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So, guys anyone interested in an Alt history IF


Can you elaborate a little bit more on this ?

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Sure! You are born with the magic of the winter - the magic that is also associated with the goddess Morana, called the White Death as she governs over winter, death and is often associated with the underworld.
People, who are born with her power are called White Deaths and are said to bring misfortune to those around them.


that would be awesome

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Okay, so, I’ve been a loooong time player and lurker, so I’ve decided to maybe try my hand at my first game since the idea wouldn’t leave me alone.

To keep things short and succinct: the working title as of now is Star Boy, it’ll be gender-unlocked (with trans/NB options), and I’m looking to include at least 3-4 romance options total – though I have yet to decide how those are going to work. There will definitely be options to be gay or bi however.

The premise:

You’re young, hungry, and newly located to the superhero capital of the country for your new job, and there’s a baby in your backyard. No, really, there is. Having a kid and then subsequently forgetting it in the bushes behind your sleepy bungalow doesn’t exactly sound like something you’d do no matter how tired work is making you, but there he is anyways. The only clue as to where this little stranger may have come from is the name ‘DIEGO’ embroidered on his blanket and a cryptic message from a long-missing superhero imploring you to protect him. For better or for worse, he’s your responsibility now.

Oh, and that long-missing superhero is your former spouse.

You never planned for a child, especially not after the untimely disappearance that functionally ended your first marriage, and it’s just your luck that baby books don’t seem very useful for an infant who is sneezing fire and floating out of his crib. As Diego grows, you have important choices to make that will determine whether he uses those powers for good or evil or even at all. It’ll be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, of course. Parenting is never easy, but…you’ve never heard the other PTA moms complain about secret societies trying to hunt down their kid or creepy prophecies foretelling their part in a doomsday debacle. Everyone thinks their son is special. Yours just really is.

So this game is going to take place hopefully over years to allow for a deep relationship to develop between you and Diego (and possibly any RO). I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from games like The Witcher 3 and Telltale’s TWD season 1 where the MC has a story of their own, of course, but it’s also deeply intertwined with their child/young charge who has an even greater destiny. Your choices will help shape Diego’s personality, values, and his own choices, which will then ripple across the story in a variety of ways even as you directly handle your own problems.

Now, I know I’ve already referred to him as your son, but I’m really interested in including a lot of RP possibilities without demonizing any of them. I don’t want to do just ‘cool, fun parent’ and ‘evil, mean parent’ because that’s not entirely realistic. You can choose to be warm and protective, and possibly end up overbearing and smothering. Maybe you don’t claim him as your son, but he calls you Aunt/Uncle and knows he can depend on you, he just has to be more independent. Maybe you’re more emotionally distant and hold him to high standards, but maybe that push is what he needs to master his powers.

I’ll be calling him Diego for development purposes, but I’m planning on letting you name him during the first chapter. I don’t know yet if I’ll include the option to have a girl as well (maybe rename it just ‘Star Baby’), but if a lot of people want it, I’ll consider adding it a bit later.


Morsus Mihi (Edit: 11/5/18, a new topic including the demo of the game can be found here: Morsus Mihi, Law enforcement game dealing with superhumans (Updated:11/22/18 Episode 1 45% Complete) )
After finishing season 3 of Daredevil, a familiar idea I had before arose in my head after watching episode 1, why not make a series or book using superhero genre, but from a government perspective? In superhero genres, institutions are often ignored or authorities seem to be way out of their league.

For example, Marvels S.H.I.E.L.D. gives some perspective of how the government deals with powered individuals, but this is overlooked later in the series with other arcs and storylines.
If I take a historical example of let’s say state authorities dealing with increasingly dangerous and armored individuals, look at the creation of the term “SWAT” teams, according to the Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement, the term: “Special Weapons and Tactics”. It was first established as a specialized 100 man unit, utilizing officers packing more heat than your average beat cop, in response to increasing bank robberies and later, situations dealing with heavily armed criminals.

Morsus Mihi Has you playing in the role of a Law Enforcement unit specialized in dealing with Super-Powered individuals
You the MC, will be born with No Powers. Nada, your just a basic human who can do extraordinarily human feats, but, not superhuman.
Now before I get off track, onto the summary------>


Morsus Mihi takes place in the fictional city of Ryse-Elson,
You play as an officer/agent working for the Ryse-Elson Agency, a statewide law enforcement agency, that investigates or responds to superhuman related incidents and situations. It is headquartered in the city where it was founded in.

By the time you are an adult, the idea of real-life superheroes to most people will have been a reality for the past 2 years. It will be a time where; increasing amounts of Epics are born and begin emerging into the spotlight, governments beginning to find ways to classify an regulate powered individuals, the morality and damage of a Super-heroes method, are slowly called into question.

Main/Important Characters

Deus Ex Machina, aka Deus.
Estimated Age(before death): 30-35
Documented Powers: Superstrength, durability, resistance to small arms & light weapons fire, shock absorption.
Note: Researchers still have not come up with a term for this final power or an explanation on how it works, but, Deus in times of extreme duress, was able to temporarily induce opponents into a paralysis by simply staring at them.

Deus was the first ever documented Super to emerge into the public eye, stemming from the name, his trademark signature was seemly arriving almost always at the right time. He made his first appearance during a hostage situation at the movie theaters were five heavily armed men had taken 50 hostages in the basement levels of a movie theater, their demands, one of their colleagues being released from incarceration. Just as they were about to begin executing hostages, Deus arrived and simply looked at them, paralyzing the captors entirely.

There will be more descriptions to come.

For now, I’m working on finishing the prologue and first chapter, before I upload the demo.


Love this idea, I’m happy to see lots of interesting concepts people have for being different sorts of supporting casts in a super powered world, and getting to basically be Uncle Ben/Aunt May sounds awesome. Would be nice to have the option for a female baby but it’s totally up to you. :slight_smile:

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That’s a dope story idea. can’t wait


Well I’m sold on this idea. It will be a blast to play as a fed who monitors supers


Loved. Just do this and take my Money.


Back for another no-context question! Last one I promise. :upside_down_face:

In a modern fairytale story would you rather, assuming you were the same age:

  • Be a “fairy godparent” to a prince/ss?
  • Have a “fairy godparent” and be a prince/ss?

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Both concepts are good. Only, being a fairy godparent sounds like an air of fresh breath.

Plus, you get to wield magic! (I hope.)


Oh, definetly fairy godmother. That’s a fascinating take-like kirakana said perfectly, a breath of fresh air. There are so many ways to go about it-you can genuinely help, you could try to sabotage-just the thought of you being a fairy godparent to a hapless prince(ess) is such an amazing concept for a game, and sounds like so much fun!


Looks like its 50/50

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Godparent, yes!!!

That would be unique. I’d want a good hook as to why I’m doing it, though. I imagine it’ll be stressful job. I think there could be a lot of replay value with the niece/nephew having different personalities. Like how different would the job be with Prince William vs Paris Hilton. (Btw, can we curse our charge if we don’t like them? :smirk:)


I’ve begun work on my new game The crown. In it, you play as a modern monarch heir to throne and the king/queen after the death of your father. Your main goal is to make sure that your country stays a constitutional monarchy and you don’t lose power by any means necessary. You will be able to marry and produce an heir to make sure that your family stays in power. You will be able to manage your finances and reputation. Will you lose the throne or implement an absolute monarchy where the control of your country is in your hands? Will you marry for money, power, love? Or stay single? Will you rule from the shadows or will you risk your reputation and do as you wish? Can you rebuild the prestige and power that your family once had?

Currently I am planning the game. Please leave a feedback.


All the things. Please write.
Ideally, I’d hope there’s an option to have my assistants to find a pretty lady with compatible genetics to incubate me some heirs and won’t care that I have a boyfriend. :smiley:


Or simply make sure surrogacy is legalized and marry your boyfriend. I mean, that should already be technically and legally possible over here. In practice there are probably enough ossified fossils still in politics that it would unleash a shitstorm but we do have both gay marriage, egg donation and altruistic, though frustratingly enough not commercial surrogacy, as perfectly legal options.

The really hard question is why anybody would want to be a modern King/Queen in a constitutional monarchy. I mean I’d have to be really, really desperate before even considering taking that particular “job”.


I totally would. Not worrying about rent and dedicating myself to charity is kind of a crack fantasy of mine.

Obviously, adoption or surrogacy is the first thought for ‘normal’ gays, however… a royal heir has got a ton more political baggage. If you’re going to bother, it needs to be yours, the lineage on the other side needs to be sufficient to thwart attacks on its ancestry, and it certainly can’t be a ‘bastard’.

So far, rats made from 2 mothers seem to be ok, but rats with 2 fathers aren’t up to snuff. We’re not scientifically at the level yet for same-sex biologically parented legitimate royalty, yet.


Our only requirement is that they are legitimate, technically you can do that by adoption too. I realize that would unleash a political firestorm but it is theoretically legally permissible. Of course this goes mostly for Western European monarchies in countries like Thailand…if the author leans more in that direction it would be unfathomable.
There is also the fact that if you have enough siblings you can simply gay marry and not bother with children at all so a brother or sister will be the heir. Minus the gay marriage I believe Oman currently has an example of a bachelor monarch.
Lastly while our own monarchy is unduly harsh on “bastards” (yes due to quirks in current Dutch law it would in fact be easier to adopt an heir then make a bastard one) others do allow for legitimized bastards to become the heir, so in that case mixing your sperm with a donated egg and (commercial) surrogacy would not be much different from a heterosexual King legitimizing a bastard he got by sleeping around.

If you go more fantasy, like say a surviving Roman Empire adoption might even be easier as in that culture what mattered for a dynasty was passing on the family name, not a specific “bloodline” to a worthy heir.

Meh, give me one of the magistratures for life that come with an official residence and it would accomplish exactly the same without being constantly hounded by paparazzi in my personal life.

I personally wouldn’t accept it because I’d have to sacrifice both my privacy and my politics and in fact the chance to ever openly express any political opinions, except what the current government wants me to say ever again.