actually talk, I’d recommend just watching and reading Regency Romances. Absorb it, maybe write down a few lines, then get started. My personal favorites are Pride and Prejudice 1995, and Bridgerton (the show and the books).

Finally, the bad ROs. I think they’re fun to read about, but I don’t want my own Mr. Wickham, you know? I’d rather stick to someone else. But if you want to write a character like that, go for it! Maybe put a warning label on him?


I finally posted the demo to The Thousand Of Us.

I’d appreciate if you put in a few minutes of your time to check it out, and would also love to have any feedbacks or suggestions


Post Suez a Union

In the wake of the Suez Crisis and the fading influence of their colonial empires, France and the United Kingdom forge an audacious alliance known as the Franco-British Union. Determined to reassert their global stature and counter the dominance of the United States and the Soviet Union, the two former colonial powers collaborate closely, pooling resources and strategies to maintain control over their remaining territories across Africa and Asia. As they navigate historical rivalries and changing international dynamics, the Union strives to carve out a distinctive role as a third superpower, while grappling with the complexities of upholding colonial rule amidst a rapidly evolving world order.

You play a minister of foreign affairs to the Franco British Union do you convince your leaders to hold on to their empires or do you heed the “winds of change”


That seems fun. I’ve been wanting a political simulation game set in the Cold War like this. Could you please provide more details?


After the 1956 Suez crisis, the UK even more upset with the us betrayal than in real life, accepts the French proposal for a Franco British union, creating a third superpower. Both countries remain separate but heavily allied and independent from the US and NATO while they combine their colonial empires.

You play as the Minister of foreign affairs for the UK. You will have to try to both promote your countries interests as well as appeasing the French. You will also have to decide whether you persuade your prime minister and the French president to cling onto their colonial empires or give into the modern world and the winds of change and begin the process of decolonization.

Along the way you will also possibly try to pick up new allies, the other colonial powers. Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy and face off against both the US and Soviet Union in a three way cold war. Or try détente with one of the powers.


Hmm, at that time Britain was already a nuclear power, but do you have anything related to nuclear strategy? Also, as I am Japanese, I am also interested in relations with Asian countries.

Franco Britain would remain in control of malaysia and Singapore plus hong Kong.

In regards to Japan, a policy of cautious neutrality. Japan at that time were heavily allied to the US so the french and British would view them as under US influence. Same for Korea

French Indochina has already been abandoned with France trying to engage in some neo colonialism.china is viewed as hostile, but not an immediate threat, being blocked by other countries.


Hmm, so what about nuclear strategy? Also, is it possible to promote or hinder the nuclear development of other countries (eg France or Japan)? Also, how about adding a policy regarding colonial administration? (For example, security maintenance, judicial system, infrastructure development, education/medical care, self-government, etc.)

Hiya everyone.

So, I don’t know how everyone else’s brains work, but I find it helps me to be working on two projects at once. The first project, is my main WiP, while the second, is one I’m currently mulling over.

The problem, is that I have two ideas that I love, but I cannot realistically expect to work on three projects at a time, so I would like to ask the interest check thread for opinions on which idea I should go forward with.

Synopsis One:

I already posted this earlier in the thread, so I’ll just quote it.

As a disclaimer, this would be on the short side, around 100,000 words, and would have no RO’s

Synopsis Two:

Broken Rails

And when they knew the Earth was doomed, they built a ship. Designed to stop a civilisation from becoming extinct, the Ark carried the lucky few away into a new future.

But this is not the story of humanity’s elite who sought a new future among the stars. This is the story of those whome they left behind.

This story takes place in a dystopian future that I like to call “The Eternal Summer”. In a world stricken by heat and climate disasters, society hung on by a thread. Now, in 2102, what is left of civilisation mostly confines themselves to “safe zones” at the centre of cities. Everything outside the safe zones, is anarchy.

If it weren’t for roaming bands of mercenaries, willing to work in exchange for a variety of commodities, the safe zones would have long fallen to gangs of raiders or climate disasters.

You play as the leader of arguably the most prestigious and elite group of mercenaries on what remains of the British Isles: The Knights of Albion. Unlike most mercenary groups, who wander on horseback, or in barely-hanging-on vehicles, The Knights of Albion make their headquaters on The Myriad Hope, The Fortress Train.

After the death of your Father, the previous leader of The Knights of Albion, you seek to make a name for yourself. To this end, you lead an expedition to Cornwall, which has been radio-silent since 2079. Taking the train as far as Plymouth, you and a select few Knights venture into Cornwall.

There, you discover a conspiracy that threatens the survival of Humanity.

Over the course of the game, you take the Fortress train all over the British Isles, in order to combat the threat. But take head, for the missions you ignore are just as important as the missions you ultimately choose to accept. But in the end, you are the leader, and the choice is yours.

This game would be standard-ish length for a HG, and it would include RO’s

So, which synopsis do you all think I should devote the other half of my time to?

  • Last Call
  • Broken Rails
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Thank you! I was actually confused when searching about this because I was sure that it was called Regency Era, based in my general knowledge of the topic, but when I googled it, the actual regency was so short in time that I thought I was mistaken :sweat_smile: so thank you for clearing it up for me and for all of your useful suggestions :heart: I haven’t watched Pride and prejudice from 1995 so I’ll check it up :nerd_face: So far, my favorite adaptation has been Emma (2020), but I may be biased because of how pretty the costumes were :sparkles:

omg lol yes, I get you :joy: I was thinking of them more as secondary characters rather than actually long-developed ROs(? they would be like some kind of bad ending maybe? Idk, I wouldn’t want them to occupy that much of space in the plot… I wouldn’t know exactly how to implement it though :thinking:

Thank you for your insights and good luck with your book! :grin:


Another minor update in Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island.

  • I believe I have made the prologue less cryptic.So instead of figuring facts on your own you will get a little help.
  • Ongoing constructions under the objective tracker in the stats screen is no longer a work in progress.You can keep track of your constructions as of late.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea to make my WIP more interesting.


I’m just throwing some ideas at you here, because I love the potential:

This is gonna be long because this really got me thinking.


Maybe you could implement it as some sort of stat that will make the main character more or less susceptible to being tricked?

For example, a savviness/interest in gossiping that can give such an MC an earlier head’s up, or an observational MC that can tell there’s something up with the bad LI, to varying degrees of effect.

Or perhaps an innocence stat/action; there could be a certain point where the MC can grow distrustful of this character, but only if the reader picks the option for “there’s something suspicious here” in a prompted scene, something innocuous enough that it won’t set off every alarm bell unless a prerequisite is filled. I think it’s important to hit a balance between “so suspicious that no reader will be surprised” and “so difficult to avoid it’ll annoy readers who won’t enjoy it”.

Personally I think this fake/bad romance option should have just enough focus that it becomes enticing to retry with different MCs, it could be like an unreliable narrator kind of deal. When there’s foreshadowing, a trusting MC will have it described a bit differently in the text than a suspicious MC.

Another option I could imagine is deciding a stat for a secondary character. Maybe there’s a sibling, and depending on e.g. their gender or whether they’re younger/older than the MC, they can either warn the MC or be unable to, to a certain point. (What I’m imagining is MC’s older sister might be savvy enough in courting that she will recognise a snake, or that a brother might at some point go hunting with him etc.)

It would be tricky for sure regardless of how you do it, but I am very intrigued by the idea! I hope this bit of brainstorming can either give you some ideas or just kick-start some brainstorming of your own regarding where to take it. :slight_smile:

As an aside, I think one of the more important things to avoid (based on my personal taste at least) is that being tricked by this LI doesn’t take a lot of content away from the game, such as spending time getting to know others or the like. Like hey, maybe once the MC has figured or started figuring out the truth, there’s a more ruthless option to politick one’s way out of it by tricking the LI before they can trick her. Maybe make it a bonding moment with the actual LI of choice, even, by giving each LI a different set of actions of choice (humiliating them in court, spreading rumours to ruin future engagements, or informing them personally that they’ve been out-witted. Just different things for different personalities and stats, with some flavours for potential LIs to add onto it).

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𝕄𝕖𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 :: Slice of Life / Fantasy / Romance

“Once Upon a Time,” the familiar beginning of the chapter. The gleaming happily ever after tales of true love’s kiss, of the gallant knight and shining armor, how the courageous hero saved the day. But what of the pictures of the mundane lives in a world so brimming with magic, what of their stories? Of the lives only found when read between the lines?

This is a slice of life game where you play the sole child of an eccentric wizard, who in someone else’s tale might be considered a traditional “villain”. There isn’t much of an over arching plot, just very slice-of-life moments as it follows you through different stages of your life growing up. The only caveat being realistic moments of this life are imbued with magic and whimsical adventures, curses, etc.

I fell in love with Our Life the visual novel if you’ve played - I just loved the laid back growing up making memories of the game - and was inspired to create my own little game focusing just on your character’s life and relationships as you grow. It will have its serious moments, a little bit of angst here and there, different sections will have your own little adventures with their own little plots, you have a betrothed, can adopt a magical creature, deal with a little court intrigue, but it’s going to be a very “charming”, quaint game.

Would any of you be interested? I’m just a bit hesitant because I think slice-of-life games really work well with visuals, so maybe a more sleepy game might not translate as well over pure text. .0.


I think anything can be done as long as it’s written with a bit of forethought and confidence. I still sometimes play Life is Strange not for the plot, but just to chill out in the ambiance of the prologue when I’m stressed. Maybe you could make a whole thing of it, like by making an optional spotify/youtube playlist for people who want to use while playing along? Or do something like but for choicescript? Either way it sounds fun and relaxing and you should test it out if your gut tells you to:)


I’m very interested in your story a slice of life set in a fantasy intrigues me.

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Just to gather some opinions on the subject: do you think the theme of the protagonist ‘waking up with no memory’ as a hook to tell a story using Choice of Games always holds up or is it starting to show signs of fatigue? I ask this just to get an idea, I understand that the important thing is how a story is told rather than the initial hook.